The Legend of Futian
Chapter 46: The Girl Was in Love

Chapter 46: The Girl Was in Love
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The Guqin Gardens had an elegant environment with pavilions, bamboo, and rocks. It was quiet and comfortable.
A group of people arrived in front of one of the pavilions. They saw a girl, about twenty-years-old, come out of the pavilion. She greeted Tang Lan, “Hi, Professor Tang.”
“Nie Bing, this is Mr. Hua and his disciple,” Tang Lan made the introductions. “This is my first disciple, Nie Bing. The younger ones are now cultivating in Donghai Academy. Don’t worry, I won’t let Ye Futian see them.”
Ye Futian smiled wryly. His reputation had been ruined by Hua Fengliu.
“Mr. Hua,” Nie Bing greeted Hua Fengliu.
“The place you used to live in has been kept vacant, but it’s clean, so you can stay there,” Tang Lan told Hua Fengliu.
“Thank you.” Hua Fengliu nodded.
“If you had gratitude, you would not have left me.” Tang Lan still resented him because of their past. Hua Fengliu did not refute this. He responded with nothing but silence.
“Ms. Tang, my Professor has been missing you all this time. He told me many times that he had failed someone and he played the guqin every time this memory came back,” Ye Futian spoke for Hua Fengliu. Tang Lan looked at Ye Futian with suspicion. “Is that true?”
“Of course.” Ye Futian looked serious. “I did not know who that person was but today after meeting you, Ms. Tang, I totally understand that feeling.”
Tang Lan looked into the crystal bright eyes of the boy, and she started to believe he was telling the truth. She turned toward Hua Fengliu, and he was shaking his head, sighing. “It’s all just in the past.”
“Okay, you do have some last shreds of a conscience.” Tang Lan finally believed him. Yu Sheng was surprised that Ye Futian was able to help Hua Fengliu gain forgiveness from his old flame.
“Nie Bing, go get my guqin,” Tang Lan told her. Nie Bing left and soon returned with a guqin in her arms. Hua Fengliu was overcome with emotion. “Thank you for repairing Duyou for me.”
“Duyou used to be your favorite guqin. Now it’s time to return it to you.” Nie Bing gave it to Hua Fengliu.
Hua Fengliu took the guqin and strummed the strings with his fingers. They heard a unique sound coming out of the guqin, which brought the audience into an empty and secluded world, as if it had magical powers.
“Wow, an artifact.” Ye Futian was awed. Objects enhanced with spells were called artifacts.
“Ye Futian, come here. It belongs to you now.” Hua Fengliu handed the guqin over to Ye Futian. Tang Lan was confused about this. She had realized that Hua Fengliu would give this disciple everything. For the Guqin Devil, this guqin was almost as important as his life.
Ye Futian took it carefully with both hands and replied with a smile. “Professor, I will not let you down.”
“I believe you,” Hua Fengliu laughed. He knew Ye Futian was genuinely talented. He just needed time to hone his power.
“What’s your plan now? Don’t think about revenge. I always wanted to destroy his natal spirit because of what he did to you, but he was just too powerful,” Tang Lan said. Hua Fengliu knew who she was talking about. It was his long-time nemesis, the Art Saint.
“I did not come here for revenge. I brought Ye Futian here to attend Donghai Academy. However, since the Spring Term Admission Test has ended, I’m afraid that he will have to wait until next year. You’ve stayed in this city all these years, do you know if there is anything I can do to get Ye Futian into that academy?” Hua Fengliu asked Tang Lan.
Tang Lan shook her head and answered, “Unless someone of high authority at the academy asked for him personally.”
Hua Fengliu frowned, looking like he was thinking hard.
“Professor, why do I have to attend Donghai Academy?” Ye Futian asked.
“In The City of Qingzhou, Qingzhou Academy is a sacred place, and the official students of Qingzhou Academy have a high social status in the city. Most of the important people of that city graduated from that academy. Even the Lord of the City is supposed to show respect to Qingzhou Academy.” Hua Fengliu answered his question. “It’s the same for Donghai Academy. However, Donghai Academy is even more remarkable. Donghai Academy is not the only academy in this city, but it is the oldest one, founded more than three hundred years ago, when this continent was in severe conflict. The initial founding of this academy was intended to serve the major families in this city, and this purpose has not changed.”
“So, you mean Donghai Academy is more than just a school?” Ye Futian asked curiously.
“Correct. Donghai Academy is far more powerful and complex than you’d think. If you attend Donghai Academy, your safety will be better ensured,” Hua Fengliu explained. Ye Futian nodded, realizing that Hua Fengliu had a more significant plan in mind. Otherwise, they would not have come here.
“I met your professor at Donghai Academy.” Tang Lan sounded sad as if some past memory had just popped into her mind.
“In fact, we were about your age.” Hua Fengliu was smiling.
“What a beautiful time it was. I was willing to devote my most precious youth to you, but soon after you met her,” Tang Lan kept speaking.
“I made a mistake.” Hua Fengliu was embarrassed.
