The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady
Chapter 2598 - Li Ya (5)

Chapter 2598: Li Ya (5)
With Gui Jiang gone, Qing Jun soon got back into his research.
Only this time, Qing Jun had gone mad. From the moment he entered the lab, he never took one step
outside again. Even when eating, he asked Shen Yanxiao to bring the food into the laboratory. He also
slept directly inside the lab. His whole person was completely obsessed with the research.
Qing Jun had been stimulated and had gone to the extremes. But this was good, too. Qing Jun not leaving
the room gave Shen Yanxiao more time to gather intelligence in the Guiwang City.
Although Gui Jiang was among the new generation of devil generals, Shen Yanxiao had noticed that he
was highly valued by Satan. Regarding the Devil Race’s invasion of the Radiance Continent, Gui Jiang was
responsible for many things. This made things easier for Shen Yanxiao.
She was gathering intelligence while cultivating her own devil energy.
As the days passed, Shen Yanxiao spent more and more time in the underworld, which also meant that
the time for her return to the Radiance Continent was coming nearer and nearer.
As for how far Qing Jun had studied the reincarnation technique, Shen Yanxiao had no way of knowing. A
few days ago, Qing Jun had sealed o the whole laboratory and even Shen Yanxiao was not allowed to
enter. Shen Yanxiao occasionally stood outside the door and could smell the pungent smell of blood along
with a putrid smell. Qing Jun’s crazy laughter seemed to be coming from the room continuously, making
people feel creeped out.
No one would believe him if he said he wasn’t crazy.
However, amid his madness, he also found tranquility. Gui Jiang never came to see Qing Jun again.At this time, there was only less than half a month before the passage of the underworld would be
Shen Yanxiao had only one layer left of the seal on her devil blood. A little more time, and she would be
able to completely unlock the seal.
Divine Profession, she would soon reach the top!
“Ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!” Shrill laughter came from the closed laboratory. Shen Yanxiao was
shocked and walked quickly to the front of the laboratory.
Qing Jun’s laughter kept coming from the room.
All of a sudden, the door of the laboratory was opened, and a haggard and crazy-looking Qing Jun
appeared in front of Shen Yanxiao. His eyes were lled with extreme madness. His mouth rose and
laughter owed forth.
“It’s done! It’s done!” Qing Jun stared blankly at Shen Yanxiao.
Shen Yanxiao sighed secretly. Qing Jun was no longer the cold and cheerless man she had met at the
border. He had gone mad. The humiliation Yan Di brought him completely drove him crazy. Now Qing Jun
simply could not think with a normal mind; he only had his own research in his head.
Has the reincarnation technique really worked?
Shen Yanxiao’s eyes narrowed slightly. If she attacked Qing Jun now, no one would nd out. She could
also run away immediately. With her speed, by the time Gui Jiang learned that Qing Jun was dead, he
would have no idea where she had ed.
Satan wanted to bring his sister back to life. If we look at this alone, Shen Yanxiao denitely had a reason
to kill Qing Jun: so that Li Ya would never be revived.
However, there was a great possibility that Li Ya’s identity was not only Satan’s sister, but that she might
also be the wife of the previous War God. In order to conceive and give birth to her child, she gave up her
life. She was a great mother.
Kill? Or not?
Shen Yanxiao knew that with Qing Jun’s current mental state, if she wanted to do something to him, it
would be easy.
Looking at the mad Qing Jun, Shen Yanxiao nally took a deep breath.
In the end, Shen Yanxiao still didn’t make any moves. She chose not to kill.