The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 1198 - Feeding Her

Chapter 1198: Feeding Her
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The youth wearing a white casual shirt didn’t seem to realize this at all. The smile on his face was extremely indifferent.
Ye Linlang’s face, on the other hand, suddenly jumped and was instantly covered by a layer of red mist!
This fellow was really shameless!
It was fine if he had wiped her mouth earlier, but now that the entire class was watching, he actually ate her half-eaten muntjac meat!
This was too… ridiculous!
Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang’s shy look and couldn’t help but want to tease her a little.
Jiang Qiran simply took the half-eaten meat from Ye Linlang and continued to bite it nonchalantly.
He even teased Ye Linlang while eating.
“Why is your face so red?”
Not only did this guy take a bite, he actually snatched her meat!
Sob, sob, sob, sob, she couldn’t stand it!
Ye Linlang rolled her eyes at Jiang Qiran. Of course, she refused to admit that she was acting like this because she was shy.
“There’s a barbecue here and the temperature is too high. I’m a little hot.”
A mischievous smile flashed across the corner of Jiang Qiran’s lips.
“Really? Why do I feel that a certain someone is too thin-skinned, that’s why she’s shy…”
“Like I’m shy!”
Ye Linlang rolled her eyes at Jiang Qiran again, and then stared at the muntjac meat in Jiang Qiran’s hand pitifully.
“Didn’t you say that you would give it to me after it’s cooked? I only ate a little, and you snatched away…”
Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang’s cute and fawning look, and the helplessness in his heart became even stronger.
Why did he feel that in Ye Linlang’s heart, he could not even compare to delicious food!
“What, you want to just to enjoy the benefits without paying? From now on, if you want to eat, you can roast the food yourself!”
Jiang Qiran said so righteously, and then he directly continued to challenge the muntjac meat in his hand.
Compared to ordinary pork, the muntjac meat was leaner, and it tasted very good.
Ye Linlang looked at Jiang Qiran pitifully, and realized that her strategy of acting cute was actually useless against him!
Jiang Qiran ate all of it!
Jiang Qiran was a bad guy!
However, she had to admit that compared to her own greasy mouth, Jiang Qiran ate in a refined manner even though he was eating barbecue.
It seemed that watching him eat was also a kind of enjoyment, as if he was eating with the kind of dining etiquette that only the pure-blooded aristocrats in Europe had.
However, Jiang Qiran soon finished eating.
No matter how much Ye Linlang cried, it was useless!
In the end, she decisively turned her back and didn’t want to look at Jiang Qiran anymore!
Hmph, compared to delicious food, what was a handsome man!
Seeing Ye Linlang being so arrogant, the corners of Jiang Qiran’s lips curled up into a smile. Even he himself didn’t realize how much he doted on Ye Linlang.
“What, are you angry?”
Ye Linlang was competing with Jiang Qiran, but she didn’t turn her head.

In the end, Jiang Qiran suddenly took out a bunch of freshly roasted lobsters from somewhere.
“You don’t want to eat the roasted lobsters anymore? Then I’ll enjoy them myself?”
Before Jiang Qiran finished his sentence, Ye Linlang suddenly turned around.
She stared at the bunch of red roasted lobsters on a plate in front of Jiang Qiran, and unconsciously swallowed her saliva!
Sob, sob. Why was her willpower so weak? She felt like she had to abandon her moral integrity for the sake of delicious food again!
“You want some?”
Seeing that Ye Linlang was about to pounce on his food like a hungry wolf, Jiang Qiran narrowed her eyes and fixed his burning gaze on Ye Linlang.
Ye Linlang nodded pitifully.
“Then open your mouth.”
What did this mean?
Ye Linlang looked at Jiang Qiran in confusion, and her mouth subconsciously opened to follow Jiang Qiran’s instructions.
Who would have thought that Jiang Qiran would suddenly pick up his chopsticks, pick up a piece of lobster, and pass it to Ye Linlang’s mouth.
Ye Linlang was so shocked that she almost fell backward!
Jiang Qiran actually wanted to feed her in public!
She wasn’t a three-year-old child!
Moreover, there were so many people watching!

Ye Linlang couldn’t help but wave her hands repeatedly to show her resistance.
Seeing that Ye Linlang didn’t give him face, Jiang Qiran felt a little displeased.
“What, do you not want to eat them anymore?”
Ye Linlang smiled embarrassedly, and a blush of embarrassment appeared on her face.
“Qiran, of course I want to eat! But you don’t have to feed me, this is too…”
Didn’t you see that the boys in the class were all laughing in this direction?!
And those girls, their gazes were like sharp arrows. If gazes could kill people, Ye Linlang didn’t doubt that she had already died a million times!
A trace of mockery flashed through Jiang Qiran’s eyes. His expression was magnanimous, but his words made Ye Linlang’s heart jump.
“If you don’t want me to feed you, then I’ll eat them myself.”
And a certain someone added coldly.
“Oh right, I forgot to mention that this plate of lobster is the last plate. There are no more ingredients over there.”
When Ye Linlang heard Jiang Qiran’s bare threat, her heart was in a dilemma!
Should she surrender for the sake of delicacies or not?!
Just as Ye Linlang was in a dilemma, Jiang Qiran had already lowered his head, picked up the thin bamboo chopsticks, and put a piece into his mouth.
After all, the lobster meat on the plate looked very small, and the color was bright and beautiful. It almost made Ye Linlang want to eat it!
If she didn’t surrender now, it would really be gone!
Ye Linlang made up her mind and finally abandoned her poor moral integrity!
Wasn’t it just feeding in public?!
Who was afraid of him?!
Anyway, Jiang Qiran wasn’t shy, so what was she worried about?!
“Feed me.”
Ye Linlang couldn’t help but close her eyes when she said these two words, not wanting to face the eyes of the surrounding students.
Even so, she was thin-skinned after all, and a layer of warmth appeared on her face again.
Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang mischievously, and the smile in his narrow phoenix eyes was faint.
“Wouldn’t it be better if you had been so obedient earlier?”
Ye Linlang’s mouth was wide open, and Jiang Qiran leaned over and brought a piece of lobster meat into Ye Linlang’s mouth bit by bit.
Seeing Ye Linlang’s lips that were even more vivid because of the sauce, Jiang Qiran’s eyes dimmed, and he suddenly had the urge to kiss her.
It was as if watching Ye Linlang eat made him really have an appetite.
It was as if the food in her mouth should be ten thousand times more delicious than other food.
Ye Linlang finished the lobster meat in no time. A trace of anticipation flashed across her starry eyes.
“Is there more?”
As Jiang Qiran was looking down from above, Ye Linlang raised her head, Jiang Qiran could even see the fine hairs on the girl’s face.
Jiang Qiran smiled slightly. His eyes stared at Ye Linlang, shining brightly.
“Of course there’s more.”
When Jiang Qiran spoke, he was very close to her. It was so strange. Amidst the rich aroma of barbecued meat, Ye Linlang seemed to smell the faint mint smell on Jiang Qiran’s body.
Ye Linlang’s heart skipped a beat. She suddenly remembered where she had smelled this smell before!
“Qiran, is the shower gel at your place mint-flavored?”
As soon as Ye Linlang finished asking, the entire class fell silent!
Oh god, Ye Linlang had actually been to Jiang Qiran’s house before?!