The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 468 - Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It X

Chapter 468: Whatever It Takes, I’ll Do It X
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‘Why did Gu Zhenyang attacked the secular world again? Nan Xian has even come for that!
‘He did not learn from his mistakes during those three years when he was being locked up. My self-image is ruined!’
Zhen Chengdie suddenly drew out a long sword and violently stabbed it into her own chest.
Blood rushed out and stained the ground red.
Gu Zhenyang looked at Zhen Chengdie helplessly. He did not expect her to commit suicide immediately to end her life.
“Gu Zhenyang, I’ll definitely side with you if you had only made a small mistake.” Master voiced out solemnly. He seemed serious. “If you dare to attack the secular world, it’s already a big mistake. I sided with you once and there’s no more second chance. Young Master Nan Xian, just take him away. He’s no more under the protection of the Divine Herbs Sect!”
In fact, Master knew clearly that he would not be able to stop Nan Xian from killing Gu Zhenyang.
That was why he said those words.
He wanted to protect their dignity and he did it under the rule of morals. Therefore, everyone would understand that the Divine Herbs Sect was not weak in protecting their disciples.
Surely, he would never have given Gu Zhenyang up if Nan Xian was not that powerful.
“Nan Xian, are you satisfied with how I solve this issue?” Master did not look at Gu Zhenyang but turned to look at Nan Xian and asked.
Nan Xian was expressionless. He did not want to talk much with Master.
Master chided Nan Xian in his heart. But, he still smiled. “I have met Nalan Yan before. She seems to be an empress in the secular world. You have that kind of relationship with her daughter. Does the Mu family approve of that?”
Nan Xian looked cold and he was not as calm as before.
“The Mu family has no right to interfere with my marriage!”
He would take care of his marriage business. No one else had that right!
Master was stunned. All of a sudden, he remembered how powerful Nan Xian seemed just now.
The Mu family might not even know how far Nan Xian had broken through.
A soft breeze blew. It was mixed with a faint but sweet aroma.
Master was not bothered with that scent.
It was because he saw what Nan Xian was doing. Nan Xian took out a dog chain and put it around Gu Zhenyang’s neck.
Gu Zhenyang did not know what to say.
‘You can kill me but you cannot humiliate me!
‘Just kill me straight away but don’t ever humiliate me!’
Gu Zhenyang wanted to voice out his annoyance but his neck was being pulled harshly. All his objection died in his throat.
He was pulled fast and his whole body flew horizontally in the sky. His handsome face was red and he felt dizzy. He nearly fainted.
The facial expression of Fourth Elder worsened.
Nan Xian broke into the Divine Herbs Sect and destroyed their entrance. He even killed Fifth Elder and pulled Gu Zhenyang like a dog in the public.
There was quite a lot of people who had met Gu Zhenyang before in the reclusive world.
The dignity of the Divine Herbs Sect would be ruined if others saw that incident.
As the sect master of the Divine Herbs Sect, Master wanted to stop Nan Xian’s action for the sake of their dignity.
But, his whole body was like a balloon that exploded when he wanted to express his annoyance out loud. A muffled voice was heard instead of a loud roar.
There was a nasty smell soon after and it did not disappear with the wind.
Master’s facial expression worsened and his stomach made another sound when he wanted to continue talking. His feces and pee all rushed out from him and it was indeed a nasty smell.
His action seemed to create a ripple effect in the Divine Herbs Sect’s manor. There were endless fart sounds.