The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 445 - Going to the Tang Family Again VII

Chapter 445: Going to the Tang Family Again VII
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Feng Tianyu leaped up and down in sheer outrage as blue veins protruded from his temples. His eyes were blazing with ferocious rage.
He fused all his power before him and hurled it at Tang Luo.
“Tang Luo! I will avenge my wife for the fact that you have disgraced her! Qing’er let’s go and get her now.” Feng Tianyu held Feng Ruqing in his arms as he turned to leave.
Tang Luo panicked greatly. He turned into a sharp sword and slammed into Feng Tianyu.
“You can’t go!”
‘Yan’er is mine. No one can take her away!’
Just as Tang Luo rushed toward Feng Ruqing, the elders of Paramount could no longer sit back and do nothing.
At this moment, loud roars of fury could be heard outside Tang Manor.
Everyone in the Tang family raised their heads only to see a snow wolf howling not far away.
In a flash, the air was filled with clouds of dust as hundreds of thousands of spirit beasts were standing behind the snow wolf. Everyone was shocked to the core.
It was such a large herd of spirit beasts as if all the spirit beasts of the beast mountain had gathered outside Tang Manor.
The snow wolf’s howl was loud and clear as if it wanted to draw Feng Ruqing’s attention.
Feng Ruqing had tasked the snow wolf to get into the beast mountain when she had reached the city gate. As spirit beasts moved faster than human beings, the snow wolf would reach the Tang family right after Feng Ruqing.
“Today, I am going to wipe out the entire Tang family! Kill those who are against me!” Feng Ruqing paused.
Tang Si had always been fearful of Nan Xian. Not to mention the fact that Feng Ruqing had brought a few Dark Warriors and a large herd of spirit beasts. There were actually two Tier-5 spirit beasts in the herd.
The size of the beast mountain was as large as the size of a few kingdoms. Even if the spirit beasts were extremely sensitive to odors, they could never detect another spirit beast from one place to another.
Beary’s brother had lost his way when he went out searching for food. It was true that the spirit beasts could detect the target by smelling the scent. However, Beary thought that his brother had gone for a she-bear in season. Hence, he could not care less about his brother’s whereabouts.
When his brother did not return for a few months, Beary knew that something was wrong and set off to look for his brother. However, he was not as successful as the rain had washed all the scent away. Moreover, the beast mountain was too huge. Without the scent, he could never find his brother.
This time, when Beary brought the Divine-Spirit Fruit to recruit servants for Feng Ruqing, he had actually met his brother—Beary II.
Holding each other tightly, the two of them cried as they let out wild shrieks and howls. That was not all. It was more upsetting when Beary found out that his brother had actually attained Tier-5.
Beary II was the name given by Beary to his brother. Since Feng Ruqing had named the Earth Bear—Beary, naturally, his brother should be named Beary II. Since his brother’s strength had surpassed him, his name must overshadow his brother’s.
“Tang Luo, since it is a family reunion, why are you stopping them? Do you think His Majesty has time for you now? If you want to seek your own demise, you should wait until we have found Her Majesty.” Tang Zi raised the sword in her grip as she stopped Tang Luo.
“Back off!” Burning with rage, Tang Luo threw a palm strike at Tang Zi.
A glimmer of vicious light flashed in Tang Zi’s eyes. The corners of her lips curled up in a sneer.
Before Tang Luo’s palm strike could reach Tang Zi, an aura swept past Tang Luo. He could not help but take a few steps backward.
Tang Luo raised his eyes only to see Tang Yi standing before Tang Zi. His sleeves were fluttering in the wind—his eyes icy cold.