The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 465 - Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It VII

Chapter 465: Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It VII
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Feng Tianyu’s heart trembled. He clenched his fists tightly.
‘Yan’er must be alive!’
He could not endure the pain of losing her again. He could never leave her behind now.
“Your Highness…” Tang Yin sat on a stone stool beside him. She turned and looked at him. “Do you want to go and take a rest? The empress would never want to see you like this.”
He had not closed his eyes for two days. He did not even drink a drop of water.
He sat there stubbornly with his eyes fixed on the door of the room. He did not move at all.
If he continued doing so, he would go down before the empress woke up.
Feng Tianyu’s throat was dry and his voice was hoarse. “No need. I want to wait for her.”
He wanted to wait for her to wake up so that he could finally meet her.
He also wanted her to know that he had been staying by her side all this while.
Even if… they were separated by the distance of a door.
“Lady…” Qian Ning used her finger to poke Tang Yin. Her voice was very soft. “Do you think that Empress Nalan could recover?”
“That’s for sure. Xiao Qing is doing it. There’s surely no problem. Don’t worry too much. The empress would be fine.”
Tang Yin looked smug now. “Of course! There’s nothing Xiao Qing cannot do. She’s very exceptional. Even Nan Xian has fallen in love with her. What else can she not do?” Tang Yin snorted.
‘If it was Xiao Qing, herself, doing it then there should be no problem. Nobody could say that she is unable to do that!’
It seemed that Feng Tianyu did not hear what the two girls next to him had said. His eyes were always fixed on the door. He still maintained his position and did not even blink.
The Divine Herbs Sect was far from Yue City. There was a loud explosion in the Divine Herbs Sect. The door was forced open and all the people ran out in fright. They looked up at the sky in fear. A handsome angelic man dressed in white appeared in the sky.
Gu Zhenyang felt a strong and frightening presence. He was supposed to undergo closed-door cultivation. The lump in his throat bobbed and there was a bitter smile on his lip.
He could not even escape from him even if he was hiding in the Divine Herbs Sect for he had offended Young Master Nan Xian.
But, he did not guess that Young Master Nan Xian would be that quick.
He thought that Nan Xian would come and pursue him after the affairs of the Tang family were resolved.
This time, Gu Zhenyang did not think of running away. He walked out the door after stroking his sleeves.
The sky was cloudy and there were heavy clouds in the sky.
A color of sorts was seen under the clouds.
His beauty was not the kind that was dazzling or captivating. It was the kind of beauty that could never be tainted by anybody.
It seemed that it was an insult to him if anyone had any kind of fantasy toward him.
Therefore, the women disciples of the Divine Herbs Sect lowered their heads and did not look at him anymore after seeing the striking beauty that man had.
“Nan Xian…” Sect Master walked forward in big strides. He frowned and looked at the man in the sky coldly. “Our Divine Herbs Sect never had any kind of disagreements with Tian Shen Manor. You have come to my Divine Herbs Sect and destroyed my sect. What is the meaning of that?”
The man stood with a hand on his back and his face was cold. His voice was calm and slow. He was quite arrogant.
“Gu Zhenyang has bullied someone from my side. I just came to take him with me so that she could take revenge on him.”
The sect master was stunned.
He thought of many reasons as to why Young Master Nan Xian had come to the Divine Herbs Sect. But, he never thought that he would come just because one of his members was bullied.
Someone was bullied. He angrily came to the Divine Herbs Sect for that and even wanted to take Gu Zhenyang away.