The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 453 - Heartbroken and Infuriated V

Chapter 453: Heartbroken and Infuriated V
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Yu’s face that was originally calm, changed.
“Useless! Aren’t you also at Dark Warrior tier? Why can’t you beat him?”
Wen Feng was having a hard time. He also did not know what happened to Feng Tianyu. He thought that they were both the same level, but now, he felt that he was not Tianyu’s match…
“I don’t expect anything from a useless person. With the way Feng Ruqing and her father treated my master, Fengyun Manor will never let her go!” Tang Yu stepped back. She sneered, “I am afraid that it is quite difficult to kill me in the Tang family.”
Feng Tianyu’s expression suddenly changed and suddenly he was standing in front of Tang Yu.
At this same time, a loud sound came from the back hill. It seemed to form a barrier blocking Tang Yu from Feng Tianyu’s attack.
Since Feng Ruqing’s appearance, Tang Yu had not moved a step. Feng Ruqing was only paying attention to Rong Yan, so it was natural that she did not realize it.
She only understood now…
‘The reason why Tang Yu is not moving is because of the tactical formation on the mountain.
‘The spot where Tang Yu is standing at right now is where the formation is established.
‘If she loses, she can escape through the formation.’
“Damn!” Feng Tianyu smashed down his sword angrily, but there was no way to break the barrier.
The whole mountain was shrouded within the protection, so he could not get in.
His eyes were red and bloody. He was like a furious lion smashing madly at the barrier.
On the contrary, Feng Ruqing remained silent.
“Father, revenge can be sooner or later. Right now, the most important thing is Imperial-Mother.”
It was not impossible for Feng Ruqing to break the formation, but it would require a lot of time.
She could not afford to waste time anymore!
Feng Ruqing looked down, staring at Rong Yan who had fallen asleep in her arms and hugged her gently.
She would not let anything happen to her!
She would never let anything happen to her even if it meant losing everything!
Feng Tianyu’s heart shivered slightly. He turned back, walked toward Feng Ruqing, and carried the bloody woman in his arms.
“Look, Yan’er. Our enemy fled. How can you not avenge those who had hurt you so badly before you leave?”
“You have never allowed yourself to be taken advantage of. I will not destroy the Tang family for the time being. I will wait till you are completely recovered, only then we will get a reprisal against Tang Luo. If you hate him, you must hold on!”
Rong Yan’s fingers trembled slightly, and her eyelids shuddered. She tried hard to open her eyes, but there was no way she could.
“Yan’er, I know you hate this place. This is where you have been imprisoned for so many years, therefore I will take you away from here! Be rest assured, I will keep Tang Luo alive for now. We will go find him after you are awake.”
Feng Tianyu’s voice shook so much that his tears flowed down his face. His fingers held onto her clothes firmly, but he dared not touch her skin that was torn with wounds.
If Yan’er fell in love with others or married someone else as a wife, it was acceptable. The only thing he could not stand was that someone had arbitrarily hurt her!
Yan’er—the woman he considered as his life! Anyone who had hurt her would have to pay the price!
Feng Tianyu was a cold man with murderous intent, burning in his eyes.