The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 452 - Heartbroken and Infuriated IV

Chapter 452: Heartbroken and Infuriated IV
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationThis time Wen Feng’s face finally changed. His chest had suffered a huge blow causing him to vomit blood that spurted to the ground.
Feng Tianyu did not pay attention to Wen Feng.
He could not control his feet and had quickly rushed toward Rong Yan.
He was not able to hold back his tears in spite of always being strong.
He picked her up gently and carefully from the ground with his shaky palms.
However, the woman in his arms was as light as a piece of paper. He was afraid that the woman would drift away with the wind and disappear if he moved.
Feng Tianyu had never been afraid of anything before. Even when he was faced with a strong enemy, he still was not weak.
But at this moment, the anxiety in his heart was unprecedented.
In the past, Feng Tianyu always thought that Nalan Yan was dead. He was able to survive due to the support of his daughter, despite it being so painful and that he was desperate. Now and yet again someone gave him hope and let him know that Nalan Yan was still alive.
He was scared…
He feared that hope would turn into despair once again.
He could not afford to feel the same pain twice!
“Yan’er, I’m sorry I’m late, really late…”
Wen Feng was stunned.
He believed Tang Yu unconditionally.
But, Feng Tianyu’s sorrow was too genuine to be fake.
However, he could only continue to trust Tang Yu since he was on Tang Yu’s side.
Nalan Yan’s eyes teared and her lips trembled but she could not say a word.
This man in front of her was her beloved man.
She had initially wished to appear before him with the best appearance. She wanted to tell him that she had been well and had not suffered in the past ten years.
But in the end, she had still turned up looking miserable and ugly.
Only because she craved to see him.
She needed to see him again although she was so miserable, or else there might not be any more chance in the future.
After Nalan Yan looked at Feng Tianyu and Feng Ruqing who was next to him, she gently closed her eyes.
It felt good to be able to see her loved ones before she died.
Feng Ruqing clenched her fists tightly as her heart was filled with pain. “It is the wall iris poison!”
‘Those who are poisoned by wall iris would be dehydrated and eventually die. And before that, they would become extremely thin.
‘They can’t even talk or walk.
‘No wonder Nalan Yan had climbed all the way just now.
‘How much perseverance and pain did she suffer in order to climb down the hill?’
Feng Ruqing’s heart ached just thinking about it. Her heart was filled with bottomless anger as hatred was reflected in her eyes.
“Qing’er, please take care of Yan’er for me.”
Feng Tianyu would have already rushed up if he was not concerned for Nalan Yan, who was in his arms.
“Okay.” Feng Ruqing slightly nodded.
She understood that her father needed to vent his anger.
Damn the Tang family and the people of Fengyun Manor!
Feng Ruqing took Nalan Yan from Feng Tianyu.
Feng Tianyu was already in front of Tang Yu just as Nalan Yan left his arms. His eyes were filled with murderous intent as his sword fell onto the top of Tang Yu’s head.
Wen Feng’s face ultimately changed as he rushed to protect Tang Yu against the attack from Feng Tianyu.
A thud.
Two swords collided in the air.
Wen Feng vomited blood again. His body was sent flying backward from the collision of the swords.