The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 455 - Heartbroken and Infuriated VII

Chapter 455: Heartbroken and Infuriated VII
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy TranslationSo weak… It made those watching feel distressed.
The Empress should not be like this, she should be majestic and magnificent.
Not like this!
Tang Zi’s tears flowed uncontrollably. Her face was reflected resentment, and her voice was full of anger. “Tang Luo. When the Tang family had beaten me until I was half-dead, I had lost my strength and I had not recovered. It was the Empress who had brought me back!”
“She gave me a home! She gave me hope to be reborn! I have never betrayed the Tang family, even though I was driven out of the house and had almost died. I never resented. But now… I, Tang Zi, will retaliate against the Tang family to the end of my life. I want the Tang family to pay for the price with blood!
Tang Zi always believed that the reason she was driven out of the Tang family was that the Tang family was blinded and that she was being misunderstood.
Therefore, she did not have any resentment regarding how the Tang family had treated her. At most, she just needed to act like a stranger in the future. She had nothing to do with the Tang family anymore.
Until now…
Her heart was filled with anger and resentment. She was destined to fight the Tang family until her death.
Tang Yi stared blankly. He clenched his fists firmly and glared at Tang Luo angrily. He said, “You promised me that you would let Tang Zi leave, unhurt! But you did not. You still hurt her!”
His aged body was shaking, and his face was covered in tears.
Tang Zi was not only his apprentice. He had also treated her like his granddaughter then.
He promised not to intervene in any of Tang Luo’s decisions nor would he see Tang Zi again, merely because Tang Luo promised to let Tang Zi leave the Tang family safely.
Tang Zi’s straightforward nature was not suitable in this place full of fraud and lies.
For her, leaving the Tang family might have been a good choice.
He seemed to trust Tang Luo too much. It was not until now that he realized that Tang Luo was secretly doing so many bad things to Tang Zi.
If it was not for Rong Yan, Tang Zi would have already been buried outside.
Tang Luo sneered aloud, “Those who betray the Tang family should be sentenced to death!”
He did not do anything wrong.
Since Tang Zi betrayed the Tang family, she should have died.
He only regretted that he did not kill her that day but instead, try to make her self-destruct. Otherwise, she would have not appeared in front of his Tang family and the others!
Tang Yi was so angry his body was trembling; he slowly closed his eyes. He only opened his eyes after quite a while.
His face was full of pain.
“Zi’er, I’m sorry. I’m useless and I cannot protect you.”
He should have followed her.
Even if it meant to abandon the Tang family, he should have followed her.
It was already too late to regret now.
Feng Ruqing was there.
She gradually turned to Tang Luo with cold eyes and slowly scanned through the other people in the Tang family.
“Snow Wolf.”
The snow wolf howled. It was also rare that it did not act coquettishly toward Feng Ruqing, but just standing in the distance looking at her.
“Snow Wolf.” There was no anger in Feng Ruqing’s eyes, yet it was a little scary.
Just like the calm before the storm.
“You lead the beasts and bring everyone in Tang family into custody. No one is allowed to leave.”
Tang Yu did not care about the Tang family and activated the formation in order to escape. She had just checked that this method could only be used once. In other words, the people in the Tang family had lost an opportunity to escape as Tang Yu had left.