The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 542

Chapter 542: The Black Swan

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The strongest students in the outer court were the one-word battle armor masters, with the exception of higher grade students who had already entered the inner court. They were still considered outer court students before they participated in the inner court examination. There were only two such students, Mo Jue and Like Qiankun.
That was why they were the powerhouses of the inner court.
She was not called the strongest in the outer court for no reason. Many students’ faces turned fanatical when Mo Jue walked onto the stage. She was their idol!
Shortly after this, Mo Jue and Li Qiankun were scheduled to enter the inner court together for the trial. They could join Shrek Academy’s inner court students and acquire great privilege as long as they passed the trial.
Mo Jue represented the third grade in the third match. This basically meant a sure win for third grade class one in the third match!
After three one-against-one matches, the final result would be determined by a two-against-two match. The only question was who would represent first and second grade’s side, and whether that person was capable of posing a challenge to Mo Jue in the upcoming match.
Ye Xinglan was also walking to the competition stage step by step in a similar manner. She was silent and did not exchange information much with her companions before she ascended the stage. However, her entire demeanor began to change as soon as she stepped onto the competition stage’s pedestal.
Ye Xinglan brought an indescribable constrained feeling to the ordinary students as if she were a stormy cloud, ready to break out at any moment.
“She is suppressing herself.” Yali stared in astonishment at Ye Xinglan as she ascended to the stage slowly.
Mo Jue arrived onstage one step before Ye Xinglan. She had only taken one glance before she saw her opponent walking from the opposite side, drawn in by the vital energy.
Yet another girl competitor. The first and second grade’s team sent out female students for all three one against one matches.
Compared to Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo, Ye Xinglan had a less stellar reputation in the outer court. First of all, she was the last to enter the outer court. Secondly, she usually kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public unless she was attending class.
Her presence was noticeable only because she joined Tang Wulin’s little group. But Tang Wulin shone so brightly that most people noticed only him but had little knowledge of his other group members. Only the opponents of Yuanen Yehui and Wu Siduo could truly understand that Tang Wulin wasn’t the only powerful one in the group; every member could hold their own.
Ye Xinglan ascended the stage. The entire crowd grew quiet once again.
Xu Lizhi had already stood up under the stage, tightly clenching his fists.
Just as third grade class one’s students investigated them, they had similarly investigated the students from third grade class one. Mo Jue was one of the two one-word battle armor masters in the class!
In the third one against one match, Ye Xinglan had the imposing prospect of facing up against the strongest opposition in the end.
Elder Cai peered at Ye Xinglan once, then she looked toward Mo Jue and announced, “Begin.”
This time was different from the previous match where the two parties abruptly dashed toward each other. After Elder Cai had announced the start of the fight, neither competitor launched an attack at first.
The light around Mo Jue’s body had visibly dimmed. She walked forth slowly. With every step, the dimness increased. Circles upon circles of soul rings arose from the bottom of her feet.
Purple! Purple! Purple! Purple! Purple! There were five impressive purple-colored soul rings.
A thousand-year spirit soul was capable of withstanding three soul rings. In other words, there were two thousand-year spirit souls in Mo Jue’s body right now. However, one would notice upon closer inspection that the two outer soul rings behind were a deeper color, the dominant feature of a ten thousand year soul ring.
The spirit ascension platform was capable of raising the spirit soul into a higher level. Outstanding genius soul masters could possibly enhance their soul rings’ level through the spirit ascension platform, but the process of advancing became more difficult with more soul rings.
However, it was very apparent that Mo Jue would certainly advance her fourth and fifth soul rings to a ten thousand year level in the future. At the same time, five soul rings also implied that she was a Soul King!
She was a five soul ring King-level powerhouse. Mo Jue was nineteen years old this year. Not only had she attained Soul King level at this age, but she was also a one-word battle armor master. This only occurred frequently in Shrek Academy. As a sure inner court student, she was one of the strongest in the outer court present.
One after another, black feathers emerged from within her long hair. The feathers spread from her hair down to her body, following which the force on her body became thicker.
It was the Black Swan! This was Mo Jue’s martial soul.
The swan had always been the supremely elegant living creature among the soul beasts. Ordinary swan-type soul beasts were skilled in recovery type abilities. Legend spoke of a being named the Emerald Swan, one of the Ten Great Beasts. Her cultivation base was also the top among the Ten Great Beasts.
Even so, Mo Jue’s Black Swan was not skilled in recovery, nor was she an auxiliary-type soul master. She was a true soul master, an assault type who was an expert in casting all sorts of spells and long-range attacks. Her reputation in the third grade class one had triumphed even Li Qiankun.
If Li Qiankun was the mainstay if third grade class one, then the Black Swan Mo Jue was the spiritual pillar of third grade class one.
There were always a few important personages in each grade of Shrek Academy’s outer court. Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, and Duan Hunxiao were undoubtedly the stars of second grade. The third grade had Li Qiankun and Mo Jue. Just as with the present situation of the first grade, it was extremely rare for many students to achieve this level.
Ye Xinglan stopped moving toward Mo Jue, who was walking slowly ahead. Ye Xinglan’s gaze was determined. She would never allow her opponent, a one-word battle armor master, to affect her will to fight.
She stood on the same spot, her entire body straight as a javelin. She did not release her soul rings but continued to stand there. The force of her whole body was rising and withdrawing continuously.
Mo Jue squinted her eyes, her sharp senses telling her that this opponent was anything but ordinary. She was not careless. As a fellow Shrek Academy student, she was aware that the academy was rich with monsters.
Wu Rui seemed unassailable, but he was defeated. Ye Wu obviously had the upper hand, yet he too was taken down.
It was her turn now. She would never act recklessly no matter how advantageous it seemed.
The Black Swan of darkness attribute.
Mo Jue raised her right hand, and as the first soul ring on her body flashed, her right hand touched the space in the direction of Ye Xinglan.
A ghastly sight suddenly materialized. A gigantic black skull appeared out of thin air and flew toward Ye Xinglan.
It was at this exact split-second that Ye Xinglan finally moved.
Her whole body glowed with a dazzling radiance as a streak of sword’s consciousness shot out from her body in a half a second. The intensity of the consciousness caused the arena’s protective shield to give a shudder.
A ghastly scene emerged at once. A gigantic black-colored skull appeared out of thin air and flew toward Ye Xinglan.
The sword’s energy was awe-inspiring. Like a meteor, she dashed straight at Mo Jue.
Incredibly, the black skull in the air dissipated as soon as Ye Xinglan moved.
Shock flashed in Mo Jue’s eyes. How was this possible? The skull was her first soul skill, Weakness Curse.
Physical and elemental defenses were ineffective against the Weakness Curse. Once someone was hit, they would sink into a period of weakness lasting ten seconds while at least twenty percent of their soul power would be suppressed. Only a spirit type soul skill was capable of resisting it.
But Ye Xinglan was obviously not launching a spirit-type ability. It was the sword’s consciousness, the sword’s consciousness! The condensed sword’s consciousness of hers collapsed the Weakness Curse immediately.
How could her sword’s consciousness be so powerful at such a young age?
While her expression changed to fear, Mo Jue waved her arms as two pitch black light orbs fused in front of her body. Simultaneously a pair of black wings spread out behind her back. With a flap of her wings, she floated into the air.
In the split second when the two black orbs fused, a dark green skull emerged. Upon appearing, the skull shot a stream of dark green flames in Ye Xinglan’s direction.