The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 454 - Heartbroken and Infuriated VI

Chapter 454: Heartbroken and Infuriated VI
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationTang Luo was flung out of the Tang family’s courtyard. A bear fell from the sky and sat on him. He almost died vomiting blood all over the ground.
Tang Yi and Tang Er did not help Tang Zi and the others fight. Similarly, both of them watched him being crushed by the bear. They did not offer any help and just stared at him from the side.
The three elders could not be merely relied on since they were not those people’s matches.
Qin Chen could cope with them all by himself.
Tang Zi’s sword was in front of Tang Luo.
Tang Luo was overwhelmed by the bear, but he was still eager to roll out from the bear’s body due to his survival instinct.
His blood oozed out, covering his entire handsome face with blood when the long sword ran across the cheek.
Just then…
He felt an obvious tremor in the back hill, and the whole earth trembled.
“The formation guarding the hill is deciphered.”
His eyes sank slightly.
Only Tang Yu could decipher the formation in the back hill.
It seemed that Lady Feng and her father had finally succeeded.
Not knowing whether it was because of Tang Zi or Tang Yin, Tang Yi sighed in relief after learning about that.
It was shameful to snatch someone else’s wife! Furthermore, Tang Luo had also caused the mother to be separated from the daughter.
He only hoped that Lady Feng would let the Tang family survive. As for Tang Luo… After all, he had made a mistake; he should make up for it with his death.
The rest of the Tang family was innocent.
Just as Tang Yi heaved a sigh of relief, he saw that Feng Ruqing and Feng Tianyu were coming from afar.
Feng Tianyu was holding a woman who was as thin as a piece of paper in his arms.
The woman’s face was pale and full of blood. She seemed withered and was very thin.
Tang Yi was shocked and felt a puff of desperation in his heart.
That bastard—Tang Luo had actually tormented her. He did not have the prestige to ask for Lady Feng’s forgiveness.
If someone treated his mother like this, he would have inevitably killed all the people who had done that.
The bustle on the battlefield instantly turned quiet as Feng Ruqing and her father approached.
Their eyes were on the woman who was in Feng Tianyu’s arms.
The original four who stood on Tang Luo’s side were dumbfounded, not to mention Tang Yi too.
Although they had never been to the back hill, they knew that the girl was in good condition when she first came. Someone even saw her coming down from the back hill recently.
How could she turn so miserable in just a few days?
Tang Si’s lips trembled but he could not open his mouth. He pointed at Tang Luo.
Feng Ruqing… She was on Nan Xian’s side.
How dare Tang Luo torment her mother so miserably!
If Rong Yan had not been hurt and was treated well in the past decade, the Tang family might still have a chance to live. But now… everyone was stunned.
This time the Tang family was thoroughly finished.
Tang Si had resisted in the beginning. But now, he was dispirited and he dared not move. His trembling body revealed his inner fear.
Tang Zi and the others had been eager to see her since they learned that Nalan Yan was still alive. But when they finally saw Nalan Yan, all their joy turned into fury.
Their Empress who once led them to fight on the battlefield was now lifelessly lying in Feng Tianyu’s arms—like a broken doll.