The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 1070 - Is It Fun To Kick Someone When They’re Down?

Chapter 1070: Is It Fun To Kick Someone When They’re Down?
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Ye Linlang turned around in discomfort and walked towards the chair with her head slightly lowered.
Yin Zihan looked at Ye Linlang in amusement. When he saw Ye Linlang’s head suddenly droop, he suddenly felt that this girl was like a kitten whose claws and teeth had been removed.
She was actually a little adorable.
When he realized this thought, Yin Zihan was shocked and immediately threw this thought to the back of his mind.

When he saw that Ye Linlang was walking towards the corner of the windowsill, Yin Zihan immediately understood what was wrong.
Seeing that Ye Linlang was sitting in his seat, Yin Zihan frowned slightly and immediately chased after her.
“Hey, this is my seat!”
Ye Linlang only felt that this rich second generation called Yin Zihan was so rude.
“I have a name and a surname. My name Is Ye Linlang, not Hey!”
Ye Linlang’s expression darkened slightly. Her eyes, which were half covered by her bangs, were obviously filled with anger!
Yin Zihan curled the corners of his lips. He only felt that Ye Linlang’s angry appearance was very interesting.
It was a little like a kitten with bristles.
Moreover, although Ye Linlang was slightly thin, her cheeks carried a bit of baby fat. When he saw Ye Linlang’s angry appearance, he almost had the urge to reach out and pinch her face.
If it wasn’t for Ye Linlang’s scolding, Yin Zihan might really have reached out.
It was really strange. He hated being touched the most. This was the first time he had the urge to pinch someone’s face.
“Okay, your name is Ye Linlang, right? I’ll repeat it to you. This is my seat. Get up now!”
Yin Zihan crossed his arms and looked at Ye Linlang leisurely.
It was as if he was sure that Ye Linlang would admit defeat in the end.
Ye Linlang’s face alternated between red and white. She suddenly understood why her teacher and classmates looked at her strangely when she picked this seat.
Forget it. Forget it.
Ye Linlang sighed silently. She didn’t want to lower herself to the level of trash like Yin Zihan. She decisively lowered her head and began to organize her things.
She would just stand at the back of the classroom and listen to the entire lesson.
That’s what she thought.
When the female homeroom teacher saw Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan arguing, she felt a headache coming on.
It was a good English lesson, and it was personally taught by her, the homeroom teacher of grade one Class A. Just like that, the atmosphere of the class was ruined!
Previously, Ye Linlang had spoken up for her and even threatened to have Yin Zihan apologize to her. Although the female teacher felt that Ye Linlang was a little reckless and naive, she still had a good impression of Ye Linlang in her heart.
The female teacher frowned. She glanced at Yin Zihan’s table and already had an idea in her mind.
Yin Zihan’s seat was actually a double table. It was just missing a chair.
For now, she would let Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan sit at the same table. She would adjust it later according to their needs.
The female teacher tilted her head and turned to a big male voice beside her.
“Labor committee member, can I trouble you to move a chair for Student Ye?”
The tall and strong labor committee member was very simple and honest. Very quickly, he left the entrance of grade one Class A and went downstairs to get a spare chair over.
The labor committee member moved a chair over and asked the homeroom teacher cautiously.
“Teacher, where should I put it?”
Obviously, in the class, other than Yin Zihan’s desk which had an empty seat, the rest were all full.
The other students also noticed this problem.
Many girls who adored Yin Zihan immediately started shouting.
“Teacher, young master Yin hates Ye Linlang so much. Don’t arrange for the two of them to sit together.”
“That’s right, that’s right. What Ye Linlang did earlier was clearly conspiring against young master Yin. Please don’t help Ye Linlang with her evil influence!”

When Ye Linlang heard those words, she was instantly speechless.
Come on, who had evil influence?
She still felt wronged sitting together with a scum who read porn!
Previously when they thought that she bought that porn magazine, the entire class was criticizing her. Now that it was Yin Zihan, why were all of them behaving like this?
Teacher Zhao was already feeling frustrated. She impatiently glanced at the female students who were quarreling non-stop.
“In twenty days, it will be the monthly exam. The seats in our class are arranged according to the results. If you all have any objections to this, in twenty days, it will be completely different!”
Ye Linlang was instantly speechless.
She glanced at the evildoer Yin Zihan beside her with some disdain. When she thought of having to sit with him for another twenty days, she felt a headache coming!
When Teacher Zhao said this, the disgruntled students in the class finally quieted down.
The female homeroom teacher heaved a sigh of relief. She glanced at Ye Linlang and Yin Zihan.
She spoke almost without hesitation.
“Yin Zihan, do you have any objections to this arrangement? If you have any objections, we can bring it up now and directly change it.”
Ye Linlang sat silently on the chair, feeling helpless in her heart.
Why did she only ask if Yin Zihan had any objections? She had a whole bunch of opinions too!
She wasn’t even given a chance to speak!
Yin Zihan seemed to have seen through Ye Linlang’s thoughts. He suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled, making up his mind to disgust Ye Linlang.
“Teacher, why would I have any objections? Taking care of the new students is my sworn responsibility.”
When Ye Linlang heard this, she immediately felt goosebumps all over her body.
This boy named Yin Zihan definitely had a screw loose in his head!
When Ye Linlang saw the smile on Yin Zihan’s face, she felt that it was really creepy. She silently pulled her seat further away from Yin Zihan.
Of course, Yin Zihan noticed this. The smile on his lips became even more enigmatic.
The female students in the class were all dizzy from Yin Zihan’s smile. They were so close to having a nosebleed. Even the female homeroom teacher who was in charge of teaching the class was not spared.
This boy was really a monster, a monster!
Throughout Class A, Ye Linlang was probably the only one who was unmoved.
She had someone in her heart.
That boy named Jiang Qiran, it was just one meeting, but he was already unforgettable.

Ye Linlang did not know how she got through this day.
Before school ended, she went to look for Miaomiao. Miaomiao asked her for her phone number, but Ye Linlang did not have that kind of thing. In the end, she had to call the landline in her room.
By the time she returned to the Ye family, the mess that had happened at Ling Yun High School had already made Ye Linlang mentally and physically exhausted.
She had a feeling that this high school wouldn’t be much better than the small desolate village.
Just as Ye Linlang was about to take a shower, she suddenly saw Ye Siyao’s old school uniform hanging on the shelf.
The skirt that Ye Siyao sent over was very short, barely covering a little of her thighs.
But looking at Ye Siyao’s attire at school, the skirt went past her knees. It was completely different.
Ye Linlang had received three brand new school uniforms. How could she not understand Ye Siyao’s sinister intentions?
Thus, Ye Linlang carried the school uniform that belonged to Ye Siyao, found her “Good sister’s” room, and pushed the door open to enter.
She looked at Ye Siyao coldly.
“Ye Siyao, is it fun to kick someone when they’re down?”