The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 984 - He Is Trying To Sow Discord!

Chapter 984: He Is Trying To Sow Discord!
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Everyone turned to look at the woman who had suddenly appeared.
They saw the high priest sitting on a wheelchair. Her hands and feet were drooping weakly, and there were obvious scars on her wrists.
It was obvious that her hands and feet had been severed by an extremely cruel method.
Other than these places, the most eye-catching thing was the high priest’s face!
Everyone knew that the high priest was a famous beauty in the God’s Palace.
When she was in her teens, her name had spread far and wide. However, she had never married. She was alone and stood proudly at the peak of power.
Even though decades had passed, time had not left any traces on the high priest’s face.
However, who would have thought that when they saw her today, there would be a long scar across the bridge of her nose!
When everyone saw this scene, they all gasped in unison.
The high priest, who was famous for taking care of her appearance, was actually… disfigured today?!
No, no, no, judging from the shape of the scar, it was likely that it had been quite some time since she was injured!
How could someone like the high priest be reduced to such a state?

At this moment when the smoke filled the air, someone could no longer hold back the questions in their hearts and asked anxiously.
“High Priest, your face… and your hands and feet… what happened?!”
Now that the high priest had appeared, coupled with the tone she had used against Fiennes, those who had been hesitant immediately stood in line!
That’s right, the high priest was clearly on the same team as Jiang Xuecheng. The high priest had been in the God’s Palace for many years, so how could Fiennes or Jiang Xuecheng be comparable to her?!
Therefore, the moment the high priest appeared, everyone already had a vague answer in their hearts.
At this moment, the situation seemed to be overwhelmingly on the side of Jiang Xuecheng and the high priest!
Even though the high priest was currently sitting in a wheelchair, her aura did not weaken in the slightest. There was even a sense of aggressiveness that surpassed others!
She completely ignored the questions of those nobles who were either fawning or worried. Instead, she directly looked at Fiennes.
“Fiennes, long time no see. You didn’t expect this day to come for you, did you?”
Fiennes’ blue eyes flashed. He clenched his hands tightly, but his back was straight, with an indescribable arrogance.
“High Priest, look at yourself now. Don’t you think it’s funny?”
The high priest ignored Fiennes’ words and snorted coldly!
Then, the high priest looked around at the guards who were still standing beside Fiennes and pointing their guns at her and Jiang Xuecheng. Her expression suddenly had a hint of coaxing.
“I swear in the name of the high priest of the God’s Palace that if any of you surrenders first today, I will let bygones be bygones regarding your help in Fiennes’ rebellion. Furthermore, your children will also be included in the God’s Palace system!”
The moment these words were said, everyone present was moved!
As long as one was not blind, one could tell who had the most manpower here!
Fiennes was short of manpower, and he was facing enemies from both sides. How could he have the chance to escape!
Those who were still aiming their guns for Fiennes were indeed hesitating at this moment.
They looked at each other in dismay. No one knew who was the first to lead them. Suddenly, they threw their guns on the ground and raised their hands to beg for mercy.
“High Priest, we were completely bewitched by Young Master Fiennes. How could I have the courage to plot against you? I hope that you will give us a chance to live!”
As the first and second person raised their hands to surrender, Fiennes’ dejection spread in an instant!
Almost half of the people had abandoned Fiennes.
And as the number of people increased, soon, Fiennes’ surroundings became like an isolated island.
He was surrounded by enemies.
Fiennes seemed to have expected this scene. The resentment on his face faded away, and he became calmer.
“I lost, but High Priest, don’t forget what you have on you. You didn’t win either, did you?”
Hearing Fiennes’ sarcastic remark at the end of his life, the high priest’s expression instantly became even uglier!
The sunlight shone on the tear mole at the corner of the high priest’s right eye, reflecting the long scar on top of it. It gave off a strange, cold feeling.
“Do you think that I would be afraid of a mere CHK Virus No.3?”
The name of the CHK Virus No.3 came out from the high priest’s mouth. The nobles looked at each other, but there was confusion in each other’s eyes. They did not understand what it was!
Only Jiang Xuecheng and Su Wan opened their eyes subconsciously when they heard the conversation between the high priest and Fiennes.
CHK Virus No.3?
It was in the high priest’s body?
Could it be…
Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng looked at the high priest at the same time. When they saw the gloomy expression on the woman’s face, they suddenly had a bad premonition.
Could it be that the high priest was also infected by the CHK Virus No.3, and it was Fiennes who did it?
Fiennes saw Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng’s bewildered expression and immediately laughed mockingly. His blue eyes were filled with obvious mockery.
“Your Highness, you didn’t expect that even if the high priest was infected by this virus, there was no way to cure her, let alone Su Wan?”
As soon as these words were said, Su Wan immediately staggered a step.
Could it be that the CHK Virus No.3 was really incurable?
The high priest was the person who developed the CHK Virus No.3!
If even the high priest could not do anything about the CHK Virus No.3, then when would this ticking time bomb on her take away her life?
Su Wan’s current situation was like a person who was dying of thirst. She originally thought that she had seen hope, but she did not expect that it was just a mirage in the desert!
In fact, Jiang Xuecheng was also suffering. However, when he saw Su Wan’s exhausted state, he knew that he could not fall.
Jiang Xuecheng quickly held Su Wan, and there was a hint of worry on his face.
“Wan Wan, are you okay?”
Jiang Xuecheng completely avoided what Fiennes had mentioned earlier. At this moment, who would dare to provoke Su Wan?!
One had to know that people who had suffered from the CHK Virus No.3 were already prone to mental breakdown!
When Fiennes saw their expressions, the smile on the corner of his lips became even more mocking.
“Your Highness, perhaps this virus isn’t incurable. If I said that the high priest told me to go all out to look for you back then, saying that you were the catalyst for the drug, and that producing the antidote would take your life, would you believe it?”
The high priest did not expect that Fiennes would directly divulge the most crucial piece of information!
Her face was pale, and she almost immediately retorted.
“Your Highness, don’t listen to him! He is just trying to sow discord!”
However, just as they were arguing, Fiennes seized the opportunity when everyone was in a state of confusion and snatched the gun from the person next to him!
All of this happened too quickly, and no one saw it clearly!
They thought that the two sides would still be in a stalemate for a while, but who would have thought that Fiennes would be the first to break the silence!
The high priest’s expression was shocked and she almost subconsciously threw herself to the ground with all her strength!