The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 441 - Going to the Tang Family Again III

Chapter 441: Going to the Tang Family Again III

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Within the Divine Herbs Sect.
In the palace, Gu Zhenyang suddenly opened his eyes and looked at the guards standing at the inferior side of the palace (In ancient Chinese, courtiers stand at certain sides according to their positions and hierarchical statuses inside the palace). A cold light flashed in his eyes.
“Tell me, how’s Liu Yun Kingdom doing recently?”
‘Feng Ruqing must be aware of Yan’er location. Therefore, she will find Yan’er because she knows she’s still alive!’
“Young Master, I’ve heard that Feng Ruqing has brought away all the people from Paramount. Therefore, I went to Paramount, and I heard Feng Ruqing is headed to the Tang family after gathering all these people to go with her!
“The Tang family, which Tang family?” Gu Zhenyang frowned and coldly asked.
“The Tang family of Yue City.”
The families in Yue City was only an existence that was not in consideration of the reclusive world. Gu Zhenyang would never believe if someone said Nalan Yan was in the Tang family.
Nalan Yan loved Feng Tianyu so much. She would not have abandoned Feng Tianyu and hid in the Tang family for so many years. Also, with Nalan Yan’s talent, she should have been able to enter the reclusive world after ten years.
Why would she stay in such a weak Tang family?
“They’re really going to the Tang family?” Gu Zhenyang clenched his fists tightly. “Nalan Yan doesn’t like Feng Tianyu anymore? Impossible! She still refused me when I was coercing her back then, how could she easily fall for another person?”
There were only two reasons Nalan Yan would be staying in the Tang family for so many years.
Firstly, there was someone that she could not bear to leave in the Tang family. However, the people she loved the most were her husband and children, who else was worthy enough to make her stay in that family for ten years?
Secondly, someone in the Tang family was forcing her to stay using some kind of method.
However, it was impossible to make Nalan Yan stay when dealing with her temper! He could not even force her to stay back then, and how could the Tang family make that happen on their own? That was even more impossible!
Gu Zhenyang’s face was pale. He slowly closed his eyes.
Ten years before, even though he could not find Nalan Yan, he still got some clues and traces of her. Unfortunately, the daughter of the Fifth Elder had found that out too.
That girl had always fancied him. But because his heart was fully occupied by Nalan Yan, her love begot hatred as she tried to look for Nalan Yan with the clues he had. In the end, she really did bump into Nalan Yan.
She asked the powerhouses from the Sect to deal with Nalan Yan. When he finally found Nalan Yan, Nalan Yan was already severely injured and had escaped.
After that, no matter how hard he tried to find her, he could not find any of her traces anymore.
But he knew it well that Nalan Yan was still alive!
The girl who was absolutely beautiful and talented, she could not be dead, and she would never be!
Gu Zhenyang abruptly opened his eyes as his fists were cracking with sound. “The Tang family!!!”
It must be that day where the Tang family had taken the advantage to imprison Nalan Yan when everyone was still in trouble.
However, there was one thing that he could not understand. Even though Yan’er was hurt back then, that was a matter of ten years ago!
Ten years, she should have recovered from the damage! How could such a weak Tang family be capable of caging her!
“Someone bring me the handicapped whom I have found on the road to me now!”
When he left Liu Yun Kingdom, he found a man who was crawling weakly outside the city gate.
The man had lost both of his legs. Nobody cared, and he could only stew in his own juice.
But he knew this man was with Feng Rushuang, and his name was Tang Shan! To get more information, he had brought him back so he could interrogate him with torture.
Thinking about it again, this Tang Shan… must be a person from the Tang family!
A disciple dragged Tang Shan in and threw him in front of Gu Zhenyang.
Tang Shan almost fainted in shock.
Tang Shan thought that he was finally saved when he ran into this guy. A guy who he thought was kindhearted when that guy had brought him back, seeing him suffering in a pitiful situation.