The Legend of Futian
Chapter 1928 - All of You Together

Chapter 1928: All of You Together
The key to winning in the chess battle was the strength of one’s Great Path and their law power. The level of the Power of the Great Path contained within every chess piece was the same.
The person lost nine chess pieces to Ye Futian’s chess with the Great Path of the Sword. Clearly, his Power of the Great Path of Thunder was far inferior to Ye Futian’s Power of the Great Path of Attack.
The expression on the face of the person who attacked Ye Futian changed slightly. Then, Ye Futian pointed his finger toward the sky. The next moment, nine chess pieces appeared at the same time. Each of the nine chess pieces contained an incredibly powerful Sword Will. Moreover, every Sword Will seemed to be slightly different. Amidst the chess battle, they shook intensely while making crisp, whooshing sounds.
“Go.” Ye Futian waved his palm. In an instant, the nine chess pieces flew toward the Renhuang who attacked him before.
Feeling the Sword aura hidden with the chess pieces, the practitioner’s expression changed. His remaining 27 chess pieces flew over and transformed into a giant roaring thunder beast. Surrounded by the chess pieces, the illusion of a daunting thunder beast emerged. It devoured the sky and charged straight towards Ye Futian’s chess pieces.
Bzzt, bzzt… Sharp deafening sounds filled the air. The nine Great Path of the Sword chess pieces were devoured directly, and they vanished before everyone’s eyes.
However, in just an instant, the Sword Will pierced through the giant thunder beast and headed straight toward the practitioner. Seeing the incoming Sword Will whistle over, the practitioner quickly raised his arms in an attempt to block.
Vuong… The chess pieces drew another beautiful curve and turned around. The Power of Thunder on the chessboard disappeared, and the aura from the 27 chess pieces disappeared as well. Apart from that, the practitioner also used his own powers. The destruction of one’s chess pieces or the utilization of one’s own power in the match meant one’s elimination.
Then, looking at Ye Futian’s side, his nine chess pieces were still buzzing and hovering in front of him. They were still in perfect condition.
“Complete victory.”
All the cultivators present were slightly shocked when they saw the scene unfold before them. While a victory was common, Ye Futian eliminated his opponent in the first battle of this round without losing anything. That strength was definitely uncommon, and it made even more people pay attention to him.
Earlier, someone made the bold claim that there would be no suspense to this battle. Ye Futian would be the winner. Many thought that it was simply due to boasting. Now, it looked like this white-haired Renhuang’s strength was indeed quite overwhelming.
Perhaps he really was worthy of being considered a winner of this battle.
At that time, multiple chess pieces began to move and flew all over the gigantic chessboard. The other cultivators had also started to move.
The chess pieces of Liu Qing, the young city lord of Wushang City, danced in front of him. It was not one by one or perhaps in a group of nine. Instead, all 36 of his chess pieces flew out at the same time. They converged and created a giant ax. It was also filled with a violent Power of the Great Path of Thunder. It was also accompanied by a frightening dark gold airflow, which caused crackling sounds that filled the sky.
36 chess pieces flew into the sky before slashing down at a person in front of him. The person’s expression changed after sensing the power of the attack. 36 chess pieces danced and converged into an unbreakable spear before clashing against the descending chess pieces coming from the sky.
The thunder battle ax slashed downward, splitting the opponent’s spear into two and the accompanying chess pieces into smithereens.
“Such a potent attack.” The hearts of many cultivators trembled. Moreover, Liu Qing used all 36 of his chess pieces in his attack. He did not leave any space for himself at all. If his attack had failed to defeat his opponent and his chess pieces were restrained, it would be game over for him. Or if someone else had used the opportunity to sneak an attack on him and forced him to use his own strength to block it, he would also be eliminated.
It was incredible confidence.
Very few use all 36 of their chess pieces to initiate an attack.
Bai Gu, the Blood Empress, and the powerful cultivators also started making their moves one after another. The chess pieces in front of Bai Gu danced, twisted, and turned while a chilly and frightening aura sealed the sky around him, creating a Great Path of Ice Seal domain. Everything came from those chess pieces. Even when other chess pieces tried to attack him, it was difficult to get through this Ice-sealed Great Path domain.
At the same time, the twisting and turning chess pieces also converged and created a formidable giant ice dragon. Baring its claws and teeth, it breathed at a person in front of it. Its breath turned the air cold. The opponent wanted to initiate an attack. He poured his Power of the Great Path into his chess pieces, but the chess pieces were sealed with ice in front of the dragon’s breath, turning into ice. The chess pieces no longer seemed to have any strength.
“What incredible Frost Will,” Someone watching the battle outside the chessboard exclaimed after seeing the power of the Ice Seal. He then said, “Everyone battling on the chessboard is on the same level. It is easier to determine the strength of one’s Great Path. This chessboard matrix is truly an idea from a genius. Anyone who emerges as the victor must be the one with the strongest potential.”
