The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 444 - Going to the Tang Family Again VI

Chapter 444: Going to the Tang Family Again VI
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“Lady Feng, it’s been a long while since I met you. You…” Tang Si walked forward fearfully. His body was shaking violently. Apparently, Feng Ruqing was truly frightening.
Although Feng Ruqing was just a Spirit Warrior, she had actually given Tang Si a kick in the pants and sent him a few meters away, sprawling on the ground.
Simply no one would have thought that Feng Ruqing would lay her hand on Tang Si without uttering a single word.
Feng Ruqing did not even spare a glance at the rest. She only looked disdainfully at Tang Luo.
Her eyes were filled with furious hatred and resentment. Tang Luo knew that Feng Ruqing had found out about Nalan Yan. However, he would never admit it.
“Lady Feng, Young Master Nan Xian is part of Tian Shen Clan. You are just riding roughshod over Young Master Nan Xian, are you not afraid that you would ruin his reputation?” Tang Luo walked toward Feng Ruqing slowly with a smile on his face.
Feng Tianyu’s cold gaze pierced into Tang Luo’s eyes. Even though Feng Tianyu had never met Tang Luo, he had hated him at first sight.
This man had taken Feng Tianyu’s wife away. It was such an irreconcilable enmity. He would fight him his last breath.
“Father, let’s go and look for Mother. Feng Lan will handle these people.” Feng Ruqing clung onto Feng Tianyu’s arm. Her eyes darkened.
Although Feng Ruqing hated Tang Luo to the core, Nalan Yan was far more important.
When Feng Tianyu thought of Nalan Yan waiting for him, he clenched his fists and suppressed the anger in his heart.
“Alright!” Feng Tianyu would deal with this man when he had found Nalan Yan.
“Lady Feng, aren’t you here for Tang Zi? You should, at least, let us know what the Tang family had done to offend you. Otherwise, we would never know what is happening.” Lost in wonder, Tang Er said.
“I heard that a lady named Rong Yan is grounded at the back hill of the Tang Manor.” Feng Ruqing’s cold eyes swept past Tang Er—her face impassive.
Stunned, Tang Er stared at Feng Ruqing.
“Rong Yan is my mother—Nalan Yan.” The corner of Feng Ruqing’s lips lifted with murderous intent.
Feng Ruqing’s words sounded like thunder in a clear sky. Stunned, everyone on the spot turned to look at Tang Luo subconsciously.
Tang Luo told them that Rong Yan’s kids and all her kin had died and that he saw it with his own eyes when they were killed. Hence, Rong Yan had gone crazy and lost all her memories.
What was this about now?
“Lady Feng, I am afraid you must have mistaken. Rong Yan is not Nalan Yan. I know you are looking desperately for your mother. But you can’t just call anyone your mother.” Tang Luo clenched his fists, his face was ghastly pale. He took a deep breath, his lips curved into a gentle smile.
Feng Tianyu could no longer restrain his anger and threw a punch at Tang Luo’s face.
At the same time, Tang Luo thrust his fist toward Feng Tianyu.
Originally, Tang Luo did not seem to care about Feng Tianyu’s words. However, when his fists met Feng Tianyu’s, his lips stiffened.
When both fists collided in the air, Tang Luo could not help but take a few steps backward. His arm was slightly numb and only felt better after shaking it for a while.
Dark Warrior…
A man in the secular world had actually attained Dark Warrior tier?
“You have ruined my family by taking my wife away. When I find Yan’er, I will fight you to my last breath!”
“Rong Yan is my wife. Not yours. We have been together for ten years and I have slept with her countless times. You have actually said that she is yours? What utter nonsense!” Tang Luo smirked.