The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 39 - It’s time to have a son (2)

Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 039 out of 513 – It’s time to have a son (2)Nie Sangyu had the old madame to support her, but the other concubines, who didn’t have the marquis’s love or old madame’s support, found it difficult to even have the opportunity to see him and their hearts inevitably felt a sense of disequilibrium.
And so, when Ji Man came out from old madame’s courtyard today, she saw Mu Shuiqing standing outside.
Looking at Nie Sangyu from far away, Mu Shuiqing derisively shook her handkerchief. “Yo, isn’t this Master Sang? I need to stand farther away. Otherwise, you’ll blame me for pushing you again when you were the one that fell into the water yourself.”
Ji Man didn’t take this level of provocation seriously at all. “Master Qing, have you finished embroidering those handkerchiefs?”
At the mention of this, Mu Shuiqing became so mad that her face changed colors. This had originally been Nie Sangyu’s job, but all of it had been given to her to do. If she hadn’t convinced Madam to say a few good words for her, the marquis would have decided that she had to continue to shut herself up and ponder over her mistakes. Wouldn’t this mean that she was being treated the same way as this poisonous woman?
“I’ve been thinking of giving my personal servant girl, Muxu, a new handkerchief. Her current one is getting ratty. Master Qing, I’ll have to ask you to embroider faster.” Ji Man lightly smiled and very gracefully saluted Mu Shuiqing. Then, she continued walking forward with Muxu following behind her.
Mu Shuiqing’s expression was very ugly. She turned her head to look at Nie Sangyu’s departing figure and angrily shouted, “You won’t be feeling for proud for long!”
At the very least, she was the crown prince’s person. The crown prince and empress’s side and Noble Consort Nie’s side were as incompatible as water and fire. Once this woman made a mistake, she would seize that opportunity and make sure that Nie Sangyu would never be able to reverse her fortunes again!
After seething with anger for a long time by herself, Mu Shuiqing finally turned around and continued walking to Qiangwei Courtyard.

Later that day, Ji Man heard the news that the marquis had sent a message for Mu Shuiqing to serve him in the western courtyard. Ji Man shrugged her shoulders. She wasn’t the slightest bit curious on why Mu Shuiqing was suddenly receiving his favor. Based on the frequency of her visits to Qiangwei Courtyard, as well as the female lead’s low IQ, the female lead would have delivered Mu Shuiqing to Marquis Moyu’s bed sooner or later.

However, old madame wasn’t happy. Since she had come back, her son hadn’t sent for Sangyu even once. Other than tonight, he had been staying at Qiangwei Courtyard every night.
And so, on the next day, Marquis Moyu was summoned by old madame.
“It’s time for you to consider heirs.” Old madame said, “The sons in other families have already given their mothers grandchildren. Why is it only you that’s not wiling to spare your mother from worrying?”
Marquis Moyu lightly smiled, “Mother, don’t be anxious. This son is just hoping to give you a grandchild that’s born from the wife. This son will do his best.”
A child born from the wife naturally meant that the child had to be given birth to by Wen Wan. But, the two of them had been married for a while and she had received the favor of Marquis Moyu’s rain and dew a significant number of times without any changes in her menstrual cycle. The doctors had examined her and said there weren’t any problems with her body. The baby would come when it was the right time.
Old madame really wanted to make trouble for Wen Wan, but Nie Sangyu hadn’t produced a child after six years and Wen Wan had only been married to her son for two months. So, she simply didn’t have any basis for voicing any complaints.

Qi Siling warmly went to visit Wen Wan and said, “I heard that after one of Nie Clan’s honored concubines obtained a very effective fertility charm, she became pregnant within a month. Madam, how about asking Master Sang to borrow that fertility charm for you to try?”
Wen Wan was very anxious. Although Yuxuan said there was no rush, she still wanted to become pregnant sooner so that old madame would be happier with her and her position would become more stable. And so, after she heard these words from Qi Siling, Wen Wan only hesitated for a little bit before she went to visit Nie Sangyu.
When Ji Man heard her request, she didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry. She wanted her to take someone else’s fertility charm and give it to her? What kind of nonsense was this? What if Wen Wan gave birth to a girl, wouldn’t she hate her to death?
But, Ji Man didn’t refuse her. She only smiled and asked, “Madam, how did you find out that Nie Clan’s honored concubine had a fertility charm? The fertility charm was from Yongling Mountain’s temple. No one outside of our family knows this.”
Wen Wan was slightly surprised, so she said, “Siling had inadvertently mentioned this to me when we were talking today. If this would inconvenience you, then I’ll think of another method.”
“It’s not that it’ll trouble me.” Ji Man shook her head and said, “That type of thing is only effective if you go up the mountain yourself and ask the temple for it. Naturally, it wouldn’t be proper to use someone else’s charm.”
Qi Siling had laid out a trap. If it was Nie Sangyu being asked this question, regardless if she agree or disagreed, there wouldn’t be a good result. Although she didn’t know where Nie Clan’s honored concubine had gotten the fertility charm, it was easy enough to make up an excuse to resolve this problem.
Yongling Mountain was right outside of the capital. It would only take a day to go there and back by carriage. Right now, Wen Wan was willing to turn to anyone during her crisis, so she immediately had the servants prepare a carriage. She would go to Yongling Mountain tomorrow.
“Why are you so anxious?” Marquis Moyu sighed, “It’s not like I’m forcing you.”
Wen Wan glared at him, “You’re not a woman, so you naturally don’t understand the plight of women. I’m worried to death, but you can’t understand how I’m feeling at all.”
Marquis Moyu was slightly unhappy. He had indulged her too much. She was becoming increasingly lacking in following the established rules. When she hadn’t followed etiquette once or twice, he had regarded it as her being young and cutely spoiled. But when this repeatedly happened, he inevitably felt that she didn’t understand the established rules.
But, he didn’t say these thoughts out loud. Instead, he went back to the western courtyard that night and sent for Mu Shuiqing.
Mu Shuiqing was also a person that Wen Wan had stuffed at him. He didn’t like Mu Shuiqing’s personality, but it wasn’t worth the fuss to change her for someone else. If he sent for Mu Shuiqing, Wen Wan wouldn’t say anything.

However, the course of life was frequently melodramatic and full of nonsense. One month later, the fertility charm that Wen Wan had obtained with great difficulty gave Mu Shuiqing a pregnancy.