In another location, the Blood Empress’ attack turned into a crimson red light. Crimson roses seemed to appear everywhere her chess pieces passed through. Under the beautiful outer appearances laid frightening crimson lightning that destroyed everything.
Apart from them, several others also displayed formidable strength.
However, Ye Futian, the young city lord of Wushang City Liu Qing, Bai Gu, and the Blood Empress were able to defeat their opponents without losing any of their chess pieces. It was as if the competition between them had already begun. None wanted to fall behind, and one was stronger than another.
“Let’s work together.”
The other participants transmitted their voices to each other. Liu Qing, Bai Gu, and the Blood Empress were all very powerful. There was no way they could win. Moreover, the white-haired Renhuang’s Great Path chess pieces were also incredible and were a great threat. If they fought alone, they would have no chance.
Close to Ye Futian, several Renhuang initiated their attacks at the same time. Chess pieces flew towards Ye Futian from three directions.
From the front, beams of golden light of the Great Path flashed. The chess pieces each converged into a tiny golden cauldron. 36 tiny cauldrons formed surrounded an area and charged towards him.
From another direction, strands of sharp sword auras flew towards Ye Futian.
From the last direction, Great Path chess pieces turned into a golden light that flew across the sky and shot straight at Ye Futian. The intention was to bypass Ye Futian’s chess pieces and directly attack his person, to force him into making a move.
The chess pieces around Ye Futian’s body started dancing at the same time. They hovered and circled his body. Multiple powerful Sword Wills flowed around the area and created a Great Path of the Sword domain that spread outward.
All 36 tiny cauldrons descended at the same time. When they entered the sword domain, crisp cracking sounds could be heard. In a single moment, the cauldrons transformed from chess pieces were crushed into pieces.
At the same time, the other attacks also arrived. However, the conclusion was the same. The moment their chess pieces entered the sword domain created by Ye Futian’s chess pieces, they would be directly destroyed. Their attacks looked like suicide attacks.
Many became speechless after witnessing this. Was the gap between their Great Paths so great? Moreover, even if they were using the same Great Path of the Sword, their strengths were on completely different levels.
The other battles were similar. Liu Qing and Bai Gu were also clearly on another level. However, at that time, Liu Qing encountered a very powerful opponent. It was the elderly man who had entered the chessboard just a little bit after him. In that battle, the old man got rid of nine of Liu Qing’s chess pieces. So, he was left with only 27 pieces.
The Blood Empress lost three chest pieces in her battles.
Only Bai Gu was like Ye Futian and did not lose a single chess piece. They were undamaged.
However, this could be due to the opponents they faced.
As the battle raged on, the number of people left decreased substantially. As predicted by the crowd, only four people remained on top of the chessboard.
Ye Futian, Liu Qing, Bai Gu, and the Blood Empress.
Coincidentally, they stood in four different locations. Ye Futian stood near Bai Gu while the Blood Empress was closer to Liu Qing.
The four of them fell silent for a moment as they examined each other. Liu Qing had the least amount of chess pieces left. It was still 27 pieces. The elder from earlier took down nine chess pieces in his violent attack formed by 36 chess pieces. It was incredibly difficult. However, in subsequent battles, he did not lose even one.
So, among the four, who would go next?
“You go down.” At that time, a voice emerged. It was Bai Gu’s voice. He was rather similar to Ye Futian in a way. They were both very handsome. Their handsomeness was more feminine due to their cultivation styles.
Ye Futian was affected by the Power of Yin, which caused him to carry a more feminine and somber air around him. Bai Gu also similarly cultivated in the Power of Ice. Perhaps it was due to their similarity, Bai Gu noticed Ye Futian first and decided to eliminate him.
Ye Futian’s eyes lit up. He glanced at Bai Gu. Bai Gu’s eyes were cold. A gaze would have been enough to make one feel cold.
“The three of you should fight first and decide a victor,” replied Ye Futian. he did not continue looking at Bai Gu. Hidden within his plain and calm tone was a sense of arrogance. This made the pupils of the others shrink as their faces distorted.
Did he mean that he wanted the three of them to fight first and decide a victor before fighting him?
It was as if the three of them were not worth his attention.
Bai Gu also looked perplexed. He and Ye Futian had all of their chess pieces. That was why he chose to eliminate Ye Futian first. However, unexpectedly, the guy was even more outrageous than him. An air of blood-like beauty and charm surrounded her, dissuading people from touching her.
The young city lord of Wushang City also looked at Ye Futian. He had the least chest pieces left, so the situation was disadvantageous for him. There was also no way he would let another person reap the benefits of a battle he was involved in. At that moment, Ye Futian seemed to have angered everyone.
After seeing that all three of them had shifted their gaze to look at him, Ye Futian remained calm and casually said, “Well, if that”s the case, all of you, together!”