The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun

The Husky and His White Cat Shizun
Chapter 310

When the ink burned open his eyes, he found himself lying in a purple sky. He slowly licked his throat, slowly turned his neck, and then he got up - he found that it was not the sky, but a palace made of amethyst, because the palace was too big, a brick was comparable to a carriage. So he will mistakenly think that this is the cloud.
A tall man stood in the distance and looked out at the window.
The man was draped in a robes that could not be seen in the texture, barefoot, with a luminous glass cup in his hand, and his amber liquid turned absently. Outside the window, there is a tree of red flowers, and there is a bit of silver falling in the heart.
There is no such costume in the world, there is no such flower.
The ink burns can be sure that there is no such palace in the world.
"Where am I?" he asked.
The man's fingertips move a little, and the micro side is over half of the face, but because of the anti-light, the ink burns his eyes.
"You are very calm, hero."
The man drank the wine from the cup, and the cup rested on the window sill and then walked over to him.
Soon, the ink burned out. This man has a face that is slightly similar to Chen Shanggong. The first blood-red spider scorpion under the corner of his eye, his lips are very thin, and his temper is not too good.
"I am the second generation of the demon Lord." The man said slowly, his eyes fixed on the reaction of the ink, "you are now in the magic palace."
The ink burned for a moment and said: "If you don't say it, I will be you as the Emperor."
The man chuckled: "You are so convinced that you are dead?"
"No." The ink burned into his eyes. "I don't think. But I don't think I am still a living person."
The smile of the demon statue became more obvious: "You are doing a good job."
He reached out and touched the ink-burning chest with the fingertips of the black dragon-scale gloves, and the ink did not feel the slightest pain.
"You really are not a living person." Demon said, "You are just a soul that has gathered together."
There is no buzzing in the ink.
The devil said lazily: "My ancestors set the law, the sacred bones of the mortal world will not be able to return to the demon domain unless they are hostile to the gods, or you can't return to the demon domain.... From the chess game to the time and space, you replace They did it, my hero."
The ink burned and said: "That's not what I want to do. It's Hua Bi Nan -"
"He is a hybrid that is not a **** or a demon." There is a contempt in the eyes of the demon. "He once vowed never to harm his kind in his life. But he did not."
"...Do you mean that he harmed Song Qiutong?"
"No." Demon statue, a pair of ruby-like eyes reflected the illusion of ink burning, he raised his hand and gently touched the face of the ink burning soul, "You know who I am talking about."
"The moment you opened the door of the magic domain, you have already perceived it." The demon statue looks like a sharp knife. "Otherwise, you will not agree with your little fairy in the end. You actually understand in your heart." ""
There was no snoring in the ink, and the two eyelashes fell.
The demon statue slowly rises straight up, and the tall figure casts a dark shadow on the ground. He said: "Ink rain, you should know that there is a very special beauty seat in this world. They will not flow golden tears, there will be no magical atmosphere, if they do not recognize the ancestors, even with the beauty The evil spirits of the phoenix mountains are undetectable. So some people will not find their true identity when they die..."
The ink burns dry and dry: "What about that?"
Demon smiled and smiled: "What about that?... You should be clear that this kind of person can inherit the overbearing spiritual power of the ancient Mozu, just like the Song Xing of the Huabi Reign of many years ago."
He said, his fingertips suddenly lit up a purple-black Huaguang. He turned this Huaguang toward the ink, and the halo immediately fell into the soul of the ink-burning. At the same time, the ink burned only felt a raging The vigorous power swayed in the three souls and six scorpions, and then was completely absorbed by himself.
Demon looked at everything in front of him and smiled. "You see, you can absorb the strength of my family."
"I am talking about you." Demon said, "You are another special beauty seat after Song Xing. It is only you have never found it. Hua Binan has never noticed it."
The ink burns up the scorpion.
The demon lord took the hand and looked back at the floating flowers outside the window: "Poor him swears, saying that he will never hurt the people, saying that he must guard every sphenoidal beauty seat that can be guarded. It has harmed you forever."
The ink burned up from the ground. He didn't really have the mood to listen to those who didn't, and whether they were harmed or used, they all passed.
There is only one thing he is worried about now: "Is I still going back?"
"Where is it going?" Mozun looked back at him, "Human?"
