The Legend of Futian
Chapter 2499 - The Encounter

Chapter 2499: The Encounter
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At this time in Six Desires Heaven, inside the Domain of Path Obliteration, was a person sitting cross-legged. He was clad in all white and with a head of white hair; it was Ye Futian.
And above the firmament, the incomparable Rainbow Divine Tribulation was gathering, and it was incredibly terrifying. Obviously, it was Ye Futian who had brought on the divine tribulation.
Ye Futian had been experiencing the tribulation for several months by this time, repeating the tribulation, again and again, adapting to its power. At the same time, he was constantly tempering his own body, making himself stronger each time.
At this point, he was in a very delicate state. He had already survived most of the tribulation, and more than once. However, he had not completed the divine tribulation in its truest sense.
This time, he had made the final preparation and was ready to take on the full and complete divine tribulation, as he had now adapted to the strength of the divine tribulation. Although he had not experienced the final Law of the Great Path, this Domain of Path Obliteration ought to weaken the power of the divine tribulation as all Paths were obliterated within this domain.. He intended to use the Domain of Path Obliteration to guard against any unforeseen events.
Sitting in the middle of the Domain of Path Obliteration, Ye Futian was radiant all over, surrounded by divine light. His temperament had changed somewhat compared to before; the aura on his body was even more potent. Above the firmament, Rainbow Divine Tribulation was converging and covering the entire city, shrouding the infinite area of the Six Desires Heaven.
What they were seeing before them was enough to send all the cultivators around the Domain of Path Obliteration fleeing, and they dared not approach any closer. The power of destruction and its aftermath were enough to kill them on the periphery and destroy everything in this domain.
“This is so powerful. Who is this mysterious cultivator?” Renhuang, who had avoided this area, now looked beyond the firmament and saw that the power of the Rainbow Divine Tribulation was terrifying. Even when they had gotten far away from the center of the divine tribulation, they could still feel the suppression of its divine might, and there was a terrible sense of oppression.
The Rainbow Divine Tribulation above the firmament descended and went through the Domain of Path Obliteration. In this domain, the force of the tribulation had indeed been weakened. Then, it fell on Ye Futian. However, Ye Futian was no longer the person he was once. He sat quietly, cross-legged, allowing the divine tribulation to baptize him without wavering in the slightest.
He had already endured the brunt of the divine tribulation many times, and every time it was a repeat, so now it no longer posed a threat to him. The first time was the most ruthless, causing him to suffer serious injuries. However, his strength had been transformed so much that his power was equivalent to the level after divine tribulation.
Can all this be endured? the cultivators in the distance thought to themselves. However, they saw the divine tribulation came down again and again, but there was no movement inside the Domain of Path Obliteration. It was as if that mysterious cultivator was calmly welcoming the divine tribulation.
As time went by, above the firmament, the cloud of tribulation pressing down low in the sky, creating a scene of the apocalypse. There was a terrifying storm gathering in the center of the cloud of tribulation, where there seemed to be a figure appearing.
“This is?” Ye Futian raised his head to look at the heavens through the Domain of Path Obliteration. In the center of that destructive storm in the sky, he saw a figure, like that of a deity.
When Hua Jieyu was experiencing her tribulation, Ye Futian had also seen a phantom, but it was not as real as the one in front of him. Hua Jieyu was facing the Tribulation of Law, but at this moment, this figure in front of him seemed to be a spirit born out of the divine tribulation. It looked like a real living body, the divine tribulation personified.
“This…” Ye Futian had learned about divine tribulations before, but what was this before his eyes?
It seemed not to belong to any category of law, but Ye Futian did feel a very strong sense of threat. It seemed as if it could take his life.
The Divine tribulation would not allow him to exist in this world.
Ye Futian clasped his hands together, and the Light of Buddha was suddenly set ablaze. He was brightly shining through the sky, as his divine body was flowing. The surrounding Domain of Path Obliteration seemed to be affected, as the power of Path Obliteration converged upon his physical form. At the same time, he had cast the Acalanatha Battle Form, the Mahavairocana Battle Form, and the Void Battle Form.
At this moment, the Buddhas were all around him, and he seemed to have incarnated as a real great Buddha so that the entire Domain of Path Obliteration was shining with the most brilliant Light of Buddha.
“It’s a great Buddha!” the cultivator from afar exclaimed when they saw the Light of Buddha lit up inside the Domain of Path Obliteration.
“Well, it is indeed a Buddhist cultivator whose method was profound. He must be a descendant of a top Buddha Lord in Western Heaven. Only the descendants of the top Buddha Lords in the Western Heaven would possess such talents. But this great Buddha is extremely low-key and loathes being revealed in front of the others. He came here to experience the tribulation probably because he wanted to leverage this Domain of Path Obliteration. His tribulation is far too horrific.” Many cultivators talked amongst themselves; they had all mistaken Ye Futian for some great Buddha from the Western Heaven.
