The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 548

Chapter 548: Admitting Defeat

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This round was different from the first three. Those were one against one, and at least the competitors were evenly matched for the most part. Ye Xinglan’s match could be described as tragic, but no sweeping wins had taken place before this.
This time, in everyone’s eyes, the two against two match ended with an overwhelming victory.
When the match began, the twins, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian had intended to fight an exploratory battle. However, they were forcefully separated in the end. They did not even have the chance to unleash their martial soul fusion skill before they lost the match.
What a terrible loss it was.
The siblings were ghastly pale. Their expressions were brought about not only by their injuries, but also by the two figures standing in the center of the sparring ground.
Tang Wulin, around whom a faint dragon’s roar could still be heard, gave them the impression that he was unstoppable with his golden soul rings and golden scales.
He did not have battle armor, but they were still pushed back despite both of them having five pieces of armor each. They lost. They were unsatisfied, but their wills had already surrendered.
Tang Wulin gradually retracted his scales, but he did not go down from the battleground. Coming up next was the seven against seven team battle, and they were participating in that as well.
The reason why he deployed such fierce tactics to win against their opponents was to pave the way for the seven against seven battle. Without question, the opponents who took part in the paired matches would most certainly take part in the following seven against seven match. He wanted to establish an undefeatable image in the minds of his opponents.
On the alliance team’s side, Yuanen Yehui, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, and Xu Lizhi went up to the sparring ground and stood beside Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.
Ye Xinglan could no longer participate. She was substituted by Xu Lizhi, whose usually chubby face was usually smiling, but was now as dark as rain clouds right. He went to Tang Wulin’s side and kept giving him Recovery Pork Buns to help him restore the power of his blood essence. The seven of them stood there, while an invisible pressure permeated the entire arena.
On the other hand, Third Grade Class One was silent. Only Li Qiankun walked silently towards the sparring ground.
“Wait.” Song Lin grabbed Li Qiankun’s shoulder.
Li Qiankun turned around and shot her a quizzical look.
Song Lin closed her eyes and heaved a sigh. When she reopened them, she seemed to have made up her mind.
She spoke with a deep voice to Elder Cai who stood on the sparring ground, “Elder Cai, we forfeit the team battle. We admit defeat.”
When she said this, the entire arena burst into an uproar.
Admit defeat? Third grade class one admitted their defeat? Did they just admit defeat? Even when Li Qiankun— their one-word battle armor master, the strongest person in their class— had not yet taken part, third grade class one had admitted defeat.
“Teacher Song, why?” Li Qiankun asked hastily.
Song Lin had a wry smile as she shook her head at him. “Look at your companions. We won’t stand a chance in the team battle.”
Li Qiankun was stunned. His gaze first landed on Mo Jue, who had already come to her senses, but was sitting at the edge of the arena like the walking dead.
Then he looked at Ye Wu. Ye Wu’s eyes were dull. He was staring at Tang Wulin who stood on the sparring ground. He seemed to be swallowing hard.
On the sparring ground, the twins, Li Mengyang and Li Mengtian huddled against each other. Their eyes clearly flickered with fear.
Then, he looked at his other companions who had not yet taken part in any match. When his gaze fell upon them, they all lowered their heads in tacit agreement.
Their confidence was shattered. In the first five matches, it had been broken by the alliance team of the first and second grade.
“Teacher Song, I want to fight this match. I don’t care if it’s one against seven. Even if I have to fight alone, I want to fight.” Li Qiankun balled up his fists.
However, Song Lin shook her head. “I don’t want you to end up like Mo Jue. I’ve made my decision.”
Li Qiankun’s breathing turned heavy immediately. He glared fiercely at the seven members of Tang Wulin’s team. His eyes, like blazing fire, locked onto them. Suddenly, he shouted out in fury, turned around and ran.
Third grade class one had lost. In front of all six grades of the outer court, they had lost. They had utterly lost. They even lost the final seven against seven match without putting up a fight.
Indeed, their one-word battle armor master, Li Qiankun, had not yet participated in any matches, but it seemed that he was the only one who was still at his full fighting strength. He was up against seven opponents, all of them formidable.
Song Lin’s decision was right. She did not wish to see her disciples suffer another blow. If they lost in the seven against seven, then Li Qiankun’s spirit would almost certainly be severely wounded. This was something she hoped never to see.
On the sparring ground, Tang Wulin stood at the front. Beside him were his six companions, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu.
Seven teenage boys and girls full of youthful vigor stood there with the conviction to win, flames burning in their eyes.
The five hundred students of the six grades of Shrek Academy’s outer court seemed to have fallen in a trance at the sight of them.
“These children are amazing!” The Holy Spirit Douluo had already returned to the rostrum as she exclaimed softly.
In front of all the students of the outer court, Tang Wulin and his companions finally showed their extraordinary capabilities with this series of matches. A year’s worth of careful preparation had allowed them to display their true strengths. They were extremely talented individuals, but what was more important was their conviction to win.
Even if they were up against a one-word battle armor master, they would not cower in fear. This was who they were. They who are youthful, they who are persistent, they who are strong.
Zhuo Shi and Feng Wuyu beside him both happened to look at each other.
On this rare occasion, the Holy Twin Dragons did not quarrel. What they saw in each other’s eyes was relief.
With the addition of Ye Xinglan, the average age of these youngsters was fourteen and a half. If they were given a few more years to reach eighteen or nineteen years old, they believed that these young men and women would surely be able to support Shrek Academy’s new generation.
“The Pavilion Master was right. Outstanding young people such as them need more experience and toughening.”
“Third grade class one has forfeited the seven against seven match. The victor of the challenge is the alliance team of the first and second grades.” Elder Cai hit the gavel and announced the final results.
It was only now that the entire spectators’ stand of the first and second grades erupted in an earth-shattering chorus of cheers. This was especially true for first grade class one. As the academy’s latest addition, they had not spent more than a year here! However, as the main force behind the alliance team, they had won against the representative team of third grade year one which was supposed to be the strongest team in the outer court. This meant that they already stood on the pinnacle of the outer court. At the very least, there would no others that could surpass them in the next few years.
Tang Wulin raised his arms high. Xu Lizhi leapt down the sparring ground and ran swiftly to Ye Xinglan who had just regained consciousness. Amidst Ye Xinglan’s soft exclamation of surprise, he lifted her up and leapt back onto the sparring ground.
“We’re the best!”
Ye Xinglan’s delicate face blushed as she said softly, “Put me down, quickly.” She was currently sore all over and her limbs were weak. She could not resist him even if she wanted to.
“Huh? What did you say?” Xu Lizhi spoke loudly. At that moment, cheers resounded on and off the sparring ground, so it seemed he could not hear Ye Xinglan’s voice.
“I said, put me down this instant!” said Ye Xinglan angrily.
“Huh? Don’t let you fall? Don’t worry Sister Xinglan. I’ll be sure to hold you tight,” as he said this, the fat little guy shook his arms and hugged her tighter.
“You fatso!” Ye Xinglan could not help but pinch his arm. Xu Lizhi lowered his head to look at her and grinned.
Li Qiankun led the representative team of third grade class one away from the arena. The students of third grade class one also departed quickly. Today was not their day.
“I have an announcement to make,” Elder Cai’s voice echoed across the arena. The aura of a Title Douluo swiftly suppressed the cheers and noise of the entire arena.