The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife
Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 – And Together With The Ice Lord at the Qi Xi Festival (part 3)
Bai Xi touched her aching nose as her eyes moved up from the pair of pure black boots to the 6 petal plum blossom patterned white crescent robes. That beautiful appearance, particularly the pair of gold eyes, which caused one's heart to race… Wasn't this that lousy man, Feng Ming?
Feng Ming didn't say anything, his gold eyes resting on Bai Xi's ordinary facial features for about 10 seconds. After, he walked past Bai Xi, as if he had said nothing previously.
His strange behaviour nor only startled Bai Xi, but also stunned his bodyguards, and not to mention the surrounding people. God, they weren't seeing things, right? The honourable and refined, His Excellency, The Ice Lord actually approached a woman. The woman even collided with His Excellency, The Ice Lord, and not only did that woman not die, she even was left in perfectly good condition. Quickly, tell them that this could not be true. This absolutely could not be!
"Little Qiu Qiu, what did he say just now?" Bai Xi glanced to Mu Qiu next to her. She thought that it would have been a sight had the little eunuch run towards that lousy man. What would that be like and what would have been said?
"Uh… Mm…" Mu Qiu didn't say anything. Young miss, when had this servant heard what His Excellency, The Ice Lord said? She had only discovered that the young miss had bumped into His Excellency, The Ice Lord. At that time, she had been unable to approach the young miss because she couldn't go over. She couldn't even touch the young miss' sleeves, so she didn't know why she was pushed out. Besides, when did His Excellency, The Ice Lord speak?
"I know, you are the young miss Qing Xi1 mentioned, right?" Qing Wu clapped his hands once with a smile on his face. He recalled Qing Xi mentioned that there was a woman who could approach the master and that the woman had also helped treat master's wound. Could this be the legendary woman in front of him?
Bai Xi glanced at Qing Xi. Was this the lousy man's carriage driver? But the carriage driver today didn't give her the same feeling as the one last time. It was the same face, but why was the expression so different?
"My name is Qing Wu. You can call me A-Wu2. Last time you saw Qing Xi. He's my oldest brother. Young miss, thank you for promptly treating master's wound last time, otherwise I would definitely curse my older brother to death. That you!" Qing Wu3 wanted to sincerely extend his thanks to the young miss his oldest brother had mentioned. He didn't think that he would come across her today, and now he could properly thank her.

"Qing Wu?" She recalled this name. That lousy man had mentioned that the dagger and medicine had come from Qing Wu. "I have a question about that incident. Since you already found that… Found your family's master, why didn't you immediately treat his wound?"
Qing Wu was startled and his cheeks flushed with shame as he touched the back of his head, embarrassed. He looked around before whispering in Bai Xi's ear, "This… Actually, I shouldn't… I had to go and look for my oldest brother since he is the apprentice of a godly doctor."
Bai Xi's lips twitched. As expected, she had guessed correctly. But this man named Qing Wu was too cute, not like the other underling of that lousy man.
"Okay, what did your family's master just say?" Really, this lousy Feng Ming couldn't wait for her to hear him before walking off?
"This is no good… I also don't know. You can ask my family's master next time." When he saw that his master had taken the initiative to approach this woman, he was too stunned and couldn't hear his master. Additionally, his master had used his internal force to shield himself as he passed, so there was no chance he could hear what his master said.
The sound of a rock striking the back of Qing Wu's head sounded. Qing Wu rubbed his head, raising his head to look at his master sitting in the carriage. "Oh no! Master has taken offence! Young miss, next time you can ask master."
Bai Xi watched his stagger after the carriage and she smiled slightly. In the end, what did he say?
Qing Wu was very curious about what his master said to that young miss. Did his master like that woman?
"Master, what did you say to that young miss?" Qing Wu eagerly waited for his master to reply, but his only response was silence.
Suddenly, Qing Wu exclaimed, "Ah? Is it possible that master expressed feelings towards that young miss? This… but that young miss didn't hear master's words. What to do?"
Someone hit on the head once again.
"Master, I suspect that I have been beaten stupid by master," Qing Wu complained tearfully.
The incident of Bai Xi had bumping into His Excellency, The Ice Lord had immediately spread to the entire imperial palace. The identity of Bai Xi had also been examined. Those young women who admired His Excellency, The Ice Lord felt their hearts drop. They never expected that His Excellency, The Ice Lord would approach a woman. He shouldn't like the woman. The most important thing was that the woman had actually turned out to be the ugly and stupid Bai family's second young miss. This was really chaotic.
Zi Xia Hall4
"Older sister Xi, the people outside are all saying that Prime Minister Feng likes you. Is this true?" Bai Xi had just sat down when Ye Zi Yu had come to meet her.

"You said that it is a rumour. If so, then how can people believe it?" She finally knew that Feng Ming had actually not said anything. What he wanted was this result, where she became the enemy of all the women. This was a really good plan. That man also had this sort of scheme. Hmph! It seemed that he was more than just lousy. He was treacherous.
After Ye Zi Yu heard her words, she was disappointed and her head hung low. "Ah? It was originally a rumour? If that's true, then that's great!"
Those words not only made the imperial palace maids stare stupidly, but also made Bai Xi 's lips twitch. She and Feng Ming as a couple? Hehe, this woman knew how joke.
Mu Qiu cast a suspicious look at her family's second young miss, her mind recalling what happened at the entrance to the palace. The words of the imperial bodyguard… Furthermore, she thought that last time, the young miss had insisted on going to the residence. At that time, did she also run into His Excellency, The Ice Lord's carriage? What was going on between the young miss and His Excellency, The Ice Lord?
"At this Qi Qiao Festival, women can confidently express themselves to men. How about older sister Xi expresses herself to Prime Minister Feng?" Ye Zi Yu suddenly raised her face and smiled, not feeling that there was anything wrong with her question.
Suddenly, Bai Xi's mouth twitched and her brows jumped. "Don't you also really like him?" Who said that in ancient times, women were all subtle. As a matter of fact, she could see this was absolutely not the case.
"Yeah, all women under the heavens like Prime Minister Feng. But, I feel that older sister Xi suits Prime Minister Feng." She wasn't sure why, but she had a feeling that older sister Xi and Prime Minister Feng would be together.
After those words, a mocking voice came from outside the hall saying, "Oh? When did Zi Yu start to learn to look at appearances? Why didn't imperial older sister know?"

1.(輕夕) Qing Xi - The Xi means sunset or dusk.
2.(阿武) - the 'A' (pronounced like ah) is put in front of the given name like a nickname. So, if you used it on Bai Xi, you could call her 'A-Xi'.
3. For some reason, here it said Qing Xi, not Qing Wu. I believe it is a typo.
4.(紫霞殿) - Zi means purple and Xia means rosy clouds or morning/evening glow.