The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler
Chapter 1292 - Elder Qing Xuan

Chapter 1292 - Elder Qing Xuan
Mu Chen’s gaze looked at the woman with shock. Only now, did he notice that this woman shared a resemblance to his mother.
Complicated emotions surged within his heart, and according to this situation, shouldn’t he call the woman ‘Aunt’?
“Young Master, Elder Qing Xuan is from the Qing Bloodline, and she has a bloodline relationship with you.” Long Xiang said in a soft voice. Although the clan has rejected him, he was still someone from the Ancient Buddha Clan. So he knew some information regarding the Ancient Buddha Clan.
“However…” Long Xiang briefly paused before continuing, “Master and the Qing Bloodline has some cracks between them…”
Although Long Xiang did not explain it clearly, Mu Chen could guess that it must be because of him. His heart gradually calmed down, and regardless if this woman was really related to his mother or not, he couldn’t expect too much.
Thus his gaze had also gradually calmed down.
At this moment, he sensed the woman directing her gaze over. He slightly raised his head briefly and exchanged a glance with the latter before retracting them calmly.
The woman examined Mu Chen and the coldness on her face had also turned a little gentler, since Mu Chen clearly shared a great resemblance to his mother!
But when she saw Mu Chen’s indifferent gaze, the depths of her eyes dulled down, but she soon restored them to her indifferent look before turning to the silver and black-robed Elders. “I am just reminding you of the Grand Elder’s decision. If you guys want to disobey it, I will not stop you. But if anything happens, you guys will be the ones responsible.”
As she spoke, the silver and black-robed Elders slightly changed their faces. They knew what Elder Qing Xuan was speaking about. It was rumored to be the decision that no Heavenly Sovereign was to get involved in the capture of Mu Chen after the Grand Elder and Qing Yanjing fought.
It was said that Qing Yanjing had reached a terrifying state in her attainments of Spiritual Arrays.
Although they could deal with Qing Yanjing with the foundation of the Ancient Buddha Clan, they would also have to pay a price that couldn’t be acceptable.
Thinking about this, the two Elders exchanged a glance and felt depressed. The Sinful Child of the Ancient Buddha Clan was just before their eyes, and yet, they could only watch and do nothing. It didn’t feel right.
In the end, the two of them could only snort before they cast a cold glance at Mu Chen. “Count yourself lucky. But I suggest for you to surrender yourself to the Ancient Buddha Clan, so your mother won’t have to suffer so much!”
Hearing his words, coldness flashed in Mu Chen’s gaze as he fearlessly looked at the two Heavenly Sovereigns. “Rest assured, I will make the trip to the Ancient Buddha Clan sooner or later. But it won’t be to surrender. I will go and receive my mother, and if you guys intend to obstruct me, then I will flip the entire Ancient Buddha Clan upside down!”
His words had caused this entire region to turn silent, and everyone had their eyes widened as they looked at Mu Chen. No one expected this young man, who appeared to be at the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm, to have such courage and challenge one of the five Ancient Clans.
It was akin to an ant trying to shake a tree.
“Brat, what an arrogant tone.” Matron He of the Wen Clan curled her lips. Even their Wen Clan would be fearful of an Ancient Clan. As for that Greater Earth Sovereign brat, he’s merely an ant before the Ancient Buddha Clan.
But beside her, Wen Qingxuan pursed her lips as she looked at Mu Chen in an unusual light. “Aunt He, you must have no idea about it. A few years back, Mu Chen still wasn’t at the Sovereign Realm, and now… he has already reached the Greater Earth Sovereign Realm.
“Perhaps a Greater Earth Sovereign isn’t anything much in your eyes, but our talents are truly weaker than him, not to mention comparing to those Young Masters of the Ancient Buddha Clan… According to what I know, he doesn’t have any forces to support him, nor does he have any envious resources. He has fought for everything by himself.
“So, don’t belittle him, or you will be the one to retreat.”
