The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 461 - Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It III

Chapter 461: Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It III
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Even if she was going to be a useless person, she would be much happier than she was today as long as she had her family and lover by her side.
Feng Ruqing made the same choice as the Ninth Emperor that year.
Qing Han gave Feng Ruqing a green fruit and looked at Feng Ruqing helplessly.
Feng Ruqing raised her hand slowly and took the fruit given by Qing Han. She turned and walked toward the door and pushed the door open.
Feng Tianyu, Tang Zi, and others were waiting for her not far away from the room. They did not dare to go near the door for fear that they might bother Feng Ruqing.
“Tang Zi, Father, I have something for you to do.”
Feng Ruqing seemed rather serious. “Tang Zi, I have a prescription for a spirit herb dish here. You leave Yue City now and go find the people of Paramount. I’ll give you my token. You ask them to search for the spirit herbs in three days. If they cannot do it in three days, just wait for me in the Tang family.”
Although Feng Ruqing decided to take the risk for Nalan Yan, she would never put all her hope on herself only. She must ask Tang Zi to do something too.
However, she felt that it would be very difficult to look for those herbs in three days. Then, she would use the power of the green fruit so that she would have some more hope.
“Father, go and buy some seeds of herbs from the herbs shop in Yue City. I have the feather Nan Xian gave me when he left. He said if I face any danger, all I have to do is light the feather up. If Tang Yu appears with some people, just light that up.”
There was no spirit herbs shop in Yue City. It was because the reclusive family there would not buy spirit herbs from the spirit herbs shop. They would buy what they needed from the family who had a supply of spirit herbs.
But, spirit herbs were very rare and they would not always use spirit herbs to heal their illnesses. Hence, there were only regular herbs shops in Yue City.
Feng Tianyu took the feather and turned to leave when Feng Ruqing told him what herbs she needed.
It was easier to buy normal herbs as compared to the spirit herbs. Feng Tianyu bought the seeds of herbs which Feng Ruqing needed in under an hour.
Feng Ruqing took the seeds, walked back to the room, and closed the door again.
She saw that Fu Chen and Qing Han’s hands on Nalan Yan’s body when she entered the room.
A soft green light surrounded Nalan Yan.
Nalan Yan’s breathing became much stable in that green light.
Feng Ruqing looked at them once and did not wait any longer. She entered the medium immediately.
It was a clean land within the medium.
The air was rather fresh.
Feng Ruqing bit the green fruit and bitterness soon filled her mouth.
She frowned slightly and swallowed a mouthful of the green fruit.
A strong force rushed inside of Feng Ruqing and she soon felt a ceaseless power within her.
But, that strength was only temporary.
She buried the seeds underground when she had made a breakthrough to Dark Warrior tier. She put her hands in the dirt slowly. She released the spiritual qi and it entered the dirt slowly.
All this while, Feng Ruqing followed exactly what the book had said in cultivating spirit herbs. She just used a little spiritual qi every day in cultivating the spirit herbs.
It was not good if one cultivated the spirit herbs in so short a time.
The quality of the spirit herbs would be low and the spirit herbs would not be pure because they had absorbed too many impurities.
But now, she was running out of time!
She must cultivate the spirit herbs in a short time even if she had to do it the incorrect way.
The spiritual force in Feng Ruqing was like a running stream and it soon dried up. Soon, her dantian would be depleted.
Luckily, she had prepared some spirit herbs to help her to recover her spiritual power. So, she took out a grape-like fruit when her dantian was almost depleted. She bit the fruit and she could feel the spiritual power returning to her strongly.