The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 442 - Going to the Tang Family Again IV

Chapter 442: Going to the Tang Family Again IV
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However, when Tang Shan reached the Divine Herbs Sect, not only was he not treated like he had expected, but he was also put into a dungeon. He had not taken a sip of water or taken a bite of food since then.
Now, he knew that Gu Zhenyang had a motive for bringing him back to the Divine Herbs Sect.
“Zhen… Young Master Zhen Yang.” Tang Shan swallowed hard as he raised his head to look at the young master before him.
“The Tang family of Yue City?” Gu Zhenyang looked down at Tang Shan, the corner of his lips curved into a sneer.
“Ye… Yes.” Tang Shan’s voice was trembling.
“Is there a lady named Nalan Yan in the Tang family?”
‘Nalan Yan? Isn’t she the empress of the Liu Yun Kingdom? Why would she be in the Tang family?’
“Young Master Zhenyang, you must be mistaken. Hasn’t the empress of the Liu Yun Kingdom died?” Tang Shan answered fearfully.
“Pfft! It seems like you don’t want to tell the truth, do you? Nalan Yan did not die. I made up a story back then. Now that Feng Tianyu and Feng Ruqing are rushing to the Tang family, you are actually telling me that Nalan Yan is not in the Tang family?” Gu Zhenyang merely snorted.
“It’s true that Nalan Yan is not in the Tang family,” Tang Shan said with a long face.
“Oh yeah, I overheard the conversation between Tang Wu and Master,” Suddenly, Tang Shan said, as if something had just come to his mind.
“What was it about?” Gu Zhenyang’s face darkened a few shades.
“Master had brought a lady back to the manor ten years ago. Her name is Rong Yan. He wanted to marry the lady. However, Tang Si did not agree as no one had a full grasp of the lady’s background. Moreover, the lady had gone insane. Master told Tang Si that Rong Yan had lost her senses as her husband and kids were killed. She had even lost her memory because of this. She could not even recall who she was. She only knows that she had two kids.”
Feeling the atmosphere growing increasingly tense, Tang Shan wanted to stop but he bit the bullet and continued.
“As Rong Yan did not want to marry the master, he has finally given up and put her in a wooden hut on the back hill. Since this may ruin the reputation of the Tang family, no one in the Tang family was aware of this except the elders.”
Gu Zhenyang clenched his fist tightly then dealt a blow at Tang Shan’s chest, sending him flying out the hall.
Tang Shan looked up at Gu Zhenyang who was blazing with rage, he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was ghastly pale.
“Take him out and beat him to death!” Gu Zhenyang swung his sleeve as he said with a cold face.
“No! Young Master Zhenyang! Please spare my life! I don’t want to die!” Stunned, Tang Shan held tightly onto the door frame as he said.
At this moment, two subordinates walked up to Tang Shan and dragged him out. His voice gradually drifted away and died out.
“Ah Mu, how many subordinates do I have?” Gu Zhenyang looked at the only subordinate in the hall as he asked in a low voice.
“Young Master, you have five hundreds of disciples, one hundred guards, and twenty guardians,” Ah Mu answered respectfully.
Not only was Gu Zhenyang the last disciple of the elder, but he was also a rare talent. Hence, he had commanded great respect in the Divine Herbs Sect.
“Get some masters from my master. I am bringing everyone with me to the Tang family! I am going to massacre the entire Tang family! All of them must die!” Gu Zhenyang lowered his eyes. A hint of cruelty flashed in his eyes.
He had killed countless lives with his hands—humans were nothing but a bunch of ants.