The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter 430 - Who did you love the most in your lifetime? (1)

Chapter 430 – Who did you love the most in your lifetime? (1)
Ji Man dryly laughed. She let out a long sigh.
Wow, it was time to go back. It had already been such a long time since she had last heard Nie Sangyu’s voice. It was probably because she was getting closer and closer to fulfilling her wish, right? On the day that she finally fulfilled her wish, would she heard the sound of a system going “ding” as a signal? Then, the system would congratulate player Ji Man for completing the supporting female’s wish. Mission reward: return to modern-day.
Eventually, she wasn’t able to keep smiling. Turning her head to the side, she looked at the person lying next to her. Ning Yuxuan’s eyes were closed.
His throat slightly moved, and his voice was somewhat hoarse as he asked, “I won the bet we made in the imperial prison. Isn’t it about time for you to return those words to me?”
Ji Man blankly stared at him. “What words?”
He turned over. This was a person that had proven himself to be a player, a superior stallion. He stretched his hand out and brushed it over her heart. He said each word very seriously, “This. Don’t pretend that you don’t know.”
Feeling her heart warming up, Ji Man evaded his fingers in dismay. Slightly moving back a bit, she said, “If this is something that can be given away or taken back at will, Nie Sangyu wouldn’t have ended up with such a miserable fate.”
Ning Yuxuan looked at her and couldn’t resist softly laughing. “You’re usually so clever. It’s cute to occasionally see you being confused. It’s been such a long time. Do you really not have any feelings for me?”
Ji Man honestly nodded. “I like gentle men, so there was a few times when I was tempted.
“Oh?” Ning Yuxuan raised his eyes brows.
Ji Man continued “But, as soon as I think about the unknown number of times that your affection has been duplicated and portioned out to others, I immediately feel that your affection isn’t worth my feelings. I won’t do things that aren’t worth my effort. I just did my best to think about your bad points, and I wasn’t feel tempted.”
Was there such a thing? Ning Yuxuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “I remember that you said that you like men that will only love one woman. But, how can there be a man in this world that will only have one woman for a lifetime?
“Exactly, that’s why I want to go back.” Ji Man curled her lip. “Although transportation and communication is very fast in my world, and it’s possible to fall in love with many people, each person is only allowed to marry one other person at a time.”
Ning Yuxuan froze in surprise.
“If we were in my world, when you wanted to marry Wen Wan back then, you would have to divorce Sangyu first. Not only that, you would have to give Nie Sangyu half of your assets,” Ji Man said with a serious expression, “If you didn’t divorce Nie Sangyu before taking Wen Wan as your concubine, then as your legal wife, Sangyu could go to her home and curse her for being shameless. If you punish Sangyu according to the household rules, it’ll be considered domestic violence, and the courts will sentence you to monetarily compensating her.”
Feeling somewhat dumbfounded, Marquis Moyu frowned as he asked, “How can there be a world that’s this unreasonable?”
“It’s a world that has equality for men and women. That’s why, no matter how wonderful the ancient world is, or how much money I have here, I want to go back.” Ji Man sighed. “Let’s go to sleep. I have to go look for Haohao tomorrow.”
“En.” And yet, Ning Yuxuan silently thought about Ji Man’s words for a long time before he finally closed his eyes.

The next day, the two of them entered the palace according to the plan.
Kneeling in front of Shen Youqing, Ji Man said, “Consort Shen, please help this humble woman look for my child. If my child is lost, this humble woman might not be able to enter the marquis’s household.”
Shen Youqing furrowed her brow. She naturally wanted to help Nie Sangyu with this matter. The further away she could send this woman, the better. However, when the emperor has asked her to stay behind to privately talk yesterday, he had already said a whole bunch of words about hoping that she could be tolerant of other women. He had also promised that he would promote her to empress as soon as possible. Zhao Zhe’s words had softened her. She had already promised that she wouldn’t publicly try to stop him again. It would be a bit improper if she were to go back on her words and help Nie Sangyu search for her child.
Moreover, Wen Wan had offered her words of advice yesterday. Although she could temporarily stop the emperor from doing what he wanted, she wouldn’t be able to stop him forever. Sooner or later, Nie Sangyu would be added to emperor’s harem, so why should she leave a bad impression with the emperor by helping her? It would better to slowly deal with this woman after she entered the harem. In the end, wasn’t it the empress that had the highest authority in the inner place?
Shen Youqing had come to terms with things. Since she couldn’t stop the emperor, then she might as well help him. This way, she could at least curry favor with him.
Thinking of this, Shen Youqing held Ji Man’s hand and said, “How about this? You can take a stroll around the palace with this consort. This way, you can freely look around during the walk.”
Ji Man was eager to find Haohao, so of course she nodded and agreed. Ning Yuxuan was in the palace too. With someone to rely on, she wasn’t scared.
She followed Shen Youqing from the imperial garden to the place where she had heard those two female palace servants talking yesterday. She asked the people in that area, but no one mentioned a child. Other than the deposed emperor’s imperial consorts that hadn’t been moved out yet, there currently weren’t any other consorts in the palace. One by one, Ji Man asked them without any success.
At the same time, Ning Yuxuan was standing in a great hall. Above him, the emperor was brilliantly smiling. “This emperor hasn’t thought of a suitable reward to bestow you for your commendable deeds yet. Marquis, how about you think of something yourself? Is there something that you want?”
Ning Yuxuan respectfully saluted with his hand said, “The benevolence of the emperor is as vast as the seas. This subject isn’t lacking anything right now. It’s only…”
Beaming, Zhao Zhe interrupted him, “Oh, right. Marquis, there probably aren’t many people left in your harem, right? This emperor remembers that there are only three women left. Isn’t it about time to replenish your harem?”
Ning Yuxuan furrowed his brow. “Yes, but…”
“Don’t worry. This emperor happens to have several women, whose fathers are officials, in my possession.” Zhao Zhe didn’t intend to give him the chance to talk at all. Still smiling, he continued, “Let’s select two of them and send them to your estate. What do you think of this emperor’s idea?”