The Fierce Illegitimate Miss
Chapter 172

Chapter 172
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Upon hearing this sudden news, Yu Linglong frowned slightly . At this time, what did the empress call her into the palace for?
Because of the Princess Pingyang last time, the empress’s status in the harem had plummeted . Now the prince was rebelling and the emperor had sent someone to put the empress under house arrest in Fengyang Palace, and she could not easily step out of the palace gate . At this time, the empress should well consider her own situation . Why would she still worry about letting her enter the palace?
Looking at the order offered by Hong Xing’s trembling hand, Yu Linglong sneered . When was this, was she still playing the part of the empress?
Taking the order carelessly, Yu Linglong turned and went out .
Xuan Cao and Hong Xing hurriedly chased her: “Princess, do you really want to enter the palace?”
“Princess, you can’t go—”
Yu Linglong stopped . Xuan Cao thought she had figured it out, so she quickly stepped forward: “Princess, the empress has bad intentions . You can’t take the risk with your own body—”
As if not hearing her words, Yu Linglong summoned her to step forward, whispered a few words to her, and then said: “Explain these things to Blue and White Tiger and tell him that the situation is urgent and we must use all the forces of the Dragon and Tiger Gang to spread these words . Leave, the sooner the better!”
After speaking, she went straight out, ignoring the anxious and worried shouts of Xuan Cao and Hong Xing .
In her dictionary, she didn’t have a word for afraid . She really wanted to see what else the empress had to say!

In Fengyang Palace, the empress wore a royal dress with a phoenix-embroidered pattern . She looked graceful and luxurious, but the carefully painted makeup could not conceal the haggardness on her face and the deep blue traces under her eyes .
It seemed that only such a dress could emphasize that she still had the status of an empress and make people think that she was still the lady of the Sixth House .
It’s just that this seemingly concealed appearance can only cause Yu Linglong to be more contemptuous . When a person needed to use her appearance to determine her identity, it meant that the person had nothing .
The empress at this moment was a person with nothing in Yu Linglong’s eyes . After losing her husband’s trust and grace, all she could rely on was the prince who was accused of conspiracy .
Seeing Yu Linglong standing proudly in the middle of the hall, the empress’s face changed a few times, and she finally couldn’t help but say: “What, are you not even willing to bow to me?”
Yu Linglong said coldly: “You can sit here now because you still have the identity of an empress . In my eyes, you are just the mother of a scoundrel . ”
She must be joking . Even if she was giving the empress a lot of face, she still needed to bow to her? You’re dreaming!
The empress’s face turned pale, and her voice seemed to be a little bit self-deprecating: “A scoundrel, hahaha—”
After smiling, the empress lowered her eyes, the expression on her face gradually faded . She said softly: “But don’t forget, he is the prince who can inherit the throne, and you and Yu Lieyang are the real scoundrels!”
The crown prince was calling to get rid of the people surrounding the emperor . In his statement, Lord Xu was the rebellious minister who deceived the emperor and wanted to usurp the throne, while the prince was the righteous teacher who defeated evil spirits .
Yu Linglong smiled slightly . At this moment, there was no so-called justice, no so-called treacherous evil, only becoming a king or lose as a bandit .
If you win, the whole world will believe your reason, even if the reason was baseless and ridiculous . As long as you reach that supreme position, everything you say is the truth, and your decree is the imperial decree that no one can question .
If you lose, even if your reason was just, no matter how firm it was, justice was not a weapon, let alone a shield . When the enemy’s sword pierced you, it was nothing .
Slowly walking to the seat at the east end, Yu Linglong sat down on her own, then raised her eyes to look at the empress .
“Empress, if I’m a scoundrel, why don’t you ask the guards to come in and arrest me? Now the emperor has made a decree to search for people who participated in the rebellion . If the empress catches me and sends me to the emperor, the emperor may be happy and will withdraw your order for house arrest!”
The empress was so angry that her upturned eyes were upside down . Her broad sleeves violently waved, and she pointed directly at Yu Linglong: “You—”
Yu Linglong interrupted her and said coldly: “Or, is the empress not even instructing a guard to move now? Ha, I forgot . Right now, let alone a guard, a court lady, or an eunuch will not listen to you!”
