The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2534 - The Godhood’s Choice (1)

Chapter 2534: The Godhood’s Choice (1)
They were not pork, much less cabbages.
Regarding Tang Nazhi’s language skills, everyone had already given up all hope.
Qi Xia and others were not clear about the way in which the godhoods would choose their inheritors. They
could only honestly stand where they were and wait to be chosen.
In the whole temple, there were numerous godhoods that had been returned after the death of their
previous owners, but among them, it was not so simple to nd suitable ones for the ve people to inherit.
Each godhood had the will of the previous god that had owned it. If the inheritors diered too far from
the character of the previous god, they could not perfectly inherit the power of the godhood.
Of the ve, Yang Xi should be the one who was most in line with a god that had an indierent
Yang Xi was also the rst person to sense the “gaze” of a godhood. In the radiance of the various
godhoods, he saw a sparkling godhood slowly coming towards him.
“It’s the godhood of the Thunder God.” Xiu looked at the ball of light that was gradually approaching Yang
Xi and spoke.
“Quite good for this boy Yang Xi. The Thunder God’s ghting strength is very high.” The Dragon God was
no stranger to the Thunder God. For he, who claimed to have fought against every god, someone whose
strength could be recognized by him should be very strong.
Yang Xi stared at the godhood that had stopped at the tip of his nose and subconsciously held out his
hand to let it oat there.“When you are all chosen by the right godhood, you guys should inherit them together.” Shen Siyu looked
at Yang Xi, who was a little confused, and then added, “Yang Xi, get acquainted with the godhood rst.”
Yang Xi stared at the glowing ball of light with a question mark at the top of his head.
Get acquainted?
How would he do that?
Should he say hello to this ball of light?
However, before Yang Xi could nish his struggle with the question of how he should “get acquainted”
with the godhood, the brilliance of the Thunder God’s godhood suddenly intensied and Yang Xi was
wrapped up in it instantly.
A large number of images poured into Yang Xi’s head. Under the thunder and lightning, he seemed to see
a tall gure standing in the clouds, brandishing a halberd. Countless bolts of lightning constantly ashed
around him!
Shen Yanxiao looked at Yang Xi, who was wrapped in the light, in surprise. Just as she was about to speak,
Xiu calmed her down and said, “The Thunder God just wants him to understand the Thunder God’s power
as soon as possible.”
There was no need for Yang Xi to think of a way to communicate with the godhood at all. Because, for the
godhood who had been lonely for ten thousand years, it was a very pleasant thing to nally nd an
inheritor again; it would never give up such a moment when its power could be used again. Therefore,
when it came to introductions or whatnot, one would denitely be very, very active and take the initiative!
Yang Xi was the rst to be selected by a godhood. The other four young people all wore a little smile on
their lips. They were all really happy for Yang Xi.
Yan Yu turned his head in Yang Xi’s direction, and the smile on his mouth was especially gentle.
“Ah-Yu!!!” All of a sudden, Tang Nazhi’s scream rang out. Yan Yu turned his head doubtfully and was
surprised to see a glowing godhood oating in front of his face.
A gentle force, little by little, infected Yan Yu.
Yan Yu stretched out his hand and held the godhood on his palm. He felt a warmth he had never felt
“Strange; why did the Moon God choose a man as her inheritor…” The Dragon God stared at the godhood
on Yan Yu’s palm with a face lled with surprise. But what he said made the smile on Yan Yu’s face stien.
“This is the godhood of the Moon God?” Yan Yu turned to Dragon God and asked.
The Dragon God nodded very sincerely.