The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 451 - Heartbroken and Infuriated III

Chapter 451: Heartbroken and Infuriated III
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThat man—the love of her life—one, where she would rather go outside and bear all the pressure for alone just to keep him pure.
He was so close to her right now!
She must return to his side no matter what.
No one could ever stop her, not even God.
Rong Yan bit her lip hard till her mouth was filled with blood.
She knew that she had little strength left, but still she did not stop.
This was because she could not bear for the man who was waiting at the foot to continue waiting for her after so many years…
At the foot of the hill.
The guards at Fengyun Manor had nearly all collapsed.
The only one left, Wen Feng, blocked Feng Tianyu from entering the back hill.
Feng Tian Yu was still weaker than Wen Feng in terms of strength. After all, Feng Tianyu had just achieved Dark Warrior tier whereas Wen Feng had achieved it for several years.
Nevertheless, Feng Tianyu was not at a disadvantage.
Tang Yu hid behind Wen Feng, looking pale as she saw the guards being killed by Feng Ruqing.
She knew that Rong Yan’s matters could not be concealed anymore no matter who won this time.
“Feng Ruqing!” Tang Yu gritted her teeth and said, “Isn’t your father and your cruelty doing enough?”
The people at Fengyun Manor were clueless about why these people had come to the Tang Family. After hearing Tang Yu’s words, they were all stunned. No one spoke and was waiting to listen to what she had to say.
“I used to think that my master was dead, so I told the world she was dead. I did not expect your father to covet the beauty of my master and poisoned her just because he wanted to take her for himself.”
Tang Yu’s eyes were sullen, and she said, “If I did not accidentally bump into Master, I would not know that she is still alive! However, I did not expect you to come to my house to seize her. Do you think I, Tang Yu, can easily be bullied?”
Wen Feng trembled—he could not hold back his anger.
‘Isn’t the house lady’s master their house owner?’
‘Both the father and daughter are so abominable. How dare they offend the house owner? They even poisoned her due to her unwillingness. Such vicious people should be sentenced to death.’
Wen Feng was even angrier. He knew that the elders had depleted their ideas regarding the house owner’s matters although he had not seen the owner.
In the end, the owner was treated like this.
Feng Ruqing penetrated the guard’s chest with her sword and turned coldly toward Tang Yu. “The person you are describing… isn’t that yourself?”
“Feng Ruqing, both your father and your viciousness is widely known,” Tang Yu sneered. “It’s useless to deny that you like to snatch others’ belongings.”
‘Rong Yan is hers. Fengyun Manor is hers, and even Nan Xian is also hers.
‘Feng Ruqing always wants everything for herself. This type of person should be cast aside by all!’
Feng Tianyu’s face darkened. He stared fiercely at Tang Yu.
At that moment, he saw a familiar figure in the hills not far behind Tang Yu.
Even if that woman had become extremely thin and weak—not as pretty as before—he would never forget her eyes and her stubborn figure that was deeply engraved in his mind.
No matter what she became, he could never forget her!
Feng Tianyu’s heart broke into pieces as if it was bleeding. Suddenly, he could feel deep anger sweeping over him. All his spiritual qi converged with endless power and was directed at Wen Feng.