The Legend of Futian
Chapter 2093 - Inquiry

Chapter 2093: Inquiry
Ye Futian gazed at Tie Tou and Blind Tie’s receding figures with a thoughtful look.
He caught a trace of energy coming from Bling Tie in the short moment just now. That kind of energy made Muyun Shu, an arrogant teenager, feel a thrill of fear. That was why he backed down.
Just as Ye Futian and Chen Yi expected, Blind Tie was not an average blacksmith.
On top of that, Muyun Shu probably knew about it.
Although Muyun Shu was still a young man, he was not a simpleminded boy. Judging from his usual insolent and haughty attitude and how he asked Tie Tou to get lost before, it was strange that he didn’t dare to block Blind Tie’s way.
With Muyun Shu’s temperament, he was unlikely to let Blind Tie off easily if Blind Tie was only an ordinary blind man.
Moreover, did Tie Tou attempt to release his Life Spirit in the end?
Tie Tou controlled himself and held back his power because of Blind Tie’s arrival. But he didn’t seem ordinary either.
Many people shifted their attention to Ye Futian after Blind Tie and Tie Tou were gone. Muyun Shu glanced at Ye Futian. His eyes were still filled with self-assured hubris and contempt. Although Muyun Shu was surprisingly talented, Ye Futian was not pleased with the young man’s attitude.
“It’s best for you to leave the village as soon as possible.” Muyun Shu didn’t show much fondness toward Ye Futian. He warned him with a cold stare.
“Why is that?” Ye Futian looked at Muyun Shu and asked.
“There is no why; I’m only offering my advice. It’s up to you whether you listen or not.” Then, Muyun Shu turned around and walked toward a group of people who were scrutinizing Ye Futian and Little Ling as though they were meddling outsiders who didn’t belong here.
“Let’s go.” Ye Futian looked at Little Ling, who was standing next to him, and reached his hand out to her.
The situation around them seemed to have scared Little Ling a bit. She looked nervous and anxious. Upon seeing Ye Futian’s hand, she raised her head to look at him. The gentle smile on Ye Futian’s face brought her some peace. She placed her hand in Ye Futian’s palm.
Ye Futian beamed and started walking while holding her hand. Little Ling also cracked a smile. The wide grin on Ye Futian’s face seemed to be contagious. It calmed her down and even helped her overcome her stress and anxiety.
Although they were surrounded by plenty of people, none of the onlookers stopped Ye Futian and the others from leaving. What happened here today was a squabble between teenagers, which had nothing to do with Ye Futian. Furthermore, outsiders were not allowed to pick a fight inside the village. Any visitor, regardless of their cultivation level, had to behave themselves in the village.
The crowd slowly dispersed after Ye Futian and Little Ling left. No one stayed around since the drama was over already.
Ye Futian didn’t pay much attention to others. Along with Little Ling, he quietly walked on the stone-paved path in the village. At this point, he certainly realized that Four Corner Village was not an ordinary place. None of the young men studying in the private school was an average teenager, let one Muyun Shu, who was an extremely talented boy.
On top of that, Blind Tie was an exceptional man as well. Even Tie Tou was hiding some secrets.
The voice of the teacher in the private school was like the Divine Music of the Great Path. Golden runes floated in midair when he was giving lessons.
The entire village gave Ye Futian a strange and mysterious vibe. It looked like that he needed some time to explore.
A lot of people were whispering and gossiping while watching Ye Futian walking through the village.
“What is Old Ma thinking? What’s the point of using a random guy to fill a rare opening?”
“Exactly. Everyone else either invited prominent cultivators in the Shangqing Domain, such as stars of the younger generation of the powerful forces or cooperated with top cultivators from the Outer Realms to achieve a mutually beneficial result.”
“This young man looks handsome and poised. I heard that he is not from the Shangqing Domain. But what can he bring to Old Ma? How will he compete with the others?” The crowd chattered incessantly.
Ye Futian didn’t fully understand some of the rules of Four Corner Village yet. He overheard people’s conversation and decided to find a chance to ask Old Ma about it when he got back.
“It’s not Old Ma’s fault. The boy of the Ma family was quite good back in the day. It’s a pity that he died so young. Old Ma only has Little Ling to keep him company now. He is not in good health either. Those top cultivators from the Shangqing Domain probably don’t want to stay in his family anyway. It looks like his family doesn’t have the luck on their side.”
Although the villagers kept their voice low, their gossip and whispers were caught by Ye Futian. Some people talked with compassion and sympathy, while some were simply gloating as if they were waiting to be amused by watching Old Ma make a fool of himself. There was no shortage of this type of people anywhere.
Four Corner village was no exception.
Ye Futian and the others returned to Little Ling’s home. Old Ma was still sitting quietly by himself outside of the house and seemed quite relaxed.
“Grandpa.” Little Ling walked over and buried her face in Old Ma’s lap. Old Ma rubbed her head and asked in a gentle voice, “Who upset you?”
“Muyun. He bullied Tie Tou and was not polite to Uncle Ye. He even asked Uncle Ye to leave the village,” said Little Ling. She explained her grievance to Old Ma since he was the only family she had in the village.
“That boy from the Muyun family is too impudent and conceited. Sooner or later, he will learn his lesson. Just don’t pay any attention to him,” Old Ma said quietly.
“I didn’t bother him. He blocked our way,” said Little Ling,” He also injured Tie Tou.”
“How is Tie Tou doing now? Is he okay?” Old Ma asked with concern.
“He is alright. Uncle Tie took him back,” Little Ling answered. Old Ma nodded and replied, “Tie Tou is a good boy. He will definitely have a bright future.”
“Yes, I think so too. Tie Tou said he will fly out of the village in the future,” Little Ling said with an innocent smile. Perhaps she didn’t know what a bright future meant yet. People in her age were still in a bewildered state about everything.
“I’m sure he will. Little Ling, you must be tired. You should go sleep,” Old Ma said with a loving smile.
“Alright.” Little Ling stood up and turned back to speak to Ye Futian and the others,” Uncle Ye, Sister Xia, you should get some rest too.”
“We will,” Ye Futian smiled and nodded. He was confused by the way she addressed them. He was fine with being called “Uncle Ye,” but why did she refer to Xia Qingyuan as a “sister”? Didn’t that make him one generation older than Xia Qingyuan?
After Little Ling was gone, Ye Futian looked at Old Ma and asked, “Can I stay here to have a short chat with you?”
“Have a seat,” Old Ma nodded. Ye Futian casually sat down in a chair on the other side of the door next to Old Ma.
Lounging in the chair, Ye Futian seemed to be at ease. He stared at the sky and asked, “Little Ling took us to the blacksmith shop just now. We met Tie Tou’s father, who has extraordinary ability in forging weapons. Even though he can’t see, he manages to produce flawless ironware. Do you know what happened to his eyes?”
“What do you mean what happened? Are you asking how he lost his sight?” Old Ma asked.
“Yes,” Ye Futian nodded and said.
“It’s been so many years. I don’t remember what happened exactly. I think he was a little aggressive in his younger days and lost an eye during a fight with some other people,” Old Ma cast his mind back to the past and answered.
“In that case, Mr. Tie knew about cultivation when he was young?” Ye Futian continued asking. Old Ma lived in the same village and should more or less know something about Blind Tie. Ye Futian had no reason to beat around the bush. He wanted to see how much Old Ma could tell him.
“Of course he knew about cultivation.” Old Ma had no intention to hide the truth. He nodded and answered, “Not only that, but Blind Tie was quite good when he was young!”