The General's Little Peasant Wife
Chapter 801

Chapter 801
Xiao Qi Tian was a smart man . He knew what kind of situation was most beneficial to him, and he was still useful to Xiao Qi Feng now, so he would not be in danger .
Mu Xue nodded silently, and kept quiet .
After Xiao Qi Tian returned to the palace, he went to Xiao Qi Feng: “I want to see Xue’er . ”
Xiao Qi Feng looked at Xiao Qi Tian who had just returned, he frowned slightly: “You’ve seen her not too long ago . ”
“So? Are you afraid that I know something or that person is actually someone you hired to pretend to be Mu Xue to deceive me?” Xiao Qi Tian looked at Xiao Qi Feng ironically and laughed coldly .
Xiao Qi Feng gave him a long look: “Since you want to see her, then go ahead . ” He looked to one of his people after speaking . One person stepped forward, nodded and left .
The person returned not long later, and a woman with a big belly followed behind him .
The woman looked exactly the same as Mu Xue, her facial appearance was the same, even the way she looked at him and the way she smiled, they were all the same .
Xiao Qi Tian looked at the woman in front of him . If he had not seen the pain, sadness and disbelief in Mu Xue’s eyes before, he would really have been deceived .
But he was still being deceived now, wasn’t he? Just that the one who deceived him was his brother who he once admired and liked very much .
“My Lord, you are back . ”
A trace of mockery flashed in Xiao Qi Tian’s eyes . Yes, this woman also had a flaw, she had called him “Lord” .
He had been married to Mu Xue for nearly a year, and Mu Xue had never called him “Lord” except when they were in bed and he asked her to do so . Other times, whether they were outside or in the house, she would always call him “Qi Tian”, or “Qi” occasionally, she would never address him as “Lord” .
When ‘Mu Xue’ saw that Xiao Qi Tian did not speak, but just kept staring at her strangely, she became a little puzzled: “My Lord, what’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like this?” She even touched her face as she was asking him . Did something happen to her face?
Xiao Qi Tian smiled at Mu Xue then he said faintly: “I remember that you’ve always called me by my name, you’ve never called me “Lord” ever since we got married . Why did you suddenly decide to call me Lord?”
The seemingly doubtful and random questioning stunned both Mu Xue and Xiao Qi Feng .
“We are husband and wife . Isn’t it normal to address you as Lord? Do you not like it, My Lord?” ‘Mu Xue’ looked at Xiao Qi Tian with a puzzled expression, she did not seem to understand what he meant .
Xiao Qi Tian chuckled lightly and replied: “Oh, no, I don’t mind . ”
This was the truth . It was only through this way that he could remind himself that this person was an impersonator . She was not his wife .
Xiao Qi Feng breathed a sigh of relief at this sight, he then turned to Xiao Qi Tian: “Since you’ve already seen Mu Xue, you should honor what you’ve promised me . ”
Xiao Qi Tian laughed lightly, his laughter was full of ridicule: “Brother, our relationship with Tian Chang isn’t a pretentious thing, and we’ve known Ning Meng Yao for several years, do you think they are stupid or cowardly, and do you think you can simply get their things? If it was that simple, then Tong Bao Zhai would not develop to how powerful it is today . ”
“You…” Xiao Qi Feng certainly knew this, but if he did not attack them now, he could never have the chance to do it anymore . Not only that, but the Xiao Empire would also be affected greatly because of Tong Bao Zhai’s counterattack .
“Tong Bao Zhai has already started its full operation, it will be too late if we don’t attack them soon . ” Xiao Qi Feng suppressed his anger and said coldly .
Xiao Qi Tian glanced at Xiao Qi Feng with a smile: “You know this too, it seems that you have already installed your people in Tong Bao Zhai, but do you think Ning Meng Yao’s people would just sit and do nothing about it?”
“What do you mean?”
“Don’t underestimate Ning Meng Yao, she is much smarter than you think . ” Xiao Qi Tian said coldly, recalling the years he had spent with her .
Ning Meng Yao was a person who even he himself could not see through . There seemed to be a thin layer of mist around her, which made it difficult for people to see her true self .
Perhaps even Tian Chang did not know how powerful his wife was .