"What's good in the world, a group of cockroaches ants. You have the ability and discouragement, not to mention that you are my ethnic group." Demon respects faintly, "Because you are a demon. I can call your soul, call you back to the devil Palace - stay here, you will have a long life, you told me with your strength, you can work for my family."
The ink burned and laughed: "Sorry, I have only let others work for me, not for anyone."
The demon-red red eyes stared at him, did not speak, just with a little review and censure.
"...well." Ink said, "There is only one person. I am willing to work for him."
Demon sneer: "Do you work for a piece of wood?"
"He is not a piece of wood."
The demon statue turned a blank eye: "I told him that Xiaoxianjun is polite. He is not even a god, that is, a rotten seedling of Shennong Laoer." Seeing the burning of the ink is getting angry, the devil is honored. The mouth, sideways, the thin waist leaned against the window sill. "Are you not a good brain?"
"You have to figure out one thing." Demon said, "If you really want to go back, you still can't get the supply of the Mozu. You can only live for decades, up to a hundred years."
I was very tight before the ink burned. When I heard it, I smiled instead: "So long?"
"It’s really a long life in the world."
The Mozu seems to be somewhat confused, and it seems to be somewhat annoyed: "The Terran is nothing but the life of the ants. What can you do for decades? What can you do in the last hundred years? You tear the time and death, master the chess game, Fuxi Lao I am afraid that you will be half-dead in your heavens. You have such talents, but you are willing to be a king in the tail." The more he said the more unhappy, he finally said: "Idiot."
The ink burned low, the long eyelashes trembled, and the Mozu thought he was angry at first, but after a while, he took a closer look and found that he was holding back.
Demon Respect: "..............."
The ink burned and looked up, and smiled: "How do you know?"
"In the world, many people say that I am stupid."
Demon statue with his hand on his eyebrows, he seems to have some headaches, he is almost stunned: "How come there is such a shameful demon..."
"I never felt that I was a demon." Ink ignited, "I only vaguely perceive the moment when the magic door opens."
Demon statue stares at him.
Ink burned for a while, didn't smile, he looked at the demon statue: "No matter what, thank you for protecting my soul."
"I am sorry."
The ink swayed and shook his head. He did not intend to continue to talk to the demon.
He just used the eyes that had touched countless people to look at the man in front of him with sincerity and seriousness, and then said, "But I am sorry. I want to go back to the world."
No one talks anymore.
"Reason." Finally, the devil is blunt, "Give me a reason."
"Because I promised one person."
The ink burns.
"I promised. I will come back to him."
Kunlun Snow Palace.
At this moment, the snow in Tianshan has stopped, and the cracks in time and space have finally closed. The torrents and life and death of the past life are like a ridiculous dream.
The beginning of the sky is gradually shining, and the world is magnificent and peaceful.
"Chu Zongshi!"
"Gentle Master! Master!"
Someone in the ear is calling him, and the consciousness slowly returns.
Chu night Ning opened his eyes, his eyes were empty, and the dust of his life seemed to fall in these eyes. For a moment, he thought that he was in the midst of death and death, and was awakened by the noise of the apprentices in the afternoon of a certain winter. It seems that in the darkness of the Wushan Temple, Liu Gongli sighed on the couch and called him back to the world.
After a long time, his eyes gradually became clear. The brown pelicans turned, and he looked at the monks around him. The sky was falling in the snow, the night was already lingering, and the red clouds were beginning to appear in the depths of the clouds.
He whispered slightly, hoarsely: "Ink burning..."
It seems that the dead youth is responding to his attachment, or that he is obsessed with too much illusion - he suddenly sees a few golden red streamers floating from the cracks in the door of life and death, slipping from the rouge Go over and fly to the distance...
what is that? !
Chu night Ning suddenly opened his eyes, but not because of the shouting of the people next to him, but because of the few golden red.
……What it is? !
His hopes of extinction were ignited by those wonderful lights, and he struggled to get up, not letting anyone help, and did not say anything. Chu Xiaoning stumbled with the golden light, and behind him was the voice of anxiety.
"Chu Zongshi..."
At this moment, the sand is completely washed away. People know that the light rain is not a sinner, but the cost is too great. This kind of innocence behind him does not know how much meaning.
But like the smoldering, he never really thinks about the world. He is self-clearing. He is turbid. He is mad, he is self-infatuated. The same is true of the late night of the Chu Dynasty. What they both ask for is nothing but a regret in the heart.