The empress looked at Yu Linglong fiercely, slapped the table, and stood up: “Presumptuous! My palace…”
She swallowed the next words abruptly, looked straight at Yu Linglong with her delicate makeup eyes, and got up from her seat .
The sound of her empty footsteps echoed in the huge palace, and she looked so heavy as if she was carrying a heavy load, but she couldn’t take it off .
After all, she was the empress . When she walked in front of Yu Linglong, her face had already returned to calm . It seemed that Yu Linglong’s ridiculous words just now had no effect on her .
Yu Linglong leaned back in her chair and watched the empress walk in step by step . There was no fear, no mercy, and no anger in her eyes . If there was any emotion in her eyes, then it was the disdain and contempt of a strong person looking at a weak one .
The empress stopped a step away in front of Yu Linglong slowly stretched out her hand, stroking the daffodils on the table .
“Yu Linglong, do you know that your name is a kind of daffodil? It’s in the pot in front of you . ”
The empress’s nails were not coated with polish, and they were glowing with a pale light . Her fingers with light wrinkles seemed to gently stroke the blooming daffodils . She whispered: “Although these flowers are beautiful, it’s a pity that they don’t last long enough . No matter how beautiful they are, you lose them after just a few days . ”
Before she finished speaking, her fingertips snapped together . She cut off the daffodil in her hand and threw it in front of Yu Linglong .
“Yu Linglong, enjoy the flowering period these days, otherwise, you will never see this kind of daffodil with the same name as you in your life . ”
Yu Linglong looked down at the dusty daffodil and smiled softly .
“Empress, I don’t know how to play dumb riddles . I only know that even if you die here now, I’m afraid no one will notice . ”
Seeing her bright face, the empress subconsciously took a step back .
Of course, she had heard of Yu Linglong’s methods, such as the fate of the Yu house, Feng Sihuai’s tragic situation, the prince deposing Xingyun, and getting rid of secret agents…there were so many examples of what Yu Linglong could do .
At this moment, there were only her and Yu Linglong in the hall . If Yu Linglong really wanted to do something with her—
She unconsciously looked at the empty hall around her, her eyes showing a bit of terror .
Who would protect an empress who was beaten into the cold palace, and who would dare to offend the princess Xu who was as strong as the sun?
At this moment, she suddenly regretted it . Why did she have to summon Yu Linglong into the palace? Wasn’t she attracting the wolf into the house?
Seeing her timid appearance, Yu Linglong’s smile gradually enlarged .
She slowly stood up . Yu Linglong wiped away the non-existent dust on the corners of her dress and smiled: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die now . I want you to see with your own eyes what your son will be like in the end . ”
The empress clenched her fist involuntarily and said, “You overestimate yourself! How can you and Yu Lieyang alone be the prince’s opponent?”
As if to save face for the fear that was unconsciously revealed just now, the empress stood up and said: “Do you think you can kill this palace? The prince can’t ignore this palace, you wait, wait for him—”
Yu Linglong’s mouth raised a cold smile, and she said sarcastically: “If he thinks about his mother, how can he abandon you? Didn’t he think about what he should do with the empress and the harem before he ordered his army?”
Stunned by her words, the empress stood there on the spot, as if her whole person was quickly hollowed out, and all her energy just disappeared .
Yes, her son, the son she wanted to support, had he really cared for her?
For him, she lost her husband’s trust, and now, she even lost him .
No longer caring about the empress’s gray face, Yu Linglong turned around and walked straight out .
For her, the empress was no longer worth looking at again .
Her life will soon end in this cold Fengyang Palace .
Yu Linglong turned the corner, but saw a woman in a golden gauze dress walking towards her, followed by several court ladies . She was obviously a certain concubine in the palace .
Seeing Yu Linglong frowning, the leading female officer hurriedly bowed to her and said, “All hail Concubine Zhao . ”
Yu Linglong glanced at the woman . Concubine Wu Zhao, the mother of Lord Qi?
Concubine Wu Zhao looked very enthusiastic when she saw Yu Linglong, and she smiled and said, “What a coincidence, is Princess Xu also coming to visit the empress?”
Yu Linglong looked at Concubine Wu Zhao enthusiastically holding her hand and smiled slightly .
