The Indifferent Young Master’s Flash Marriage
Chapter 985 - : Dealt With Using SuChapter Visciousness

Chapter 985: Dealt With Using Such Visciousness
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It was too late, too fast. In an instant, there was only a loud bang. It was the sound of a gunshot!
Without a doubt, Fiennes had fired!
Following that were dozens of gunshots. It was so deafening that it almost made one’s ears explode!
At the moment when Fiennes raised his gun, just like how the high priest subconsciously fell to the ground to try to save her life, the first thought of Jiang Xuecheng was to suddenly throw Su Wan to the ground.
The fall was extremely uncomfortable. Su Wan felt her head buzzing, but she saw Jiang Xuecheng using a protective posture to block her body.
This man!
Su Wan’s eyes were inexplicably hot, and she almost burst into tears!
At such a critical moment, Su Wan did not even have time to react, but Jiang Xuecheng had subconsciously blocked her from in front!

After dozens of gunshots, the entire manor was filled with the smell of bullet marks. Everyone was silent and did not come back to their senses for a long time!
Su Wan was pressed to the ground by Jiang Xuecheng. She could not even see what had happened in those ten seconds!
After Su Wan came back to her senses, she immediately hugged Jiang Xuecheng and asked anxiously.
“Jiang Xuecheng, are you injured?”
She was really afraid that Fiennes’ shot would hit Jiang Xuecheng!
Seeing Su Wan’s anxious look, Jiang Xuecheng slowly shook his head. Although he had just experienced a life-and-death crisis, his expression was still very relaxed.
“I’m not injured, don’t worry.”
As Jiang Xuecheng said this, he got up from Su Wan’s body and slowly helped her stand up.
Because everyone knew that the dozens of gunshots had turned Fiennes into a bloody hole, the two of them ignored him first and looked at the high priest at the same time.
This was a fixed mindset. Since Fiennes’ shot did not hit Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng, the most likely outcome was that it was aimed at the high priest.
After all, anyone could see that the atmosphere between the high priest and Fiennes was one of death.
What surprised Su Wan and Jiang Xuecheng was that although the high priest was lying on the ground in a very sorry state and was panting heavily, there was not a single trace of blood on her body.
Not to mention a bullet hole!
The high priest was actually fine!
And she and Jiang Xuecheng were also fine!
A strange feeling flashed through Su Wan’s heart.
Didn’t Fiennes take the gun away during the chaos just now to find someone to bury with him?
Just as Su Wan was puzzled, she immediately wanted to look at Fiennes.
However, Jiang Xuecheng was the first to reach out and cover Su Wan’s eyes.
Jiang Xuecheng’s palm was warm, and the delicate texture touched Su Wan’s eye skin, stirring up tiny hairs.
“Xuecheng, what are you doing?”
Su Wan was stunned and asked subconsciously.
Jiang Xuecheng lowered his head and whispered into Su Wan’s ear.
“Wan Wan, the scene is very cruel. Don’t look.”
Jiang Xuecheng’s voice was gentle, but his hands were very strong, and Su Wan could not resist.
As Jiang Xuecheng spoke, he looked at Fiennes’ body indifferently.

The man in the white groom’s suit fell to the ground stiffly.
Countless bloody holes were punched into Fiennes’ body, and fresh blood kept spreading, dyeing Fiennes’ originally pure white suit scarlet.
The official windbreaker was also dyed in blood, which was inexplicably shocking.
Fiennes’ body was stiff, and his blue eyes were still wide open in a daze, as if he was looking at the sky.
He had died with his eyes wide open.
However, Fiennes’ eyes were not filled with resentment or unwillingness. They were only filled with endless confusion.
It was just like how he had been born into such a sad environment. From the moment he had descended into this world, he had become the laughingstock of the entire Siswell family.
Later on, he had power, status, status, authority, and money.
However… he was still unhappy.
How could a person be happy?
Before he died, such a funny thought suddenly flashed through his mind. He felt very tired.
So, he chose to kill himself.
Even if there were dozens of people who fired, the first shot that ended his life was fired by Fiennes himself.
He would rather take his own life than suffer in the hands of the high priest.
He was tired, that was all.

Jiang Xuecheng covered Su Wan’s eyes with his hand, but his gaze fell on the dead Fiennes.
He looked down at the completely dead body with a faint look of pity.
If he was not wrong, the first shot just now was fired by Fiennes!
Even I miscalculated. Who would have thought that Fiennes would try his best to get that shot and actually shoot himself!
Was he using such a method to protect his dignity?
Thinking of Fiennes’ last words before he died, the veins on Jiang Xuecheng’s forehead throbbed non-stop.
——Fiennes said that the high priest was also infected with the CHK Virus No.3. Moreover, if he wanted to cure it completely, would he have to exchange his life for it?
There was an old saying in Jiuzhou. It was said that a person who was about to die had good words. Was Fiennes really trying to sow discord between him and the high priest?
The deep black pupils of Jiang Xuecheng flashed, and a ray of light quickly flashed past.
To be honest, seeing Fiennes’ unhesitating manner of dying, Jiang Xuecheng once again had doubts.
Since Fiennes had already decided to commit suicide, was there still a need to lie to him and Su Wan?
On the other hand, the high priest had been lying to him about the CHK Virus No.3, and she had never mentioned that she was also infected with the CHK Virus No.3.
As the developer of the CHK Virus No.3, wasn’t it suspicious that the virus in her body had not been eradicated?
Unfortunately, Fiennes was dead now, and there was no evidence to prove it. This matter had become an unsolved case!

When he suddenly saw that the high priest had been helped back to her wheelchair, Jiang Xuecheng’s mind was full of thoughts. Until now, it was not the time to shed all pretense of cordiality. He immediately turned to look at his other subordinates.
“You all get rid of Fiennes’ body first. The sooner the better.”
As he spoke, Jiang Xuecheng kept covering Su Wan’s eyes. After all, Fiennes had been shot dozens of times. This scene was too bloody, and he really did not want Su Wan to see it.
Not to mention Su Wan’s courage, even if there were so many men present, they might have nightmares at night.
Just as Jiang Xuecheng gave the order to dispose of Fiennes’ body, the high priest suddenly spoke.
“Wait! Tear off Fiennes’ limbs and throw him directly into the mountain! Let the wild wolves eat him!”
Hearing this, all the nobles present shuddered!
Some of them looked at Fiennes’ body that was riddled with holes and suddenly felt a little unbearable.
Fiennes had already become like this, yet the high priest still wanted to do this!
How much did she hate Fiennes?!
As expected, the degree of viciousness of this woman could not be underestimated!