“Oh?” Matron He fell into silence after hearing Wen Qingxuan’s words. If that was true, then this Mu Chen was a shocking sapling.
Who knows, he might be a Heavenly Sovereign in the future.
“Haha, nice courage you have, brat. Just up to my tastes!” Celestial Chi Yan laughed out as he patted Mu Chen’s shoulders. “If you didn’t have the bloodline of the Ancient Buddha Clan, I would have figured all sorts of ways to get you into my Ancient Spirit Clan, haha!”
“Hmph, impudent!” The silver-robed Elder mocked.
The other members of the Ancient Buddha Clan all looked at Mu Chen, but most of their gazes carried ridicule. After all, a mere Greater Earth Sovereign said that he wanted to flip their Ancient Buddha Clan around, how hilarious was that?
Mu Chen’s gaze gradually calmed down and he took half a step back with an indifferent face.
Let time tell if he was boasting shamelessly.
He was no longer the weakling he once was and had to hide in the shadows of the Ancient Buddha Clan. His wings have already been formed, so even if the Ancient Buddha Clan sent out a Heavenly Sovereign, he also had his means to face them. Thus, he no longer needed to lie low against the Ancient Buddha Clan.
“Senior Chi Yan, let’s get going.” Mu Chen said as he turned to Celestial Chi Yan.
Celestial Chi Yan’s eyes narrowed into a smile as he nodded and walked out with Mu Chen and Luo Li following after him.
When Mu Chen passed Elder Qing Xuan, he briefly slowed down, but he did not stop and continued moving.
The so-called “bloodline relationship” was merely a stranger in Mu Chen’s view. He didn’t wish for any help, since he had been used to being alone for all these years.
The woman looked at Mu Chen with a flash of complexity in her eyes before she clenched her fists in her sleeves and bitterly smiled in her head. Young Sister, this child of your is just as stubborn as you…
“Hmph, born from a mother and yet, not having one to teach. Arrogant and ignorant!” When Mu Chen left, the silver-robed Elder was still raging. Mu Chen clearly angered him.
“Elder Mo Yin, watch your words. An Elder of the Ancient Buddha Clan humiliating a younger generation isn’t something glorious. If you have the guts, say it to my Young Sister!” When Elder Qing Xuan heard his words, she barked out.
Elder Mo Yin was instantly stunned. Even Grand Elder had to give way to Qing Yanjing, and if he said such words before her, not even the Grand Elder would be able to protect him.
After all, when that woman goes into Protection Mode, all the Elders knew how fearsome she was.
Elder Mo Yin’s face alternated between green and white as he raged, “So, are we just going to let him leave under our eyes?!”
“Haha, what is Elder Mo Yin saying?” The azure-clothed man standing beside Elder Mo Guang said in a gentle laugh.
“Isn’t the Grand Elder’s rules only to forbid Heavenly Sovereigns from making a move against him? He didn’t say anything about a Perfected Earth Sovereign.”
The azure-robed man smiled. “A mere Greater Earth Sovereign must be dreaming of leaving under our watch.”
“Please rest assured, Xuan Luo, promises that when we leave the Sacred Abyss Continent, we will capture that sinful child and bring him to the Grand Elder.” The azure-robed man spoke in a gentle voice without any fluctuation in his tone.
“Since that’s the case, watch how we capture him.” At the same time, the black-robed man standing behind Elder Mo Yin faintly sounded out.
Xuan Luo shrugged as he smiled. “Since Mo Xin wants to compete with me, even in this, then let us see who will capture that sinful child.”
The two of them spoke casually, since they clearly did not place Mu Chen in their eyes. In their eyes, Mu Chen was merely prey to them.
When Elder Mo Yin and Mo Guang saw this, they slowly nodded their heads. If Xuan Luo and Mo Xin make a move, that sinful child surely wouldn’t be able to escape.
When Elder Qing Xuan saw this, her heart sank, since Xuan Luo, and Mo Xin were the most outstanding two amongst the younger generations. If they made a move against Mu Chen, then Mu Chen would surely be doomed…