The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 547

Chapter 547: Crushed

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The twins were only twelve years old when they first entered Shrek Academy and had just turned eighteen years old recently. They owned five pieces of battle armor each and still had more to do before they could possess their own complete sets. In two years’ time, they would have the opportunity to become one-word battle armor masters and enter the inner court.
Most importantly, as martial soul fusion skill cultivators, the academy could very possibly allocate more time for them.
Flames leaped up as the bodies of both siblings changed. A low raging roar was heard. Their martial souls were both of the fire attributes, but they were completely different.
A muffled lion’s roar echoed from Li Mengyang’s body, while a deep tiger’s howl came from Li Mengtian.
The lion’s roar and tiger’s howl were both heard at once. The powerful force rushed directly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue across the arena.
Two yellow and two purple. These were colors of the Li siblings’ soul rings. They were both at four soul ring Soul Ancestor rank.
Tang Wulin dashed out. When the opposition was releasing their martial souls and battle armor, he had already advanced forward. Two golden soul rings appeared on his body in a flash.
Even though he understood that the Bluesilver Grass’ third soul skill, Bluesilver Golden Array, was capable of limiting the opponent’s elemental attribute and weakening their power, at that moment Tang Wulin was suppressing a savage fury in his heart. He did not want to use any skills. He just wanted to crush his opponent in the most devastating way possible and vent the rage he felt inside.
Gu Yue walked forward slowly. Layers of an otherworldly luminescence shimmered around her body. There seemed to be countless rays of light gathering toward her in the air. Her eyes were staring straight at the figure of Tang Wulin the whole time. Her gaze never left him even for a moment.
Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian took a step forward in perfect unison. Their movements were synced as though they were a single person. Even their soul rings glowed at the same time.
The twins’ hair turned to a blazing red color. They skipped a step and dashed toward Tang Wulin.
The first golden soul ring shimmered as golden scales covered his entire body rapidly. His Golden Dragon Claw rushed forward. Facing two opponents alone, Tang Wulin was fearless.
He did not bother looking at Li Mengtian as his left leg stomped once on the ground, and he arrived before Li Mengyang in a flash. The Golden Dragon Claw formed into a fist as he punched straight at his opponent.
Li Mengyang scoffed. The scorching hot flames were blazing and surrounded his right fist. He expelled a ball of flame from his mouth, spitting it at Tang Wulin’s face.
Tang Wulin did not even try to dodge the flames spat out by his opponent. His right fist continued to punch forward.
Without a sound, an Ice Wall emerged in front of the two combatants. When the flames were spat onto the Wall, it melted in an instant, but the fiery breath was also extinguished in the process. Tang Wulin’s fist was just about to strike Li Mengyang’s face at the same time the Ice Wall melted.
Without a doubt, the Ice Wall was summoned by Gu Yue. Her timing could only be described as pure excellence. She helped Tang Wulin neutralize his opponent’s flaming breath without hindering his own attack.
The Ice Wall was erected in two layers: one thin and one thick. The thinner layer was on her side, while the thick layer blocked Li Mengtian on the outside.
Li Mengyang did not expect that Tang Wulin and Gu Yue could work together so well. However, he was also an assault-type battle soul master. He would never show weakness when he was fighting Tang Wulin, whose cultivation base was weaker than his own.
Two fists collided. Li Mengyang felt as if he had been hit by a Soul Train. A sharp pain shot through his right arm and hand, and the enormous impact sent his body spinning.
Tang Wulin had already broken four levels of the Golden Dragon King’s Seal. His body was tough and hardy, certainly far beyond average.
The third grade class one’s students only managed to find a few rough details about him anyway. Even if they were aware of Tang Wulin being strong, they would absolutely never have expected that he was this formidable.
Li Mengyang was almost twirling as the blow tossed him backward. If not for him jumping up at the last second, he might have broken an arm.
However, he was truly capable. His red hair completely exploded while his body was still in the air. A raging roar echoed from his mouth as his second soul ring glowed brightly.
The Lion’s Roar!
A great blaze of flames shot out when the enormous soundwave stunned Tang Wulin momentarily. On the other side, the thick Ice Wall broke apart and Li Mengtian had already dashed forth. She raised her pair of tiger paws, clawing at Tang Wulin’s side.
One of the twins had a Blazing Demon Lion martial soul while the other had a Blazing Demon Tiger. The hearts of the brother and sister were connected, so when one attacked the enemy, the other provided reinforcement.
The blood essence reversed in Tang Wulin’s body. He stomped the ground with his right foot suddenly, as a valiant dragon’s roar filled the entire arena.
