The Ice Lord Prime Minister's Black-Bellied Wife
Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Enthusiasm at the Mid-Autumn Festival (part 7)
The two looked at each other until Bai Xi noticed her neck hurt a bit. She looked away decided to head to bed. She walked around and played the whole day, so she was tired. Unexpectedly, that person showed up on her roof.
"Not coming up, or you don't have the courage to?" the man on the roof spat out, as if not wanting her to leave just like that.
Bai Xi paused. What the hell? The only thing she had was courage. Although she couldn't jump up to the roof, she was able to still get on the roof using the pillars. She sat next to Feng Ming. This man really was a natural air conditioner. When she sat down, she felt a slight chill on her face.
"What do you want?"
"Tonight, the moon is very beautiful," Feng Ming said softly.
"You wanted me to come up here to enjoy the full moon?" Was this man that bored? He ran over to her roof tonight to watch the moon with her? This didn't seem characteristic of the arrogant and indifferent Ice Lord.
"Everyone says that the moon on the fifteenth and sixteenth is very round, but tonight it is very round." Feng Ming continued to talk quietly.
"If you want to find someone to accompany you as you watch the moon, there people queueing up to accompany you, but I don't want to." She intended to jump off, but found that her wrist had been grasped by a white jade hand.
"Everyone also says that if you sleep longer on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will live longer." The hand holding onto Bai Xi's wrist remained.
"I don't need to live long." She wanted to take a relaxing bath before heading to bed.
The white jade hand gently tugged her over, and the distance between them shrank. Feng Ming leaned forward slightly. His breath flowed over Bai Xi's neck when he said, "Osmanthus wine."
"Did Little White Face accompany you to drink?" Feng Ming wretched his hand away, releasing her wrist. His gaze was fixed on the bright moon in the sky.
"Little White Face?" Who was Little White Face?
"Your lover." His face was cold and indifferent.
Bai Xi immediately realised what he was getting at. Was he talking about when she was dressed as a man? What did he come here for?
"He isn't Little White Face."
"To me, he is really Little White Face." He turned sharply towards her, their eyes locking.
"So what? To me, he isn't Little White Face." Why did that have to do with him? Why did he come here to tell her that the person she liked was Little White Face?
"Starting from tomorrow, I will continue to teach you martial arts." Someone suddenly changed the topic completely.

"Didn't you say that I don't need to go to Luo Yue Xuan to practice martial arts in the future?" Strange, tonight this man was really strange. Apart from the fact that he was talking more, she couldn't place what was so off about him.
"I did say that, so starting from tomorrow, I will be here to teach you martial arts."
"What? Here?" Did that mean he would come to Xi Yuan every day?
"You don't want to learn?"
Bai Xi looked down and thought for a moment, before replying, "Okay." Since that damn old man wasn't going to help her out, she should get help from the person before her. His method of teaching was actually useful.
"Bai Xi."
"Go the Luo Yue Xuan's courtyard and fetch some onions." He came up with something suddenly.
"Huh? Fetch some onions?" What the hell did this man want to do? What was he going to do with onions?
"If you are going to lean martial arts from me, I will be your master1, and you must obey the words of your master." Feng Ming didn't look at Bai Xi, instead he looked up at the round moon.
Bai Xi said nothing. She stared at the person across from her, trying to see if she could figure out if he was making fun of her or if he was being serious, but she couldn't tell.
"Wait then." Bai Xi's figure disappeared from the roof. The man, who was watching the moon, smiled slightly and his golden eyes appeared especially brilliant under the moonlight.
After 15 minutes, Bai Xi returned to the roof. In her hands wee a bunch of onions. This man was really weird. This man actually planted onions in his courtyard and asked her to grab some, which she foolishly went to do.
"Tomorrow you will plant it in your courtyard." Feng Ming didn't take the onions that Bai Xi handed to him. Instead, he said indifferently, "Let Master inspect them."
After he said 'let Master inspect them', Bai Xi swallowed back the words she was going to say. Forget it. She would endure this.
"Your Little White Face is weak. However, it is sufficient enough for him to marry you." Feng Ming raised his hand and his slender fingertip poked Bai Xi's cheek. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and his gold eyes seemed to be cursing her.
Bai Xi felt like the devil was staring at her and she was unable to move. With those gold eyes fixed on her, she felt her heart thumping. Suddenly, she found his beautiful face was getting bigger and bigger and her heart rate picked up. When there was only a few centimetres between them, Feng Ming said, "While you may be well-matched, you are still too young."

After those words, Feng Ming pulled back and retracted his hands. Bai Xi was stunned, but quickly recovered. After she calmed her heart, she felt that her heart had dropped a little.
"Young? That damn old man doesn't feel that way. He looks forward to marrying me off as soon as he can."
"He won't."
"What?" Bai Xi was astounded. Who was he talking about? Who won't?
After he glanced at Bai Xi's chest, he said coldly, "It would be better if you grew more." He then looked back up at the bright moon in the sky.
"Fifteen is still young. I really don't know why that damn old man is anxious." Bai Xi sighed and then returned to looking at the moon with Feng Ming.
After Feng Ming heard her words, there was a gleam in his eyes and a smile on his face, which quickly disappeared. The two of them didn't continue to speak and opted to stare at the moon.
One hundred metres below the roof stood a man and a woman under a big tree.
"Tonight is the first time Master has spoken so much." Qing Wu smiled slowly. Although he couldn't hear what Master and Young Miss Bai Xi were talking about, but he knew that his master must have said a lot.
"How can that man be the master during the day? If Master tries, he can definitely succeed," Qing Wu said proudly.
The ongoing silence of the person next to him finally attracted Qing Wu's attention. "Little Qiu Qiu, isn't it just a puppet? Why are you so excited?"
"This is something the young miss made. Doesn't it look like me?" This is a gift from the young miss. Of course she was happy. Not only was it given to her by the young miss, but the young miss made it.
"Hm, it does resemble you well. I didn't think Young Miss Bai Xi was able to do this. I wonder if Young Miss Bai Xi has made a puppet resembling Master and has gifted it to him?"
"No. I saw the other two puppets in the young miss's hands. They were the eldest young master and the old master," Mu Qiu stated.
"Ah…" Master, I will continue to cheer you on. You must take Young Miss Bai Xi's heart.
"A-Wu, what's wrong?"
"Nothing, just…" Qing Wu stopped speaking and smiled. "Little Qiu Qiu, there is a good show to watch. Do you want to see it?"
"What show?"
"Someone is seeking their death." After Qing Wu finished speaking, he used his martial arts to take Mu Qiu out of Xi Yuan and rushed towards the gates of the Prime Minister's mansion.

1.(師傅) - shifu, a mentor/teacher/master.