The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 428 - How can there be a perfect ending if I don’t marry you? (1)

Chapter 428 – How can there be a perfect ending if I don’t marry you? (1)
He was a red-blooded emperor that had summoned a beauty to see him. Was there any need for his wife, who was past the prime of her beauty, to ask him this question? Zhao Zhe was feeling very annoyed. Still, Shen Youqing was his main wife, and she hadn’t given Nie Sangyu a hard time. It seemed that the two of them got along pretty well too.
Zhao Zhe’s thoughts turned to a different direction. If these two got along well, would it be possible that Shen Youqing wouldn’t try to stop him from adding Nie Sangyu into his harem?
Reality would soon prove that he was being too delusional. Even the most tolerant of wives wouldn’t be happy if their husbands took a concubine. The only big difference would be if they straightforwardly stated aloud their thoughts or not.
Youqing was clearly the type to voice her thoughts. As soon as she saw Zhao Zhe’s expression, she didn’t wait for his answer. Instead, she knelt down and said, “This consort was wrong. If Your Majesty wants to take Miss Nie as a consort, it’s true that it would be overstepping boundaries for this consort to be present. However, this consort’s father frequently tell this consort that a woman must follow the three obeisances and four virtues, and everyone must follow the three principles and five virtues. Miss Nie’s heart already belongs to someone, and she has a living son too. She truly wouldn’t be a suitable candidate to enter the palace.”
(T/N: The three obeisances are a woman must obey in turn, her father, husband, and son.)
Zhao Zhe was stifled into silence. His expression sunk. Seeing that he was about angrily rebuke Shen Youqing, Ji Man chuckled and said, “Consort Shen, you’re worrying about nothing. His Majesty is such a wise and valiant ruler. How could he possibly want a divorced woman like myself? Moreover, this humble woman already has an agreement with Marquis Moyu to return to his estate. Marquis Moyu has been so loyal to the emperor. So, why would the emperor put his important court official in a difficult spot?”
After saying this, Ji Man looked at Zhao Zhe as she said, “This humble woman guesses that emperor only summoned me here to reward me for my commendable service in opening the capital’s gate, right?”
After the two women had perfectly followed up each other sentiments, Zhao Zhe was left reprimanded to the point that he couldn’t say a single word. He felt extremely furious, but he could only go along with Ji Man’s words by saying, “Exactly. Qing-er, you’re overthinking things. How could this emperor… have ideas about taking Miss Nie as a consort?”
The two women exhaled in relief. Shen Youqing glanced at Ji Man admiringly, then she stood up and said, “Since it’s like that, this consort was wrong. But, Your Majesty, since you weren’t planning on taking Miss Nie as a consort, why did you give her Yushu Palace? It caused this consort to misunderstand Your Majesty’s intention.”
If someone hadn’t come to warn her, she wouldn’t have even known that the emperor had taken Nie Sangyu out of the imperial prison.
Zhao Zhe insincerely smiled. “Sangyu had accomplished meritorious service for this country, but she was wrongfully locked up for so long. It’s only right that this emperor reward her with something. Don’t all women like to take baths there? That’s why this emperor rewarded her with Yushu Palace. Qing-er, if you like that Yushu Palace, you can go there too.”
“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Shen Youqing smiled without restraint. “Your Majesty, since you want to reward Miss Nie, and Marquis Moyu previously divorced her, this consort thinks that the best reward is to bestow them another chance at marriage. Your Majesty, what do you think of that idea?”
Zhao Zhe’s smile had disappeared. He pursed his lips and said, “The state of affairs in the imperial court hasn’t been settled yet. Yuxuan still has many things to do and doesn’t have time for a wedding. This matter will have to be delayed. Once there’s free time available, this emperor can bestow another marriage to him then.”
The corners of Ji Man’s lips twitched. Consort Shen had been too impatient. She was more of a hindrance than help. If she was going to marry Ning Yuxuan again, she could have made that decision for herself. Why did Consort Shen have to ask the emperor to bestow a marriage? Well, this was great. Now, if the emperor never bestowed a marriage to them, they couldn’t get married. If they got married before the emperor gave his approval, it would be showing blatant disrespect to the emperor.
Shen Youqing’s smile froze. She pursed her lips and said, “That’s good too. Your Majesty, do you have any other words you want to say to Miss Nie? Do you need this consort to withdraw first?”
“That’s not necessary.” Zhao Zhe took a deep breath, curved his lips up, and said, “Have Taxue personally send Miss Nie out of the palace. Qing-er, stay here. This emperor hasn’t had a good talk with you in a long time.”
Elated, Shen Youqing immediately voiced her assented.
Ji Man’s heart also relaxed. She hurriedly followed after Taxue as if she was fleeing from this place.

As they were walking on a path, Taxue quietly asked her, “Miss, do you not like the palace?”
Ji Man shook her head and said, “It’s not that I don’t like that palace. It’s just that the person I like isn’t in the palace, so for me, this palace is the same as a prison.”
Stunned, Taxue turned back to look at her. “Miss, you still like Marquis Moyu?”
“Huh?” Ji Man chuckled. Ning Yuxuan was only a character in a novel. Why would she like him?
“If you don’t like him, then the outside world is a prison too. Miss, why give up a splendorous cage for a simpler one?” After Taxue said this, he turned his head back and led her down a small path.
Ji Man was stunned by his words. She lowered her eyes and wryly laughed.
She hadn’t expected Taxue to be a wise person.
Clearly, it shouldn’t have taken them a long time to exit the palace if they were taking a direct path. However, Taxue took her on meandering route that passed by the inner palace.
“Aiya, wasn’t that child already sent out of the palace? Why has he come back?” Two female palace servants were holding bundles of clothing and quietly discussing as they walked on the same path as them.
Ji Man raised her head to look. When the two female palace servants saw them, they saluted. Then, they moved aside and stopped by the wall to wait for them to pass. When they continued walking, they continued to discuss.
“How could I know where that child came from? That child, Haohao, used to stay in Wangyue Building. He disappeared for a while, but he’s back again. Who knows who’s going to end up having to care of him? I only caught a glimpse of him. He’s such a cute child…”
Slightly pausing, Ji Man turned her head to look at those two female palace servants. They had already walked far away and disappeared around a corner of the palace.