“You feel guilty?” Tang Lan was mad, and she being sarcastic with Hua Fengliu, “To be honest, I was not as beautiful as that girl, but as far as talents and power, I was considered to be the top of my class. Why did I devote myself to the wrong man?”
“I’m tired, Ye Futian, help me go back to my room.” Hua Fengliu tried to close his eyes. “Yes,” Ye Futian responded.
He lifted Hua Fengliu onto his back and carried him to his room. Tang Lan still looked like she was mad at what had happened in the past but since Hua Fengliu had lost his ability to walk, she began to sympathize and warm up to him.
Ye Futian carried Hua Fengliu into the room and asked, “Professor, Jieyu’s mother was the princess of the Nandou family, just like my Jieyu. Is she also studying at Donghai Academy now?”
“You need to find out for yourself.” Hua Fengliu smiled.
“Okay.” Ye Futian nodded and left Hua Fengliu to rest. He went back to Tang Lan, and she said to Ye Futian, “Looks like you guys are getting along with each other.”
“Professor was injured because of me,” Ye Futian said. “He was trying to protect me, reactivated his natal spirit, and suffered this irreversible injury as a result. Is there any possibility that he could be cured by someone in this city?”
“That is nuts.” Tang Lan was shocked by what Hua Fengliu had done for Ye Futian. “To cure him, we would need a special Mandate Sorcerer who is a healing sorcerer with mental power. Besides, he would have to be more powerful than your professor. It would be almost impossible to find someone like that.”
“There is not a single person in the City of Donghai?” Ye Futian’s hope was rebuilt. He would do anything he could to cure Hua Fengliu.
“In fact, there is.” Tang Lan had thought of someone. She realized Ye Futian was looking at her with expectation, so she told him, “Just give up. Your professor would be happy enough that you are even thinking about how to cure him.”
“Please Ms. Tang, tell me.” Ye Futian looked stubborn.
“He’s not going to do it,” Tang Lan shook her head.
Ye Futian was disappointed. He understood that Tang Lan had her reasons for not telling him.
“Goodbye, boy. Take care of your professor and get a good rest,” Tang Lan said.
“Thanks, Ms. Tang.” Ye Futian knew that Ms. Tang had helped them a lot by letting them stay there, and he was grateful. “Professor is so lucky to have you.”
“This is life,” Tang Lan sighed.
“Which part of Professor attracted you to him in the first place?” Ye Futian asked.
“Boy, he was handsome,” Tang Lan answered and left, leaving Ye Futian standing there, surprised.
Yu Sheng looked him in the face, then mumbled, “No wonder why so many girls like you. You do have a pretty face.”
Ye Futian pretended to be mad and stared at Yu Sheng. However, when he turned around, he couldn’t stop laughing.

He was so eager to cultivate at Donghai Academy. This academy was apparently the best in all of the East Sea Prefecture.
In fact, countless people came to this academy every year and tried their best to be admitted. However, only those with extraordinary talents could become students. The rest just gave up their first choice and went to the academies that were not as excellent. This was why everyone in Donghai Academy could be considered geniuses, and a virtuous cycle was formed that let this academy become even more powerful over time.
The powerful sorcerers such as the Guqin Devil, Art Saint, and Tang Lan had all attended Donghai Academy. For a powerful family like Nandou, Donghai Academy had become the first and only choice for their offspring.
Meanwhile, at Donghai Academy, a beautiful girl was inscribing. She was about sixteen-years-old, and she was focused entirely on her work. This concentration shed a holy glow on her body.
“Hua Jieyu,” someone called her. Another pretty girl had entered. She was not as gorgeous as the one inscribing though.
“What’s going on?” Hua Jieyu paused her work and looked at the girl.
“Someone is inviting you to dinner.” She smiled at Hua Jieyu.
“A guy?” Hua Jieyu asked peacefully.
“No, it’s a girl, and all she wants is to be overshadowed by your beauty at the dinner,” the girl said jokingly.
“I’m sorry, I can’t go.” Hua Jieyu picked up her pen.
The girl looked awkward. “Why don’t you even ask who he is?”
“I can’t go,” Hua Jieyu insisted. The girl almost gave up.
“Can’t you at least try this time? I promise you this is one of the greatest boys at this academy,” the girl tried for the last time.
“I have a boyfriend,” Hua Jieyu explained. The girl was surprised and asked, “You’re not making this up, are you?”
Hua Jieyu shook her head. The girl realized she was serious. She sighed. “Oh my, so many boys at this academy are going to have broken hearts. Is this boy at the academy?”
“No,” Hua Jieyu answered.
“Is he an amazing boy? It must be really difficult to get you to fall in love,” the girl said.
The image of Ye Futian came into her mind, then she suddenly started smiling. That smile was soul-capturing. It was utterly irresistible, even for the girl next to her.
“He’s a bad boy.” Hua Jieyu didn’t stop smiling. That smile was so sweet!
The girl could see that Hua Jieyu was definitely not lying. She looked like she was in love!