It seemed that this Concubine Wu Zhao was also a character . The empress announced that she was called into the palace . Concubine Wu Zhao hurried over as soon as she heard about it to see the excitement .
Thinking about Lord Qi and Princess Qi again, Yu Linglong easily came to a conclusion that this Concubine Wu Zhao was the opposite of the empress .
When the princess was deposed, Princess Qi did a lot of work!
With such a concubine as Wu Zhao, the empress’s life would definitely not be better . However, Yu Linglong didn’t feel like gloating . She thought about how to make the empress die more beautifully .
It was difficult for her power to penetrate the harem, so it was better to use the available resources in front of her to make the empress suffer!
Yu Linglong smiled faintly, and said, “Concubine Zhao . ”
Concubine Wu Zhao rolled her eyes and said with a smile: “The Empress has been in a bad mood . If she provokes Princess Xu, you have to suffer . ”
Concubine Wu Zhao was playing with her words .
Yu Linglong just smiled but didn’t say anything . Seeing that Yu Linglong didn’t answer, Concubine Wu Zhao couldn’t ask her anymore, so she smiled and said, “I wanted to ask Princess Xu to sit with me because it’s not too early, but that it’s not peaceful outside . I won’t leave Princess Xu behind, and I am about to go back . Let’s walk together . ”
Yu Linglong nodded her head as an agreement and did not mention that Concubine Wu Zhao had just said that she was visiting the empress . The two walked out of the palace together .
Yu Linglong was indifferent by nature, but Concubine Wu Zhao was just the opposite, and there were no awkward silences . After talking for a while, Concubine Wu Zhao deliberately brought the topic to Lord Xu and said: “Senior Concubine Ling was a good person, but it’s a pity that she didn’t live long . If she was still alive now, she might be so happy to see Lord Xu marrying someone like you . ”
It was originally a polite remark, and Concubine Wu Zhao also prepared Yu Linglong to remain silent, but before she opened her mouth to say another word, Yu Linglong suddenly spoke .
“Concubine Zhao, are you familiar with Concubine Ling?”
Seeing that Yu Linglong seemed to be very interested, Concubine Wu Zhao hurriedly smiled and said, “Yes . At the beginning, the senior concubine and I entered the palace together . The senior concubine took great care of me, and I still often think of her now . ”
Yu Linglong said softly, “Does that empress know how Concubine Ling got the disease?”
Concubine Wu Zhao’s face changed slightly: “This…”
Yu Linglong raised her eyes to the sun sinking in the sky, seeming to say to herself: “I have always been a little puzzled . The imperial concubine lives in the deep palace, and she is always careful in her daily life . How can she be infected with the disease? The prince mentioned before that there seems to be something hidden in it, but it’s a pity that the prince was too young to remember many things . ”
Yu Linglong sighed as she spoke, looking very sad .
Concubine Wu Zhao’s heart jumped involuntarily, and she followed Yu Linglong’s words: “There should be someone in the palace who served the concubine that would remember what happened back then?”
Yu Linglong smiled and glanced at Concubine Wu Zhao: “Concubine Zhao, have you forgotten? The prince was sent to the Mongolian Kingdom when he was seven years old . When he came back, he was given the title of lord and opened a mansion outside the palace . Where did a prince go to investigate the matter?”
This was an excellent opportunity to please Lord Xu . Concubine Wu Zhao’s excited face glowed slightly and said, “I can find someone to ask . ”
Yu Linglong smiled gratefully: “Thank you very much, Concubine Zhao . If you can know about the concubine’s life, the prince will be very grateful to you . ”
Concubine Wu Zhao hurriedly smiled and said, “What are you talking about? We are all a family, you’re talking like he’s an outsider . ”
The two exchanged a few words, and Yu Linglong bid farewell to Concubine Wu Zhao and left the palace .
Seeing Yu Linglong’s back, the smile on Concubine Wu Zhao’s face gradually disappeared .
Back then, there was a rumor that it was related to the empress, but the empress was the lord of the Sixth House . All related people were driven away by her, and all those who were killed were left behind by the empress’s power . She didn’t dare say anything, but now, the empress had lost power…
Concubine Wu Zhao turned around quickly and hurried to her residence .
Without further ado, this was the best opportunity!