The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife
Chapter 829 - Evening Feast XVIII

Chapter 829: Evening Feast XVIII
“I lied to you? That is total nonsense! Who does not know that the Grandmaster Hai Rong has stopped treating people?”
Hai Rong was different from Qian Kun. Qian Kun was willing to stay in the chief manor and occasionally treat some of his acquaintances. However, Hai Rong would never treat anyone without a special reason even if that person was close to him.
Luo Fei was such a fool to believe Qin Xiaoyue.
“Qin Xiaoyue!”
Luo Fei had wholeheartedly trusted Qin Xiaoyu, but it turned out that Qin Xiaoyu was lying. He had even broken Luo Li’s heart because of her. Luo Li was so heartbroken and would never forgive Luo Fei again.
‘Luo Fei, I don’t want to harm you. I had felt sorry for you before. However, since you have done this to me, don’t blame me for being ruthless.’ The corner of Qin Xiaoyue’s lips curved into a sneer.
“Manor Master, Luo Fei told me that this ginseng fruit was extremely cheap when he bought it. It turns out that he is such a cheapskate that he had bought a highly toxic Violet Leaf Ginseng Fruit. He had nearly killed the manor lady. Please don’t let him off so easily.”
Gu Shi had slowly regained his senses.
Gu Shi would buy the idea that Luo Fei was deceived into buying a fake ginseng fruit. As Luo Fei was not a good observer, it was natural that he had gotten cheated. However, he would never believe that Luo Fei was a cheapskate.
Even an ordinary people knew that the Thousand-Odds Ginseng Fruit did not come cheap. Luo Fei was not a fool. He would not do that.
“Idiot!” Wen Yu cursed, inwardly.
Qin Xiaoyue was too presumptuous and had made such a foolish mistake. She did not only fail to make Luo Fei a scapegoat, but she was also digging her own grave.
No matter what, Wen Yu must not let Qin Xiaoyue get the entire Qin family involved in this.
“Check this lady’s identity when we get back. She must die!” Qin Li’s eyes were fixed on Feng Ruqing, his gaze darkened.
If not for Feng Ruqing, Gu Yiyi would have eaten the ginseng fruit. Gu Shi would lose his mind and Luo Fei would have been made a scapegoat.
Qin Li had never thought that Feng Ruqing knew spirit herb quite well. She could tell the difference between Thousand-Odds Ginseng Fruit and Violet Leaf Ginseng Fruit. Moreover, she was so close to Qin Chen. Hence, Feng Ruqing must die.
“You said that Luo Fei had bought this Violet Leaf Ginseng Fruit because it was cheap?” Over and over again, Gu Shi sneered. His eyes were blazing with fury.
“That is true. He has nearly hurt Young Lady Gu because of this.” Seeing Gu Shi getting more and more furious, Qin Xiaoyue raised her chin.
Gu Shi’s lips curved into a sinister sneer.
Even if Qin Xiayue was telling the truth—Luo Fei was a cheapskate, the Violet Leaf Ginseng Fruit did not come cheap. If someone wanted to deceive Luo Fei, he could have used a cheaper spirit herb. Why would he use the Violet Leaf Ginseng Fruit?
“Luo Fei!” Just as the tense atmosphere was reaching its climax, an aged voice spoke.
Luo Fei looked up, a guard could be seen escorting the Luo family’s old lady, who was walking with a crutch, into the courtyard.
“Mother, why are you here?” Luo Fei panicked and rushed over to help the old lady. His eyes were filled with regret.
Luo Li too rushed up to the old lady. Her face darkened. Perhaps, she was still mad at Luo Fei who was still defending Qin Xiaoyue until now. However, in the end, Qin Xiaoyue had pushed him away without any hesitation. Luo Fei felt really miserable.
“Bastard!” Burning with anger, the old lady brutally brought her crutch down on Luo Fei’s head.
“Why did you leave in such a hurry this morning? You have forgotten the gift for Young Lady Gu. I am here to send this to you.”