The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 437 - Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family IX

Chapter 437: Go and Fetch Nalan Yan from the Tang Family IX

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He would do as he had said!
“Okay, it’s getting late. You may leave first. When those vermin are out of the Wei family, we will continue being old comrades. Or else, we will be enemies no matter how loyal you, Wei Fang, are!” Nalan Hu said wryly.
Wei Fang’s lips twisted. He would never keep those people in his house since that old guy had said such things.
“Old General, Master Qin, and Master Jiang, I’ll have to excuse myself now.”
Wei Fang cupped his fist. He turned around and left.
He had to go home as soon as possible to get over those trifles.
As soon as Wei Fang thought of those people’s deeds, Wei Fang’s face sank. It was as if his face could even sink to the bottom of the sea…
“Master Qin, what do you think?”
Nalan Hu squinted and turned to look at Qin Feiyang after Wei Fang had left.
“I don’t usually care. However, my daughter has been protecting the Wei family, and they had pushed her away when they were in danger. I can’t tolerate such behaviors!” Qin Feiyang sneered. “When those people get out of the Wei family, I will make them… suffer for the rest of their lives!”
Nalan Hu smiled and nodded. “I think the same, too.”
Master Jiang, who was standing nearby, remained in silence.
Why did he feel that these two old fellows were a little frightening?
Luckily, no one from his Jiang family had done such a thing before. Or else, he would beat them to death!
Nalan Hu suddenly frowned and sank into deep thought.
“Are you okay?” Qin Feiyang asked as noticed that he was acting unusual.
Nalan Hu shook his head and replied, “I’m fine. I just feel that I have forgotten something, and I can’t recall what exactly…”
Who did he actually… forget?
The next morning.
Inside the palace, a mighty power rushed out from the chamber and shot into the sky. All the dark clouds drifted away.
Eunuch Lin stared at Feng Tianyu’s chamber, surprised. He could not even talk properly.
“What… What happened? Isn’t His Majesty curing himself of the poison? How could there be such an intense reaction in detoxification?”
Feng Ruqing slowly came forward and smiled gently. “Father has broken through to a new tier.”
“Well…” Eunuch Lin was dumbfounded.
‘His Majesty hasn’t been cultivating for such a long time. How… How could he make a breakthrough so suddenly?’
And that breakthrough’s force lingered in the sky, not fading even after a long time.
“I’ve mentioned before that Father is quite a talented person. It’s because he was given too little time and was poisoned at the same time that he could not cultivate properly.” Feng Ruqing gazed at the sky. “However, there was still be spiritual power seeping into his body. But then, the toxic had inhibited the spiritual power, causing his body to not be able to absorb that spiritual power well.”
“So…” Feng Ruqing paused for a while. “I’ve made use of this opportunity to let the spiritual power smoothly reach into his abdomen when I was unclogging Father’s tendons and vessels when removing the poison from his body. ”
However, she did not mention that she had added a few drops of spirit water into the spirit herb dishes. By doing so, she could double the effect of the spirit herb dishes and help him break through all the barriers in one shot.
The only thing was that they did not know how far he could breakthrough.
At least… it should also be Advanced Spirit Warrior tier!
The door of the chamber opened slowly.
In the morning sunlight, an impressive, bright yellow figure came to Feng Ruqing’s vision.
The man had grown from his usual weak state to his current high-spirited and powerful self, he looked as if he was the ruler of the world.
Staring at Feng Tianyu’s overwhelming vigor, Feng Ruqing finally relaxed. “Congratulations, Father. One-shot to Dark Warrior tier.”
Dark… Dark Warrior tier?
Eunuch Lin was shocked.