The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 471 - White Phoenix’s Appearance III

Chapter 471: White Phoenix’s Appearance III
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Qian Ning was not able to talk before a few unfamiliar presences came from not far away. Soon, their presence filled the sky above the manor.
Tang Yin seemed serious. She got up and turned her gaze toward the door behind her.
The entrance of the manor was pushed open slowly.
Soon, a familiar figure appeared and entered Tang Yin’s line of vision.
Tang Yu stood at the entrance and looked at Tang Yin arrogantly. There was an obvious cold smile on her face. She seemed cold and distant.
There was Yue Buxiong right behind Tang Yu. Everyone else rushed into the manor and the manor was soon surrounded by them. It was crowded and even a fly could not enter it now.
“Tang Yu!”
Tang Yin was angry when she saw Tang Yu. She clenched her fists tightly.
‘The empress would not have had to endure that much pain if it was not for Tang Yu.
‘If it was not for Tang Yu and her father…
‘Xiao Qing would not be without her mother since young. Xiao Qing even treated a villain as her mother!
‘All of those incidents happened because of them. They are guilty of what had happened to the Tang family!’
“Tang Yin, you betrayed the Tang family and even took the person who harmed my master under your wing. Even if you’re my cousin, I’ll not side with you!”
Tang Yin was infuriated. “Nonsense! When did the empress become your master?”
Tang Yu thought that it was hilarious and she laughed out loud. “Feng Tianyu fell for my master and then my master became the empress. Did you even ask her opinion about that?”
Tang Yin’s eyes grew wide. Her face was red with anger. She pointed at Tang Yu angrily. She was so frustrated that she was speechless.
Tang Yu laughed coldly. “I’ve forgotten. Feng Ruqing has harmed my master deeply so how could she even ask for my master’s opinion. Feng Ruqing and her father are the people I hate the most in this life. My master was unwilling and they still wanted to kidnap her!”
Tang Yin almost fainted from the anger she felt. She could not even find a suitable word in her vocabulary to describe Tang Yu.
Feng Tianyu was already standing beside Tang Yin and no one knew when he had walked there.
His eyes were swollen. He raised his hand and patted Tang Yin’s shoulder.
“Little Lady, you’ve helped us too much. Just leave it to me now. I’ll take care of Yan’er’s matter.”
Tang Yin’s eyes were swollen. “Your Highness, Tang Yu is clearly making false claims about us. I…”
“Don’t say too much. It’s useless talking so much with her. I’ll never let anybody hurt Yan’er!”
Feng Tianyu would not allow anybody to take Yan’er away from him even if he were to die there and then.
Feng Tianyu took two steps forward. He stood tall and he seemed determined. His strong body shielded Tang Yin and there was no fear in him.
That lady had indeed helped them a lot. He could not burden her with what was about to happen that day.
‘It’s gratifying that she’s willing to help!’
“Little Lady.” Yue Buxiong laughed sarcastically when he saw that Tang Yin wanted to move forward again. “All of the people of Yue City have come. They’re going to die no matter what happens. Why are you being such a busybody? Moreover, they’re villains and they deserve it. If everyone in this world is as righteous as Lady Tang Yu, then all of these would not have happened.”
Tang Yin clenched his fists tightly. “Then, do you know that Young Master Nan Xian is Xiao Qing’s lover?”
Tang Yin was unwilling to bring Nan Xian up then. He was like a vixen to her.
But, she could not help but admit that Nan Xian was indeed powerful.