The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 459 - Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It I

Chapter 459: Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It I
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation‘Luckily…
‘She’s still alive.
‘She did not abandon us like the Ninth Emperor that year!’
Feng Ruqing’s mouth moved. She was guilty when she saw their swollen eyes.
“I’m sorry that I made you worry.”
Those two little fellows were her children whom she had randomly taken in. But, there were still some attachments between them no matter who she was with for a long time. She did not want them to risk their lives for her.
She just hoped that they would live even though she was not there anymore. They must live and wait for the next guardian.
But, she did not understand their thoughts. She pushed them back into the medium. She did not even ask them whether they were willing to leave or not.
All was done by her for their own sake without heeding their thoughts.
“Fu Chen.’ Feng Ruqing’s head turned to the woman on the bed slowly. “We’ll just talk about other things later. Can you help to take a look at her? Is there any chance that she could be saved?”
Fu Chen’s gaze fell on Rong Yan. He was stunned. “Grade-6 spirit herb, Violet-gale Bloom. How could she be poisoned by Violet-gale Bloom? This poison could be healed. But, spirit herbs could only heal all the illnesses, however…”
Feng Ruqing understood his meaning even though he did not finish talking.
She had already memorized the whole book of spirit herbs. She had also memorized the spirit herbs dish.
She knew perfectly well what kind of spirit herbs dish could save Rong Yan.
The problem was she did not have the spirit herb dish which she needed!
“Mother, she is seriously ill. There’s no other way except that you make a breakthrough to Dark Warrior tier in three days. Even if you do so, it’s impossible that you would be able to cultivate Grade-5 spirit herbs so soon.”
So, it seemed that there was no way to save Rong Yan now.
Feng Ruqing clenched her fists tightly.
Feng Ruqing had never met Nalan Yan before. But, the blood tie between them made her sad. Her heart was heavy and in pain.
“Fu Chen, do you have any other way? I’m willing to do anything as long as I can save her. As long as I can save her!”
They had just met each other after many difficulties. Now, they were forced to part again.
She was willing to endure anything and do anything just to save Nalan Yan!
Fu Chen intensely stared at the young girl’s face. He could see the deep pain and determination in her eyes.
If Nalan Yan did not survive this time, Feng Ruqing’s future training and cultivation would surely be greatly influenced.
“Mother, Qing Han and I can make her live three more days but it’s only three more days. If you cannot find the spirit herbs in three days, then we’ll have no more ways.”
Feng Ruqing closed her eyes slowly.
‘Three days!
‘How are three days enough?’
There was no spirit herbs shop in Yue City. Every family had their own ways of obtaining the spirit herbs they wanted. The spirit herbs shop could only be built in the reclusive world and it could not even survive in the seclusive world.
If she went to other places to search for the spirit herbs, three days were not enough.
In all of her life, Feng Ruqing had never been that helpless before.
She was not that worried about the poison in Feng Tianyu’s body.
It was because she understood that she still had enough time to grow spirit herbs for him.
Even if he used his spiritual power in the end and the poison was to spread to the other places in his body, Feng Ruqing still had a lot of time to search for the spirit herbs.
But, all she had this time was only three days!