The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 983 - The Nail That Sticks Out

Chapter 983: The Nail That Sticks Out
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Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan stood together. The two of them were exceptionally handsome and beautiful.
Because the breeze blew past and messed up Su Wan’s hair, he still had the leisure to gently tuck the messed up hair behind Su Wan’s ears.
This public display of affection, under such circumstances, seemed so horrifying!
It was clearly a tense moment, and it was still uncertain who would win. Did the two of them have to be so relaxed?
The hearts of the surrounding guests were in their throats, but when they saw the situation between Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng, they actually felt a little relieved.

For some reason, when Fiennes looked at Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan’s relaxed appearance, he suddenly thought of the same situation on the horse race track that day.
Life and death were clearly on the line, but Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng seemed to care about nothing but each other.
Fiennes’ blue eyes narrowed. He suddenly clenched his hands, and blue veins popped out on the back of his hands!
“Su Wan, I don’t know why you openly brought a fake to slander me!”
Even though most of the people were pointing guns at him, one-third of them were still his subordinates!
It was not impossible for him to fight to the death for a chance of survival!
Even at this moment where he was at a disadvantage, Fiennes straightened his back and did not show any signs of backing down.
He looked around at the noble guests present, his blue eyes were like dark clouds.
“There are so many people here today. Distinguished guests, don’t tell me you only believe the one-sided story of a little girl and an imposter?”
Many of the guests looked at each other in dismay. Seeing that Fiennes was using them as weapons and forcing them to choose a side, they immediately felt a little uncomfortable.
Who should they choose?
Because the emperor wasn’t from any aristocratic family, but rather appeared out of thin air, the nobles had always had some complaints about Jiang Xuecheng.
As for young master Fiennes…
The winner was the king, and the loser was the bandit. If they chose the wrong side today, it would probably implicate the fate of their entire families!
Everyone’s breathing became slightly stagnant. No one was willing to be the first to announce their answer!
They would rather be vague and not choose anyone for the time being!
Seeing those people pushing and shoving each other, Fiennes’ expression became even colder. He directly looked at the head of the Devi Family, Ye Hanwen, who was standing not far away.
“Uncle Ye, you are the most respected elder of the four great families. No one here dares to say that they are more senior than you. Are you willing to take down that imposter with me?”
As the head of the Devi family, Ye Hanwen was originally a grasshopper on the same line as Fiennes. The two families had long established an alliance treaty!
However, when he saw the graceful appearance of Jiang Xuecheng, Ye Hanwen suddenly realized that they might have underestimated this young man from the very beginning.
Especially after seeing so many defecting guards!
It was likely that his family also had many spies, right?
Ye Hanwen’s cold sweat dripped down drop by drop. He simply did not want to be pulled out so quickly to be used as a gun!
Fiennes’ thin lips pursed into a straight line. His outline was cold and stern, and his azure blue eyes were gloomy like water!
“Uncle Ye, why aren’t you saying anything?”
Ye Hanwen wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead, and in the end, he forced himself to say something.
“Young Master Fiennes, I think there’s something fishy about today’s matter, but I haven’t figured out whether it’s the emperor or not. We’d better not jump to conclusions…”
Before Ye Hanwen finished his sentence, he heard Fiennes sneer.
Ye Hanwen wanted to pretend to be a good person at a time like this?!
Ye Hanwen had full authority to participate in those matters back then!
“Do you think that they will let you off just because of your words?”
No one knew who “they” were referring to better than Fiennes and Ye Hanwen!
Ye Hanwen swept his gaze across Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng. The sacrificial men that he had privately groomed were nearby. Was it too late for him to mobilize them now?
Ye Hanwen gritted his teeth. Recalling what he had done in the past, he finally pressed the communicator in his hand!
One-third of the people present were Fiennes’ trusted aides. As long as they could hold on for five minutes, his men would be able to arrive!
However, just as Ye Hanwen pressed the communicator, he suddenly realized that something was wrong!
The signal was actually blocked by someone!
It was clearly still useful in the past!
Why now…
Ye Hanwen was suddenly so anxious that he was hopping on his feet. Because he was too anxious, even his words were stuttering!
“There’s no signal! What should we do?”
When Fiennes heard this, his heart instantly sank to the bottom!
Jiang Xuecheng had actually cut off his escape route!
Other than the days when he was lonely and helpless when he was young, he had never felt like this before. His back was stiff and he was extremely hesitant!
Fiennes stared fixedly at Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan. His originally blue eyes were now blood-red!

Su Wan had long understood Jiang Xuecheng’s personality of not immediately making a move, but making every effort to be safe the moment he made a move. Therefore, when she heard Ye Hanwen say that there was no signal, she immediately burst into laughter.
There were clearly people present who pointed their guns at her and Jiang Xuecheng, but ever since Su Wan stood beside Jiang Xuecheng, she had an inexplicable sense of peace in her heart.
Wherever Jiang Xuecheng was, even if the smoke was everywhere, it was still her home.
Su Wan’s eyes were curved, and her clear, dark almond-shaped eyes showed the curve of a crescent moon. She was so charming.
“Hey, tell me the truth. It was you, wasn’t it?”
As Su Wan said this, she couldn’t help but poke Jiang Xuecheng’s arm.
Jiang Xuecheng also looked like he didn’t care about the situation. He stroked Su Wan’s hair in a very good mood.
“What do you think?”
Although he did not answer directly, the tone of his rhetorical question made the answer obvious.

Seeing that Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng were still in the mood to joke around, veins popped out on Fiennes’ forehead.
Withstanding Fiennes’ dark and stern gaze, Jiang Xuecheng looked back at him indifferently.
“Admit defeat, Fiennes.”
As he spoke, Jiang Xuecheng narrowed his long and narrow eyes, but the smile on his thin lips disappeared.
“So what if I don’t admit defeat?!”
An intense anger rushed into his heart, and Fiennes’ smile was contemptuous.
He did not admit defeat, nor did he accept his fate. He never did!
After all, both sides had guns and were eyeing each other like tigers eyeing their prey. However, both sides were afraid of each other and did not dare to act rashly.
Just as they were in a stalemate, everyone suddenly heard a sarcastic female voice and the sound of rolling wheels!
“Fiennes, do you think that you can still win at this stage?”
What was this?!
Hearing that familiar female voice, all the nobles present shuddered!
Didn’t they say that the high priest had gone out to travel a long time ago? It had been more than half a month since they last saw her, yet she actually appeared?
Everyone turned around at the same time. They originally thought that they would see that gorgeous woman who stood proudly. However, the person who appeared in front of them was a woman sitting in a wheelchair.
However, that was indeed the high priest!
No one would mistake her for someone else!