The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler
Chapter 1406 - The Spiritual Pulse Hall

The Ancient Buddha Clan in the Great Thousand World
In a spacious hall stood a crimson tablet that was covered in ancient runes, emanating profound fluctuations. There would occasionally be a light of various strengths that radiated from it.
This tablet was known as the Spiritual Pulse Tablet, and it’s an essential item of the Ancient Buddha Clan. It was rumored that the Ancient Buddha Clan could view the Spiritual Pulse of all their clansmen. At the same time, whenever a clansman was born, the Spiritual Pulse would give off a reaction and emanate a radiance as a sign.
A hundred silhouettes sat around the tablet with jade pens and strips in their hands as they looked at the Spiritual Pulse Tablet. Based on the strength of radiance on the Spiritual Pulse Tablet, they would be able to determine the grade of the Spiritual Pulse.
Ever since primordial times, since the Ancient Buddha Clan came to exist, they had a strict control over their bloodline. However, since they were an incredibly huge clan, there were lots of births every day, and the tablet would detect the Spiritual Pulse that they possessed.
There was an elderly man standing before the tablet with his hands behind his back. He’s the Hall Master of the Spiritual Pulse Hall.
The Hall Master looked at the Spiritual Pulse Tablet and waved his hand, then asked, “How many Spiritual Pulses are there today?”
The manager there respectfully reported, “Hall Master, there are a total of 10,000 Spiritual Pulses. 8,000 Human Pulses, around 2,000 Earth Pulses, and 32 Heaven Pulses.”
The Hall Master nodded his head and responded, “Investigate the 32 Heaven Pulses and allow them to cultivate in the inner clan. At the same time, bestow the clans that they’re from with rewards.”
The person behind him recorded everything. A Heaven Pulse represented one’s cultivation talent, and if they're well-nurtured in the future, they would surely become the elites of the Ancient Buddha Clan and be viewed with great importance.
Just from this point alone, one could see the foundation of the Ancient Buddha Clan. One must know that if those people were placed somewhere else, they would be viewed as great talents and would be significantly nurtured.
“We only have five Divine Pulses this year within the clan, and they’re all the lowest Seven Divine Pulse. The quality is lower than before.” The Spiritual Pulse Hall Master sighed.
Although Heaven Pulses were pretty good, only Divine Pulses could be placed with the great importance in the Ancient Buddha Clan. Although a Divine Pulse didn’t necessarily mean a Heavenly Sovereign, the success rate was higher than those in the past.
The person standing behind the Hall Master nodded his head and sighed, “Indeed, it’s been a long time since we’ve had any Divine Pulse. Tsk, the commotion from a Divine Pulse is truly considerable. Back then, when the Seven Divine Pulses appeared, they had nearly caused our Spiritual Pulse Hall to collapse.”
The Spiritual Pulse Hall Master smiled. “These matters are few in numbers in a year, and it’s considered fortunate that you guys can encounter it.”
Everyone smiled and nodded their heads. Divine Pulses were extremely rare in the clan and those people who were recording would be rewarded for it.
“Alright, you guys continue to keep watch, don’t miss out on anything.” The Spiritual Pulse Hall Master nodded his head and waved his hand, intending to leave.
But suddenly, the tablet trembled and everyone had shock on their faces before an indescribable pillar of Spiritual Energy suddenly burst out from the Spiritual Pulse Tablet like a volcano.
A gale was created in the hall. Those people were caught by surprise and were blown away, causing the entire hall to be in a mess.
The Spiritual Pulse Hall Master forcefully turned around and he circulated his Spiritual Energy to resist the impact with a dumbfounded expression as he looked at the pillar.
“Such a powerful light? What Spiritual Pulse is it?!” The Spiritual Pulse Hall Master was shocked. The last time the Ancient Buddha Clan had such a great commotion, it was when Lady Qing Yanjing was born with her Eight Divine Pulse shaking the entire clan. But what left the Spiritual Pulse Hall Master shocked was that this commotion was even more significant than the Eight Divine Pulse back then.
“Could it be… the legendary Nine Divine Pulse?!” Thinking about it, the Spiritual Pulse Hall Master felt his scalp turning numb, and his heart nearly leaped out from his chest. Nine Divine Pulses only existed in legend, and they’re extremely few in number, even in their Ancient Buddha Clan.
