The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Shocking Everyone Present

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Ye Xinglan’s battle method shocked the entire crowd. This proved that an ordinary soul master was not completely helpless when faced with a battle armor master.
The Holy Spirit Douluo personally picked up Ye Xinglan from the battleground to send her to Tang Wulin and the others.
“She isn’t in any danger, but her body has been overtaxed and needs some rest. She cannot participate in the competition later, so I didn’t wake her. She’s such an extraordinary girl.” Yali expressed her heartfelt praise.
Gu Yue and Xu Xiaoyan received Ye Xinglan together. They did not utter a word, but everyone’s eyes were burning with raging flames.
Ye Xinglan did not lose the match. She was the true winner in their hearts!
Through sheer determination, she relied on her four-ringed cultivation base to fend off a five-ringed one-word battle armor master! It was apparent that Mo Jue was incapable of participating in the competition later.
“We have to win the group match,” Tang Wulin muttered.
Before the competition began, they had never thought that the first and second grade’s allied team could achieve the final victory. However, when Ye Xinglan descended from the sky and slammed Mo Jue to the ground, piercing through her battle armor, everyone’s fighting spirit was ignited.
‘So what if she’s a one-word battle armor master? Whoever said we wouldn’t be able to defeat such a person? We’re going to win. Victory will be ours!’
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stared at each other as Yuanen Yehui walked over from the side quietly to receive Ye Xinglan.
There was an unspeakable atmosphere rising among them. Everyone’s expression smouldered in that single moment.
The first grade class one’s section in the audience was similarly silent at present. They did not cheer from their defeat but Ye Xinglan’s loss was even more shocking than their two previous victories.
It felt as if their blood was on fire, burning with an indomitable and unyielding will to fight.
Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran were sitting in the front row.
Each of them wore a different expression.
They had been trying hard to strengthen their resolve all this time and had been making great effort to chase after the footsteps before them.
Yet, that moment earlier made them feel like the footsteps they were chasing after were not getting any closer. On the contrary, the distance was growing more significant.
Ye Xinglan had been undefeatable in their eyes!
Disparity! This was a disparity!
Luo Guixing clenched his fists subconsciously until his nails actually pierced into the soft flesh of his palms. Xu Yucheng’s countenance was fluctuating violently as his eyes never left Ye Xinglan the whole time.
“From this day forth, she is my goddess,” Xu Yucheng muttered coldly.
The group gave him a sidelong glance. He pursed his lips, but his gaze was burning.
His face showed not an ounce of emotional fluctuation. There was only a fierce will to fight in his eyes. Looking at Ye Xinglan’s body, he knew what his destiny would be. So what if his body was weak? So what if his spirit soul had a low ranking? That was all because he dared not try. How could one make it to the peak of the world without taking a risk?
Natural talent was one matter; having no limits was another. Only a truly uncontrollable person could stand at the peak of the world!
Zheng Yiran’s gaze had slightly dimmed. She had always felt defiant toward Tang Wulin’s group but now, she realized that she was far behind them.
Yang Nianxia’s gaze was deep. He did not look at Ye Xinglan, but at the person who was standing below the stage; the heart of the group.
He puffed up his chest as his gaze burned with dazzling flames. Ye Xinglan’s battle had not only shown everyone her powers, but also her trust in her companions. She used her actions to ignite everyone’s fervor before leaving the rest to this young man and her teammates.
Yang Nianxia had clearly seen Ye Xinglan tilt her head in Tang Wulin’s direction before she went unconscious. He would certainly have noticed it as well.
“Extraordinary! The young people of today are truly extraordinary!” The Scarlet Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu muttered to himself on the rostrum.
On this very rare occasion, Zhuo Shi did not refute Feng Wuyu’s words. “Yes! That little girl is even wilder than you back in the day. I have to acknowledge that this generation’s first grade is truly the strongest of the century. This little girl is not only wild, but her ferocity is tempered with her impeccable battle tactics. All her might in the beginning was to conceal the Stargod Sword’s skill in that final split second. If I’m not mistaken, the Stargod Sword’s final attack with the sword was using the Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. It was indeed because she closed the distance between them that the one-word battle armor master skilled in long-range attacks took such an enormous amount of damage. Not only did this little girl confuse the enemy, she even deluded us in that split second. A fierce and intelligent maiden will certainly achieve outstanding feats in the future. I think that she can become one of the candidates for the new generation of Shrek Seven Monsters.”
Elder Cai stood on the stage. It took her a long while to calm down as well. Pride flashed in her eyes as all the outer court students were considered her disciples. She was concerned about the third grade’s momentum in this upcoming match…
“Two against two, let the contestants from both parties enter the stage,” Elder Cai spoke dully.
A boy and girl were sent from the third grade class one’s side. Two students with an eighty percent similar appearance stood up and marched toward the competition stage in unison.
On the other side, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue walked side by side from the first and second grade alliance team. They walked in great strides as they ascended the competition stage.
The pair of students from third grade class one were exuding a strong aura which they were obviously suppressing. Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were similarly calm, but it was the calm of a volcano about to erupt.
“Third grade class one, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian!”
“First grade class one, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue!”
The two parties introduced themselves, causing the audience to finally become animated once again.
Those were Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian! They were twins — brother and sister — so they had the best understanding between them when it came to teamwork and the martial soul fusion skill. They were the backbone of the strongest group in third grade class one. The brother and sister duo were both assault-type soul masters. They were known as the unbeatables and were very incisive.
“The allied team is sending out first grade students again. That girl earlier was also from first grade, right? The first graders from this batch are so powerful! It’s surprising that they’re also sending out first graders for the two against two match.”
“I bet you don’t know this. That Tang Wulin is actually the class monitor for first grade class one. Even though he only has three soul rings, he’s a rank-5 Blacksmith. Despite having so many geniuses in first grade class one, they seem to be very convinced of his abilities. Gu Yue is supposed to be the assistant class monitor, but I’ve never heard about them being skilled in a two-against-two match.”
“We’ll just wait and see. They said that the first and second grade once competed in an exchange competition last year but the first graders won the competition in the end.”
“That’s impossible! Yuanen Yehui from second grade class one is so powerful! I bet no one from third grade is a match for her without a set of one-word battle armor. Do you think that the first grader is capable of defeating them?”
“How’s that impossible? Didn’t you see how powerful Ye Xinglan was earlier? The junior brothers and sisters of today are really formidable. If we don’t put in more effort, I’m afraid that we won’t be worthy opponents for them anymore.”
“Let’s watch the competition then. It’s about to begin. Their powers will prove everything.”
This was the chatter going on below the stage. On the sparring arena, Elder Cai did not immediately announce the start of the competition. She took a look at the two parties in turn, and her gaze lingered on the figures of Gu Yue and Tang Wulin for a little while longer before she shouted the announcement, “Let the match begin!”
Two blasts of an intense fiery glow leapt up from the twins’ bodies in a flash following the announcement.
Not only that, they flung their arms out simultaneously as pieces of battle armor flew out from their spatial rings and attached to their bodies.
Their armor was a fiery red color with faint flame patterns on the surface. Each of them had five pieces of armor including pairs of gauntlets and vambraces, pauldrons and rerebraces, along with waist support and war-kilts.