Above the sky, the figure that appeared looked down. At a glance, he saw the light of catastrophe everywhere, penetrating the space. He pointed to the area below, firmly locking onto Ye Futian’s body. A straightforward light appeared between heaven and earth.
The Domain of Path Obliteration could not stop the power emitted from this finger as it penetrated through directly. The terrific attack fell on Ye Futian’s defense as all the Buddhas were shattered and pulverized. The battle forms began to crack, then fell apart in pieces.
This finger ignored everything and hit the final defense that was the Acalanatha Battle Form.
Boom! Ye Futian’s body was knocked back, and that finger penetrated his body, as well as his divine consciousness, and penetrated the Domain of Path Obliteration.
Boom! There was another loud bang. Ye Futian was shot down from the Domain of Path Obliteration to the ground instantly; even the ground was punched through. The terrifying light of catastrophe above the firmament fell down with it, and everything below was integrating and collapsing, turning into ruins.
“This…” The cultivator in the distance felt a violent tremor in their hearts. Was this world-destroying power really a tribulation that was meant to test the cultivator?
This was not a test but destruction—a bona fide destruction that would not allow his continued existence.
“Will that great Buddha fall under the tribulation?” Everyone’s heart palpitated as they looked at the ground that was punched through.
The destructive cloud of tribulation that hovered above the sky gradually dissipated, and the figure disappeared as well. Soon, a light appeared, and everything returned to normal, bathing under the light. Everyone felt the oppression just now had entirely disappeared in an instant.
Many shadows flickered, looking towards the place where Ye Futian had fallen. At the same time, countless divine consciousness swept over that way and penetrated into the ground.
“No one?” Some cultivators looked quite shocked; there was no one in the ground that was punched through.
The hearts of many palpitated. Could it be that that mighty great Buddha, who was experiencing the divine tribulation, had perished like this? His soul and spirit dispersed under the divine tribulation. And nothing was left of him?
Under that frightening power that could destroy the world, such possibility existed.
“Did he perish?” someone whispered.
“Probably. Unfortunately, we don’t even know who he was,” someone added.
“The power was great. It must have been a great Buddha. What a pity to perish under the tribulation.”
Between heaven and earth, there were sighs and exclamations. All these people were feeling sorry for the “fall” of a potentially powerful figure.
Such a great Buddha should not perish here like this.
They had never heard of, nor had they ever seen a divine tribulation such as this.

A month later, many powerful cultivators came to Six Desires Heaven to investigate the matter of the divine tribulation. The cultivators from the Western World of Buddhism were also among those who came to investigate.
That divine tribulation had caused a great sensation. People at this level must be the existence of genius talents in Buddhism. However, there had not been anyone at this level in the Buddhist Sect who had recently experienced divine tribulation, nor had any of them perish.
So, who was it exactly?
Still, no one thought of Ye Futian. After all, his realm was still quite far away from experiencing divine tribulation. No one could have known that he would be ready for the divine tribulation just as he entered the Ninth-Realm.
In Six Desires Heaven, before the Domain of Path Obliteration, a man appeared, and it was Saint Zhenchan.
In the beginning, they came to Six Desires Heaven to intercept and kill Ye Futian, and it was here that he was gravely injured by Ye Futian using the divine body. Everyone from Zhenchan Temple had fallen here in this Domain of Path Obliteration, except for him. He also heard that there was a mysterious cultivator not long ago who was experiencing divine tribulation in this Domain of Path Obliteration.
Vaguely, he felt something was not right, but he didn’t associate the phenomenon with Ye Futian.
Even if Ye Futian had broken into the Ninth-Realm, he was still a long way away from divine tribulation.
Then, who was the Buddhist cultivator that was experiencing the tribulation here?
And it was said that the person failed and fell under the tribulation.
He glanced coldly at the Domain of Path Obliteration in front of him, and his murderous intent toward Ye Futian was a little stronger. However, until now, he had not found a trace of Ye Futian. Perhaps, he had really left already.
Even so, he would continue to hunt him down.
The divine consciousness of Saint Zhenchan covered this boundless space as his gaze swept through the empty space below. At this moment, Saint Zhenchan was stunned with a strange look on his face. In the area that was scanned by his divine consciousness, countless faces appeared. Inside a city, a figure in white was walking quietly on the street, appearing careless and at ease.
This man in white had a head of silvery-white hair. He was handsome, with a devil-may-care attitude, full of unrestrained spirits.
It was none other than Ye Futian.
It was all so effortless. Just as he was searching for Ye Futian everywhere, here he was—right in front of him.
In a direction far away, Ye Futian also seemed to have sensed something. He raised his head and glanced in the distance. He knew that Saint Zhenchan had arrived.
There was a smile on Saint Zhenchan’s face, but it was an icy smile. This time, he wanted to see just how Ye Futian would escape.
As soon as he took a step, Saint Zhenchan disappeared from where he was. However, at the same moment he took that step, Ye Futian had also disappeared!