The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 440 - Going to the Tang Family Again II

Chapter 440: Going to the Tang Family Again II

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The Divine Herbs Sect… Gu Zhenyang…
Since they were fetching the empress back, every matter deserved an explanation!
Therefore, Nan Xian had planned early on to part with Feng Ruqing after sending her to the city gate. Then, he would bring Gu Zhenyang out of the Divine Herbs Sect and go back to the Tang family to fetch her.
Feng Ruqing paused and nodded. “Okay, I’ll wait for you there, after I fetch my Mother.”
“Well…” Nan Xian held Feng Ruqing’s hand and put a feather into her hand. “When you reach the Tang family, do not dirty your hands by fighting on your own. Light the feather up with fire, and someone will be cleaning the rubbish for you. ”
Feng Ruqing said nothing.
‘Are you sure this feather has such an effect?’
No matter what, she liked it as long as it was something from Nan Xian.
“Also, take the jade pendant with you, and do not take it off, no matter what or when!” Nan Xian urged seriously.
He would only be assured to see Feng Ruqing heading alone to the Tang family, when she had not only, the white phoenix’s feather, but also… that jade pendant.
“Okay.” Feng Ruqing nodded.
Those were the love tokens that the state preceptor had given to her, she would never lose them.
“Wait for me to come. I’ll be there for you soon.” Nan Xian gently smiled and looked at Qin Chen by accident.
Qin Chen lifted his eyes and looked back at him too.
His eyes were pure with resoluteness.
Both of their eyes met and something happened. It was as if eyes were about to melt into one like there was a bolt of lightning flashing between their eyes.
Feng Ruqing’s face was darkened. These two guys… one was the guy whom she wanted to sleep with, another one was her brother in her previous life, it could not be that… they have fallen for each other, could it?
“Ehem!” Feng Tianyu could not bear to look on anymore so he cleared his throat twice. He said solemnly, “State Preceptor, when will you stop holding Qing’er hands? It’s time to leave, and you should loosen your hand too.”
“Okay,” Nan Xiang softly replied, but he was still holding her hand.
But he felt he should respect Feng Tianyu.
He let go of Feng Ruqing’s hand eventually, then he switched to another hand and held her… wrist…
Feng Ruqing remained silent.
‘What’s the difference?’
“Father, let’s go.” Feng Ruqing turned forward. Her eyes were cold. “Mother, is still waiting for us.”
The Tang family…
She gently closed her eyes. When she opened it, her eyes were filled with murderous intent.
“Little Lady…” Qian Ning nudged Tang Yin and asked weakly, “I think the princess is quite scary now as the Tang family has done something to offend her. Shall we first talk to elder Tang Yi and persuade him?”
Tang Yin was not responding even though she had been nudging her for half a day.
Qian Ning turned around and was shocked to see that Tang Yin was violently biting her sleeves. She was gawking at Nan Xian’s hand, the hand which was holding Feng Ruqing.
“Coquette, coquette!”
‘Humph, Nan Xian is a coquette!’
Xiao Qing stopped liking her as soon as he had appeared and swept Xiao Qing off of her feet.
“Little Lady…” Qian Ning nudged Tang Yin again and stomped her feet in anger. “I’m talking about the Tang family’s matters. Do you want to first persuade and talk to elder Tang Yi and Tang Er? I think they are quite nice people…”
Tang Yin was stunned and turned around to look at Qian Ning with her confused eyes. “Were you talking to me?”
Qian Ning was speechless.
Qian Ning felt pitiful, and she almost cried. How could her little lady be this kind of a little lady?
Tang Yin turned to fix her eyes on Nan Xian’s hand since Qian Ning was silent. If her eyes were blades, Nan Xian’s hand would have already been cut into thousands of pieces…