The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 449 - Heartbroken and Infuriated I

Chapter 449: Heartbroken and Infuriated I
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If something was wrong with that girl Ziyan, then Tang Yu was definitely worse.
Perhaps, Tang Yu had realized that Qing Yuan was watching the Tang family. Hence, she worked together with Ziyan to get Qing Yuan away from the Tang family.
Lei Yun did not like Ziyan. He had always thought that Ziyan was a master of camouflage.
In fact, Lei Yun would never have this thought in his mind if Qing Yuan’s betrothed was someone else. Once he had a prejudice against Ziyan, nothing she did seem right.
He only hoped that Qing Yuan would come back to his senses and not dig the Fengyun clan a big grave because of a lady.
Tang Zi and the rest stopped Tang Luo while Feng Ruqing and Feng Tianyu had rushed to the back hill of Tang Manor.
When Feng Ruqing reached the foot of the back hill, she could hardly breathe. She could feel her heart pounding rapidly. However, when she recalled the day she missed the chance of seeing Nalan Yan, she clenched her fists hard, her eyes filled with great pain.
“Qing’er, don’t worry. Yan’er would be fine. She is waiting for us to take her home.” Feng Tianyu took Feng Ruqing’s hand in his with a smile on his stunning face.
His wife was waiting for him to take her home.
Back then, Nalan Yan could get out of the Divine Herbs Sect safe and sound. This time, she would certainly be the same.
However, Feng Tianyu did not know why as he approached the back hill, he grew more worried. He could not help quicken his steps. He wanted to meet Nalan Yan as soon as he could.
At this time, Tang Yu was walking down the hill. She raised her head only to see Feng Ruqing and Feng Tianyu coming her way.
‘They are here after all.’ Panicking, Tang Yu froze in her tracks.
Seeing Feng Ruqing whose face looked similar to Rong Yan’s, Tang Yu was burning with jealousy as if countless ants were nibbling at her heart. Her gorgeous face darkened a few shades, her eyes turned extremely vicious.
“Tang Yu?” Feng Ruqing too saw the lady who stood in her way. She stared coldly into Tang Yu’s eyes. Her face was cold and nonchalant.
Tang Yin had said that Tang Yu was the only one who could approach Rong Yan all these years besides Tang Luo.
It would be alright if Rong Yan was still safe and sound. Otherwise, even wiping out the entire Tang family was not enough to appease her anger.
“This is the back hill of the Tang family. No one is allowed to enter this place without my permission.” Tang Yu stopped them as she sneered.
A glimmer of vicious light flashed in Feng Ruqing’s eyes. Feng Ruqing leaped into the mid-air and was above Tang Yu in a split second.
Her eyes were still cold and sharp. Her face was indifferent. She threw a palm strike at Tang Yu without uttering a word.
No one could stop Feng Ruqing from meeting her mother!
Just as Feng Ruqing palm was about to reach Tang Yu, a deadly sword aura slammed right into Feng Ruqing.
“Qing’er, watch out!” Feng Tianyu held onto Feng Ruqing and brought her next to him. He swung his hand and dispersed the sword aura.
Although Feng Ruqing’s palm did not reach Tang Yu, the aura emitted from Feng Ruqing’s palm had struck her body, causing blood to gush out of her mouth.
Seeing Tang Yu spitting out a mouthful of blood, Wen Feng’s face darkened.
He had failed Tang Yu once when she had tasked him to kill Tang Yin. This time, Tang Yu was even hurt before his eyes. If Tang Yu held him responsible for this, he might lose his job as a guardian.