The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 466 - Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It VIII

Chapter 466: Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It VIII
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Were the people from Tian Shen Manor that arrogant?
“Nan Xian, Gu Zhenyang is a disciple under my sect. He is also the senior among the disciples. I cannot accept that you want to take him away for someone’s revenge.”
“I’m not here to ask for your opinion. I’m just here to inform you so that Gu Zhenyang could come out and meet me.” His facial expression was still calm.
But, everybody could hear how he had almost used up all his patience.
He was growing impatient.
“Nan Xian, aren’t you crossing the line? My Divine Herbs Sect is no less than your Tian Shen Manor! Even the master of your Shen Yao Manor wouldn’t be that arrogant in front of me!”
Nan Xian scanned the sect master coldly.
That look sent a chill down the sect master’s spine. It was like there was a sword at his neck and his facial expression worsened.
Young Master Nan Xian.
He was the son of the Mu family but he took the surname of his mother.
He was the first who did that in Tian Shen Manor.
It was said that he was not at Tian Shen Manor all the time. Even the people of the Mu family could not persuade him to go back to that place.
Hence, nobody knew how powerful his strength was.
Nan Xian’s gaze fell on something among the crowd. His white shirt turned into a gust of wind and soon he was standing in front of Gu Zhenyang.
Gu Zhenyang felt a heavy blow on his chest. He vomited a mouthful of blood. There was some blood on the corner of his lips. He wiped it off with the back of his hand.
“Nan Xian!” The sect master’s facial expression changed drastically.
If the sect master allowed Nan Xian to kill his disciple in front of everybody, then his Divine Herbs Sect could no longer have a stand in the mainland.
“Do you want to go with me or do you want me to take you away?”
He looked at Gu Zhenyang calmly and his voice was calm.
Gu Zhenyang’s facial expression worsened and he turned to the sect master.
The sect master was so infuriated to the point where he was stamping his feet. But, he still did not rush forward to stop Nan Xian.
Suddenly, there was a smile on the corners of his lips. It was a scornful smile. “Nan Xian, the Tang family could not lock Nalan Yan up with their strength unless somebody else came and interfered. Do you want to know how she was pinned down?”
He stood upright and he laughed coldly.
“It’s because she was hurt that year. That person is the daughter of the Fifth Elder, Zhen Chengdie.”
Two days ago, he got a feeling that Nan Xian would come for him. He would not be able to escape then.
So, he wanted to transfer his anger to Zhen Chengdie. But, the sect elders came and stopped them when they had just started the fight.
It seemed that Nan Xian cared for Feng Ruqing deeply. He must not let anybody harm Nalan Yan.
Zhen Chengdie was standing among the crowd, waiting to watch the fight as a bystander but she was soon shocked when she heard what Gu Zhenyang had said. Her face paled suddenly.
‘Did Young Master Nan Xian come for Nalan Yan?
‘Is that bastard still alive?’
Zhen Chengdie pursed her lips tightly and there was great unwillingness in her heart.
At first, she had fallen in love with Gu Zhenyang but he simply had too many concubines in his manor. Her father was unwilling. She persuaded the women to leave the Divine Herbs Sect because she wanted to marry the man she loved.
But, she was cruelly rejected by Gu Zhenyang.
Until Nalan Yan appeared…
Gu Zhenyang stayed by Nalan Yan’s side all the time when she was staying in the Divine Herbs Sect. He never even entered any other manors.
He even cut Gu Zhengyang’s favorite woman’s tongue when she insulted Nalan Yan.
After that, Nalan Yan had reported him to the sect master and he was forced to stay in the Divine Herbs Sect for three years to reflect on his mistakes.