The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 448 - Going to the Tang Family Again X

Chapter 448: Going to the Tang Family Again X
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“There is only one lady of the Fengyun clan.” Boiling with rage, Lei Yun’s face turned extremely ferocious.
After all, the disciple of the lady of Fengyun clan was no match to a daughter.
Previously, Tang Wu had even complimented that Tang Yu was docile and cordial. Little did he know that Tang Yu showed her true colors as soon as Tang Wu left the manor.
‘Haha! If she is truly docile and cordial, then no one else is overbearing in the entire realm.’
“Take this maiden back to the Tang family! We don’t need a bratty servant in Fengyun Manor!” Suppressing the anger in his heart, Lei Yun clenched his fists as he snarled.
The servant was so overbearing, let alone her house lady—Tang Yu.
“You can’t do this to me. When my house lady is back, she…” Stunned, the servant struggled to escape from the grip. Her face was drained of color.
The great elder raised his arm, an aura was emitted from his arm and it slammed right at the maiden, sending her flying out of the court.
“When the lady of Fengyun clan is not around, I will reign over Fengyun clan. If I throw you out, who dares to take you in?” Lei Yun’s eyes were blazing with anger as he looked down at her.
The servant was thrown out the manor before she could respond. It seemed like she had lost her voice.
The entire manor sank into a peaceful silence.
“What else has she done?” Lei Yun clenched his fists hard as he stared at Feng Qing Court that was greatly messed up. His heart was filled with great pain, his face was twisted in anger.
“She had selected a few masters from Fengyun Manor to be her guards and had gone back to the Tang family after that,” Feng Ying answered earnestly.
“The Tang family? Let’s go! I want to know if she is truly the disciple of the lady of Fengyun clan.” Lei Yun smirked.
The lady of Fengyun clan was so gentle and kind. Lei Yun could never believe that she had actually taken in such a bratty disciple.
“At your command, Great Elder!”
Feng Ying’s eyes lit up. As long as the great elder said this, he could go, full steam, ahead.
“Oh yeah, you said that Qing Yuan has always been watching the Tang family but he had left as something happened to his betrothed?” Lei Yun asked with a low voice.
“Great Elder, you’re right. Is there any issue?” Feng Ying was slightly startled.
“If his betrothed needs help, anyone from the Fengyun clan could help her. Why does he have to go there himself?” Lei Yun’s eyes narrowed.
“But…” Feng Ying continued after pausing for a while.
“Before Qing Yuan left, he had tasked a few subordinates to watch the Tang family secretly. There are Dark Warriors in the Tang family. If they get too close, they would be exposed. Hence, Qing Yuan had tasked them to watch from afar.”
“However, I am still worried. Hence, I have asked Guardian Tian Yu to go there. He should be on his way now.”
Even though the Tang family was a low ranking clan in the reclusive world, there were actually a few Dark Warriors in the Tang family. They would create a stir in the Tang family if they get too close.
The things that had happened in the Tang family recently were the news they got from the subordinates who were tasked to watch the Tang family.
As they could never get close to the Tang family, they could only get some news from the servants of the Tang family.
“I hope I am just overthinking. I have met Ziyan before. She is not easy to deal with. I just hope that she is not doing it on purpose. Otherwise, I will never let go of those who have hurt the lady of Fengyun clan.” Lei Yun was calm and composed as he said that.