The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 445 - She Was Actually The Mole

Chapter 445: She Was Actually The Mole
After the elevator door opened, a few business owners came out one after another.
Su Wan looked at the elevator and gently patted Lin Fei’er’s shoulder.
“Alright, after you give birth to the child, you can become our family’s good friend. This is not bad. The elevator is already here. Hurry and go up.”
“Goodbye, Wan!”
Lin Fei’er smiled and nodded at Su Wan. Then, she reluctantly walked into the elevator.
Su Wan saw the elevator door slowly close. She watched as the bright smile disappeared from her eyes. Then, she turned around and quickly walked out.
The summer night wind was cool. It felt comfortable when it blew on the body.
To Su Wan’s surprise, Jiang Xuecheng did not sit in the Koenigsegg Agera R. Instead, he leaned against the body of the car and put his hands leisurely in his belt.
The streetlights outside the residential area were lit half of his body. As the lights and shadows moved, the elegant figure was projected on the ground, leaving a long silhouette.
Su Wan’s almond-shaped eyes lit up. She immediately smiled and went forward to welcome him.
Hearing Su Wan’s voice behind him, Xuecheng turned around abruptly. His eyes were as deep as a sea of stars, and his gaze was calm.
Xuecheng nodded and didn’t say anything. He directly opened the door of the co-driver’s seat for Su Wan, then strode to the other side of the car and sat back in the driver’s seat.
Su Wan leaned in, and Xuecheng quickly started the car and drove toward Fontainebleau.
Su Wan opened her handbag and took out her phone. She then realized that there were many messages from Jiang Xuecheng.
They were all sent after Su Wan and Lin Fei’er had just left the room. At that time, Gu Zihang had caused trouble, so she did not notice that Jiang Xue city had sent so many messages to her.
At first, it was always “are you two out?” Such a gentle tone, but the last message was “what happened?!”.
Su Wan could imagine the anxious look on Jiang Xuecheng’s face through these messages.
The smile on Su Wan’s lips deepened, and an inexplicable warmth appeared in her heart.
She looked up at Jiang Xuecheng and waved the phone in her hand that was still tapping on the messaging app.
“Xuecheng, so you rushed in when you saw that I didn’t reply?”
Jiang Xuecheng tilted his head and looked at Su Wan. There was a complicated look in his deep eyes, and his answer was not for what she had asked.
“Wan Wan, go back and take a shower first.”
Jiang Xuecheng’s tone was not negotiable, and his expression was rarely so serious. He was like an overbearing monarch, showing his authority.
Su Wan was slightly stunned when she heard that. “Why? Am I dirty?”
Jiang Xuecheng’s expression did not change. He steadily turned the steering wheel and turned right.
“No, I just don’t like the smell of someone else’s alcohol on you.”
Moreover, the other party was a man, someone Su Wan had once liked…
Su Wan was stunned again. She carefully sniffed it. There was indeed some alcohol on it, but it was not very obvious.
When they were at Golden Sand Entertainment City earlier, Gu Zihang’s body reeked of alcohol. Su Wan was caught by him, so she was somewhat affected.
Su Wan knew that the man beside her was not only obsessed with cleanliness, he had probably developed a fair amount of jealousy.
A teasing smile appeared on Su Wan’s face, and her eyes were curved like crescent moons. In the past, when she saw Jiang Xuecheng being jealous, she always felt that she could not bear it, but now she was enjoying it.
“Are you angry?”
Jiang Xuecheng did not say anything, but his hands that were controlling the steering wheel slightly tightened.
“Alright, alright. I’ll take a shower when I get back. I’ll make sure I’m clean and fresh, alright?”
Su Wan nodded obediently and followed Jiang Xuecheng’s instructions to make a promise.
Su Wan understood Jiang Xuecheng very well. If Jiang Xuecheng came back every day with the scent of another woman’s perfume, she would never be able to accept it.
Hearing Su Wan’s solemn promise, Jiang Xuecheng’s cold expression eased up a little.
He quickly stepped on the accelerator, sped up, and sped toward Fontainebleau.
After returning to Fontainebleau, Su Wan found her pajamas and quickly took a shower.
When she came out, she found Jiang Xuecheng sitting in the living room. He was typing rapidly on his laptop. She did not know whether he was chatting with someone or dealing with work.
Gentle footsteps came from the stairs. Jiang Xuecheng raised his eyes and glanced at Su Wan.
“Wan Wan.”
He closed the laptop in his hand and took a clean towel, indicating for Su Wan to come over and dry her hair.
Su Wan walked up quickly and glanced curiously at the laptop that had been closed by Jiang Xuecheng.
“Were you talking to someone just now?”
Jiang Xuecheng nodded slightly. He picked up a big towel and wiped Su Wan’s wet hair while speaking in a low voice.
“Yes, someone was reporting the progress of the birthday banquet incident a few days ago.”
Su Wan’s whole body quivered when she suddenly mentioned this matter.
In an instant, Su Wan raised her head!
She looked ecstatic and could not help but grab the hem of Jiang Xuecheng’s clothes. Her almond-shaped eyes stared straight at the man in front of her.
There seemed to be thousands of stars dancing in Su Wan’s eyes. Anyone could clearly see the uncontrollable excitement.
“Really? There’s progress?! Did they catch the culprit behind the scenes?”
Jiang Xuecheng gently stroked Su Wan’s hair with a towel,
“For now, progress on the identity of the culprit isn’t that fast. However, the mole who revealed the information on the birthday banquet back then was the first to be caught.”
Su Wan was slightly disappointed when she heard the previous sentence. When Jiang Xuecheng finished speaking, Su Wan’s spirits were lifted.
Since the mole had been found, as long as the thread was pulled and layers of the cocoon were peeled, there was no need to worry about the person behind the scenes not revealing his true identity?
“Who is the mole? Do I know them?”
Su Wan had been very curious about this question for many days. If Jiang Xuecheng had not mentioned it, she would not have guessed it.
Su Wan lived in Fontainebleau with Jiang Xuecheng. The only people she had been in contact with were the elders of the Jiang family, Jiang Haoxuan, Sheng An’ning, and a few others.
As people who had the support of the Jiang family, they couldn’t possibly be so reckless as to betray senior master Jiang, could they?
In Su Wan’s opinion, the person in charge of arranging the Jiang family’s birthday banquet was rather suspicious, and she wasn’t familiar with those people at all.
Jiang Xuecheng looked at Su Wan’s curious gaze, and a cold smile curled up on his lips.
“You do know them, and they can be considered acquaintances.”
When Su Wan heard this, her eyes widened. The number of people she knew in the Jiang family could be counted on one hand. If she had to pick one of these people, then she could only choose Sheng An’ning…
Luo Xiuxiu and Xu Ziyao seemed to have a happy family. There was no need to backstab the Jiang family. And no matter how rebellious Jiang Haoxuan was, he would not go so far as to go over to the enemy, right?
But even if it was Sheng An’ning, although she wasn’t the Jiang family’s biological daughter, she had been raised by the Jiang family for so many years. How could she…
Su Wan took a deep breath. For a moment, she found it difficult to digest this answer.
“Is it Sheng An’ning?”
Jiang Xuecheng smiled and didn’t say anything. He didn’t comment on Su Wan’s answer, but when Su Wan saw that he didn’t retort, she knew that she had guessed correctly.
Su Wan pursed her lips and her expression became somewhat complicated.