Li Mengyang’s ongoing Lion’s Roar was abruptly cut off. Eight dragon-shaped winds with Tang Wulin’s body as their center swarmed toward the siblings as if they had eyes.
Li Mengtian had no choice but to slap her palms to the ground.
The Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth was indeed an exceedingly powerful soul skill created by Tang Wulin himself. It was inspired by the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline under the blood essence reversal effect. Even if Yuanen Yehui were to fight against Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens and Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth when she was at her peak, she would not necessarily win.
There was still a significant gap between the abilities of the twins and Yuanen Yehui. The battle armor reduced the discrepancy, but it still remained. Moreover, the siblings had no leg armor.
The shockwave blast echoed through the entire competition stage. The audience witnessed as the siblings were both blown away by the quake. The armor on their bodies began glowing and only then were they capable of resisting the powerful impact of the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.
Tang Wulin let out a dragon’s roar from his mouth. His body flashed again as he swiftly leaped at Li Mengyang. Cold light shimmered in his eyes as he thrust out his right hand. Five streams of golden-colored lights appeared out of thin air. Those were from the Golden Dragon Dreadclaw.
Li Mengyang could feel a gust of foul wind blowing against his face. In his heart, he cried out, and his fourth soul ring glowed in an instant. A layer of scarlet light enshrouded his body, and his entire physique expanded, becoming bulkier. He placed his hands on the top of his head while his battle armor was shining brilliantly.
The Golden Dragon Dreadclaw slammed Li Mengyang’s whole body into the ground. Even more shockingly, a soft exploding noise echoed from his rerebraces. Although the armor did not shatter, there were already fine cracks appearing on the surface.
He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.
At that moment, Li Mengtian had just landed on the ground and she dashed in her brother’s direction at full speed. They had already understood now that the first grade class one was truly monstrous! They could only depend on the martial soul fusion skill to defeat them.
Silver light flashed as a figure emerged in front of her soundlessly.
“Go away!” Li Mengtian shouted in her sweet voice. She struck her pair of tiger claws together as two balls of phantom-like shadow claws suddenly appeared before her.
Gu Yue clapped her palms, creating a blue ball of fire in front of her.
Li Mengtian flew up into the air as her entire body was doused in blue flames.
Soon after, a terrifying ice ball had already caught up with her. It was over a meter wide and covered in long spikes.
Li Mengtian dropped her arms and used her battle armor to crush the ice ball. The ball shattered, but she gave out a muffled gasp as the impact sent her reeling backward.
Tang Wulin took a stride forward and had already reached Li Mengyang. His right foot stomped the ground once again as the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth targeted Li Mengyang, who had just stood up and was ready to get back into the air again. Soon after, the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens’ golden dragon head charged toward Li Mengyang’s body, as if it was engulfing him.
Finally, a ball of silver moonlight bloomed and positioned itself in front of Li Mengyang’s body. The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens charged into the moonlight and vanished without a single ounce of energy fluctuation.
Elder Cai grabbed Li Mengyang in mid-air as she nodded toward Tang Wulin.
On the other side, Li Mengtian panicked after seeing her brother had been confirmed eliminated from the match. She dashed rapidly after she landed on the ground. The fourth soul ring on her body shimmered as a tiger’s roar suddenly resounded. A blazing giant tiger was released from her body. One could see the indistinct form of a spirit soul fused into the giant tiger as it pounced straight at Gu Yue.
Gu Yue stood in the same spot without moving. With a flash of silver light, a tall and imposing figure with golden-colored scales covering his entire body appeared before her.
The golden scales suddenly turned reflective like mirrors and the Blazing Devil Tiger clone only made his scales shimmer more when it crashed into him.
Li Mengtian then heard a loud and clear dragon’s roar. The enormous golden dragon head appeared directly in front of her.
The silver moon shimmered once again, constraining Li Mengtian and engulfing the dragon’s head. However, it was different this time, as a series of loud booming noises echoed with a fluctuating silver glow that rippled faintly.
The entire scene was silent!
Tang Wulin and Gu Yue happened to be standing at the center of the entire battle arena at the time.
Both of them stood side by side. The golden scales on Tang Wulin’s body were still shimmering with a faint glow, and his gaze was filled with assertiveness and dominance. He was exuding a formless stress just by standing over there.
Xie Xie stood below the stage. He looked up to Tang Wulin on the sparring ground and could not help muttering to himself, “Big brother’s fighting method is really becoming more and more aggressive and also more and more extravagant. But I like it. It is pure joy to watch him fight.”
“First grade class one, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue win.” Elder Cai placed down Li Mengyang and his sister in her hands while simultaneously announced the result of this match.
They won. First grade class one won again.