Xue Meng was going to chase him, but after a few steps, he heard a commotion in the crowd.
On the night of the lonely moon, a disciple shouted in panic: "Hey! The head, what happened to you?!"
Xue Meng stunned and slammed back to open the crowd, but seeing Jiang Yan could not support it, he was already in the snow, and the blood was pouring from the big beach.
"What happened?!" The elders of the lonely moon night roared. "Isn't it just fine?! How could this be?!"
Some disciples stunned at Jiang’s waist and had a bruise.
"Yes... was it hit by the sharp weapon in the torrent? The door is afraid of the chaos, so I have never said..."
There is a faint **** smell in the air. Before the dawn, Jiang Yan fell into the earth that had been settled, and closed his eyes to the already peaceful world.
"Quick healing!"
"What are you doing! Save him!"
Xue Meng’s heart was shocked and he was in a mess. He was rickety, and he still held the snow phoenix that he gave him. He turned his head and wanted to chase the back of the night, but only moved half an inch, and then fluttered in the same place, and finally burst into tears.
He does not know this mountain river, where is there no longer love and hate? Whenever the head is raised, there is no old man to accompany him. Those teenagers who are proud and proud, and who are savvy and savvy, are already riding a red dust and never look back.
On the winding road of Qiongshan Mountain, Chu nightning looked at the golden red light and flew to the sky, and went to distant mountains...
"Trust me, I will try my best to see you."
"I am waiting for you in another world."
Suddenly shuddering, but Chu nightning did not dare to think more, before he saw the truth with his own eyes, he did not dare to expect.
At this time, the Rising Sun has pierced the darkness of the Great Abyss and rose from the cold of last night. Wanhui Jinhui is sprinkled on the mountain road that is smashing and smashing. The beginning of the yang rises, and the shallow ray reflects the sea of ​​people, and Can Jin celebrates the rest of his life.
Chu night Ning looked at the rising sun, the fingertips, the golden light flashed.
"Rising Dragon - Calling!"
A shout. His title card dragon broke through the wind in the snow, and the body was coiled and sounded like a bell.
The little dragon looked up and saw that the red dust was still good, and the heart was happy. He couldn’t help but start laughing with the owner: "Is it calm?"
"Have you finished?"
The paper dragon is even more happy. It has soared in the air for a good lap, and it has not yet fallen. Then, like every time I saw him, he joked: "Yes, Chu Ning, how are you always alone? ""
Chu nightning quietly stood in the hurricane, snow seeds fell on his long eyelashes. He couldn't help but think back to what he had said when he was burning away. He only felt that his heart was like a drum. After a quiet moment, he looked up and said to the paper dragon lying on the reverse disc: "Take me to a place."
Chu nightning turned over the dragon's back, and the dragon was on the rise. He greeted the snow and overlooked the earth. The rising sun is getting more and more bright. In the dawn of the dawn, he said to the dragon: "Go to Nanping Mountain. I am going to see him."
Canglong wanted to swear at the moment, but the horns had to be tilted up, and nothing was said at all.
In fact, it is also very clear where the owner wants to return, and who is looking for someone. It made a slap in the sea, and before it broke into the Nine Miles, Chu Ning returned to look at this magnificent river.
Long sky, long clouds. He went from Kunlun Road, the wind and snow, to the golden light, and finally to the distant rivers and lakes that started in the rain.
The ink burned promised him, saying that he would come back.
So he believed him, he went to their last place to meet him.
"You said... those golden lights will be the soul of his return?"
The candle dragon tumbling in the clouds and shouted: "You ask me, I ask who is going."
"Do you say that those souls will return to his body?"
The candle dragon is strong and strong: "Probably..."
Nanpingshan soon arrived, no hesitation, no doubt, Chu nightning seems to determine where the golden glory of the golden glory will eventually return to where he is, riding a wind candle dragon, living in the bamboo forest deep in the south screen.
"The person you are looking for is here?"
Chu night Ning did not answer, he came down from the dragon, only felt that the chest was pressed against thousands of heavy stones, breathless.
"I used to have a burned body here." His fingers trembled unconsciously. "So if his soul can come back, then..."
He originally wanted to say that it would definitely be here, but the words went to the mouth, but did not say anything.