Under everyone’s shocked gazes in the Spiritual Pulse hall, the light grew even more violent and tore through the roof of the hall, shooting into the horizon.
This way, the commotion there had immediately attracted countless shocked gazes of those in the Ancient Buddha Clan.
When the light soared into the heavens, space distorted beside the Spiritual Pulse Hall Master and an elderly figure appeared with his gaze fixated on the tablet.
“I pay my greetings to the Grand Elder!” When the Spiritual Pulse Hall Master saw that old man, he immediately trembled and bowed. This person before him held the highest authority within the Ancient Buddha Clan, the Grand Elder, Futu Xuan.
In the Ancient Buddha Clan, only the Patriarch and Grand Elder could use Futu as their name, and the Patriarch’s position has been empty. Thus, only the Grand Elder used Futu as his name.
The Grand Elder, Futu Xuan, nodded his head and his gaze was fixated on the Spiritual Pulse Tablet.
Space constantly distorted in the hall with silhouette after another appearing. They were all Elders of the Ancient Buddha Clan, holding high positions. But at this moment, they had shock on their faces as they looked at the pillar of light.
“Grand Elder, this is…?” One Elder asked in shock.
The Grand Elder looked at the Spiritual Pulse Tablet without blinking for a long time before nodding his head. “The Nine Divine Pulse!”
The Elders in the Ancient Buddha Clan couldn’t help breaking out in a clamor. How long has it been since a Nine Divine Pulse appeared in the Ancient Buddha Clan?
Back then, when Qing Yanjing’s Eight Divine Pulse appeared, it was already unchallenged, and she had also displayed an outstanding talent, stepping into the Spiritual Array Ancestor Realm.
The Eight Divine Pulse was already so terrifying, so how terrifying was the Nine Divine Pulse?
If that person was well-nurtured, then their Ancient Buddha Clan would most likely have another Saint Heavenly Sovereign, which was good news for the entire clan.
“I wonder which bloodline produced this Nine Divine Pulse?” The Elder’s gaze flickered. The Xuan and Mo Bloodlines were the two strongest branches, and they’ve already intended to investigate immediately. If the owner of the Nine Divine Pulse belonged to an ordinary clansman, then they would absorb that person into their bloodline. At most, they could do a linked marriage with one of their direct descendants. Regardless of anything, the Nine Divine Pulse must be in their hands!
The commotion on the Spiritual Pulse Tablet lasted for an incense's time before it gradually dissipated. Although the tablet had calmed down, the hall was in chaos.
In the end, it was the Grand Elder, Futu Xuan, who recovered his calm and he looked around before solemnly saying, “Immediately investigate all the clansmen and find the person with the Nine Divine Pulse. Bring that person into the inner clan. That person will be classified as the treasure of our Ancient Buddha Clan who will be greatly nurtured!
“I know that all of you have your own thoughts, but I will tell you right now. If anyone dares to obstruct this matter, then I will surely not let you go, regardless of which bloodline you are from!” His bark had burst out with a terrifying might, and under his roar, even the Elders felt a shiver down their spines.
After the shock, the Grand Elder nodded his head. “Move out. Our Ancient Buddha Clan’s Bloodline Competition will start in two months, and many forces of the Great Thousand World will be here to watch. Manage it well and don’t taint our Ancient Buddha Clan’s name.”

While the Elders in the Ancient Buddha Clan were shocked by the appearance of the Nine Divine Pulse…
A silhouette in an ancient space quietly sat with the space around her constantly distorting and forming into miraculous Spiritual Arrays.
Suddenly, she opened her eyes with joy flushing within them. She held her heart. She could feel the pulse that originated from her bloodline.
She could sense that the Eight Divine Pulse that she left within Mu Chen’s body had been refined.
Joy and pride flushed on her face. She felt even more joyful than when she stepped into the Spiritual Array Ancestor Realm.
“Mu Chen, my child… you’ve finally come this far?” She smiled, but soon after, she felt her heart aching. She knew that, despite Mu Chen’s talent, he had to have crossed countless torments to reach this point.
She clenched her fist and her voice softly rang out, “Since my child has already come this far, then it’s time for me to make my preparations…”
Qing Yanjing’s gaze flashed with expectations. She could sense that the day when she reunited with her son was getting closer.