The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife
Chapter 656

Chapter 656
Suddenly, Hexi’s awkward voice came into Qing Luan’s ears, “Qing Luan, your master… do you have any news yet?”

Maid regained her thought, and she said quickly, “Reply Miss, master has sent a message to Wu Xing, saying that he will come to see Miss the latest by this month, and he is safe now. Please don’t worry, Miss.”
I can see him this month? Hexi flattened her lips. She couldn’t help but complain.
Nangong Yu, this bastard, we are clearly in love already, but I can’t even see him for a few months.
How can we build our relationship!
As for the little maid with cold gaze by her side, she was also a Gold Core stage master. Her name was also Zhu Que [1].
In other words, her codename was Suzaku.
At King of Hell Mansion, whether it is Qing Long, Bai Hu, Zhu Que, Xuan Wu, or Wu Xing, Wu Yu, Wu Gou, Wu Nian, they were just a code name.
They were selected from countless martial artists of awe-inspiring innate talent. After strict promotion assessment, they finally signed a blood pact with Nangong Yu and became his confidant.
After the original Zhu Que was imprisoned in Spirit Sealing Prison, a new assessment would begin. Finally, someone would be titled with the codename Zhu Que.
As soon as the new Zhu Que passed the assessment, Qing Long immediately sent her to Hexi.
The events of Sealed Dragon Domain and Breaking Spirit Mountain made Qing Long deeply aware of what the biggest weak spot of his master was now.
The master’s power was already too strong, so few people in Miluo Continent could hurt the master.
However, if someone hurts Miss Naran, he really does not know what would happen once his master gets mad.
What’s more, the latent cold syndrome of his master, except for Miss Nalan, no one could possibly cure it at all.
So instead of protecting his master, it was better to make every effort to protect Miss Naran, so that his master no longer had weaknesses.
Since Wu Xing was useless alone, then Zhu Que would also protect her together. One in the dark; one beside her. This was just right.
Hexi was now accustomed to Nangong Yu arranging someone to protect her.
This guy was very strong in possessiveness. If she went against him, who knows what would he do.
Because Zhu Que’s name was too conspicuous, Hexi called her Qing Luan on weekdays.
Qing Luan grew up in the death warrior camp of King of Hell Mansion. She was not originally the most talented person. It was only through her persevering will and strong heart that she stayed to the end and passed the assessment.
Qing Luan was very cold-blooded by nature. In her eyes, there was only the command of the master. In her mind, there was only the word obedience.
For her, Hexi was just her mission target. She didn’t like or dislike her. Her usual expression was mostly cold.
It was only when Hexi concealed her Gold Core Stage’s cultivation with medicine, she would show some awkward expression.
Hexi liked Qing Luan’s character very much. She could separate herself from work which was better than the previous Zhu Que.
Suddenly, the door was pushed open by force.
A maid with a beautiful face, makeup on her face, and spiced perfume came into the house and said softly, “Third Miss, the young master asked me to take you to meet Master and Madam!”
As soon as she entered the room, she saw Hexi sitting on a deck chair with a normal look, and she immediately revealed a look of contempt and pride.
This Third Miss is really ugly. She doesn’t have any cultivation. Even I as a maid can’t compare with her. No wonder Master and Madam don’t like her.
Hexi raised her eyebrow. She said in a low tone, “Oh? Why did I hear that Madam was sick in bed some time ago, but now she can come out and meet people now?”[1]