What if it is not here?
He also wants to give himself a look. He doesn't want to say anything to death.
The paper candle dragon has some grassy hearts, shaking his head and shaking his head: "What if he didn't come back?"
"If those golden lights are not here, they will be scattered?"
Chu night Ning slammed back, his eyes were stunned but his eyes were red: "Then I burned you to bury him."
"Oh, I am so scared."
The candle dragon turns into a golden light, and the huge body is turned into a small snake, which lives on the shoulders of Chu night. It hit his head and hit the owner's cheek.
It knows that the nature of Chu Xinning, naturally, will not burn it seriously, and it sighs: "Look at your look, how do I feel that you want to bury him more."
He said that he used his tail to scratch the back of the night.
"doing what?"
"I'm afraid I won't scratch you again, you will faint." Xiaolong sighed and patted his tail. "Your face is so ugly."
"It's like the gambler who has a lifetime of savings and walks into the casino's last fight."
Chu, rather than rare, did not refute it, he closed his eyes.
The little candle dragon said that it was his life's savings, in fact, this is not right.
It was the disciple of his two worlds, the lover of his two worlds, the two worlds who used flesh and blood, and they did not hesitate to break into the quagmire, but also to fulfill his mighty white fool.
It is the rest of his life.
The mountain road is long and the snow is sloppy.
In the distance, there is a ruin that has been in disrepair. Chu night Ning stood in front of the huts, his fingertips trembled, and it was just a small hospital that was in disrepair. But it seemed to be more difficult than the door of the magic domain. He had a throat and blood flowing.
He was as stiff as a piece of wood, and his hands were lifted several times, but they all fell off the moment they touched the threshold.
Xiaolong: "Oh, if you don't push the door again, then I will come, I-"
The door opened.
It’s not that Chu’s night is pushed away, nor is it Xiaolong’s collision.
The door was originally hidden, but it was mostly breeze and pity, and could not bear to sorrow, so the wind blew a thin firewood.
Chu nightning stood outside the house.
In the huts, there is a clear view of the open space. At this time, Wanmu has not yet budded, but the branches are covered with thin snowflakes. The wind blows, and the snow flakes float like a jellyfish, and they are scattered into the golden morning light.
Then, it was covered on the shoulder of a man.
When he heard the movement, the man’s figure was slightly stunned and he slowly turned back.
The light and shadow are moving, and it seems like a rejuvenation of the earth in a flash, and the summer is blazing.
The sound of the wind that I couldn’t hear before, the sound of falling snow, the sound of the leaves that I couldn’t hear, all came back to the ear, and everything in the world rushed back into his chest.
He stood in the same place and wanted to go forward, but all the limbs were like pouring lead water, but it was impossible to move in one step. At this time, Chu Yuning’s ear seemed to ring for many years, and the hustle and bustle of the Tongtian Tower.
That is the best life in the life of ink.
The handsome young man of the eyebrows walked toward the elders of Yuheng who leaned under the tree, headed for the source of everything, and headed for the beginning of the fate of two people.
"Chu Ning..."
Xiaolong poked his waist on the side.
Chu Xiaoning was reluctant to return to God, but he still blocked his throat and could not say a word.
He slowly walked toward the man standing under the dead wood, heading for everything, going to the end of the pain of the two worlds, and moving towards the dust.
The wind blows the leaves of the forest, Xiao Xiaoshen, and Chu Ning seems to have stepped through the countless fires of the wolf, and finally stood in front of the man.
It’s like how many years ago, the juvenile ink and rain was standing in front of the late evening of the late Qing Dynasty.
Look up and grin.
"Xianjun Xianjun."
The voices of the past are still deaf, and they have passed two lives when they meet again.
"I have been watching you for a long time, you are not paying attention to me."
The empty valley is quiet, the glow is pure, and there seems to be only two of them left in the heavens and the earth, and nothing else. The ink is draped in a robe. His face is still pale and pale.
He looked at Chu Yuening from the morning glow and came to himself, and the dark eyebrows gradually revealed a gentle look.
"Master respect..."
The wind stopped, and the clouds lingered, and the morning sun was scattered, shining in the **** mottled people.
"I saw a demon. Then I have an interesting experience, I want to tell you..."
The turmoil of the last days passed.
After many years, the bloodshed is now -
Maybe there will be a new plum blossom.