The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 446 - Going to the Tang Family Again VIII

Chapter 446: Going to the Tang Family Again VIII
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“Tang Yi, how dare you betray the Tang family?” Tang Luo snarled.
“Master, tell me honestly. Did you take his wife away?” Tang Yi asked coldly, he seemed indifferent.
No matter what, taking away another’s wife was such a shameless deed.
Tang Si and Tang Wu did not utter a word and merely stared at Tang Yi, as if waiting for his answer.
“She is my lover, my unmarried wife. She has nothing to do with others!” Tang Luo’s eyes darkened. He suddenly broke into laughter.
“Tang Yi, since Master has said so, the lady has nothing to do with them. Don’t you trust Master? Don’t forget that you are an elder of the Tang family.” Hearing Tang Luo, Tang Si gave Tang Yi a dissatisfied look as he rebuked.
“Master, if Rong Yan is not Lady Feng’s mother, why do you look so worried?” Tang Yi disregarded Tang Si and continued staring at Tang Luo.
Slightly startled, Tang Luo’s face darkened a few shades.
Seeing Tang Luo’s face, Tang Yi finally realized something. It was true that Tang Luo had taken Feng Tianyu’s wife away.
‘Tang Luo has truly lost his sense. How could he do such a shameless deed?’
Seeing Feng Ruqing and Feng Tianyu walking in the distance, Tang Luo grew increasingly anxious. However, he knew that he could not do anything as he could not get rid of the people before him.
“Get out of my sight!” Tang Luo snarled as he tried to throw a punch at Tang Yi.
Tang Li quickly activated an invisible shield in defense.
“Tang Yi, you are an elder of the Tang family. Do you want to betray the Tang family just like what Tang Zi had done previously?” Seeing Tang Yi pulling no punches, Tang Luo gnashed his teeth. His eyes reddened with anger.
“Master, you truly have no sense of shame! You should return Feng Tianyu’s wife, apologize, and make up to him. Otherwise, if the three influencers know about this, the entire Tang family would get into trouble because of you.” Tang Luo’s face was cold and nonchalant.
“You know nothing about this. You will never know my feelings. Yan’er is my life. No one can take her away from me!” Tang Luo said, hoarsely. His face was contorted with rage.
Beary II threw a punch at Tang Luo. It was fortunate that Tang Luo had dodged it. Otherwise, he would end up spitting out three liters of blood.
Seeing Beary II had become so powerful, Beary’s heart was, once again, broken. His brother’s strength had surpassed him. What about Beary’s reputation?
“Tang Luo, not only has the Tang family maligned me for betraying the clan, you have even taken Her Majesty away! Today, I am going to settle the score!” Tang Zi walked up to Tang Luo and looked down at him.
In Fengyun Manor.
A silhouette could be seen walking out of a cave of the back hill, not long after a loud bang was heard.
It was an old man in a blue robe. His hair had turned grey and he had a ruddy complexion. With a faint smile was hanging on his lips, he looked very kind and gentle. His eyes were full of tenderness. He was like a breath of fresh air.
“Welcome back, Great Elder!”
Outside the cave, everyone got down on one knee as they greeted the old man respectfully with high spirits.
“Um…” Lei Yun nodded slightly with a faint smile on his face.
“Lao Wu had looked for me in the forbidden place. He told me that the lady of Fengyun clan died and someone who claimed to be her disciple is here in Fengyun Manor. Tell me exactly what has happened.”