The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 552

Chapter 552: A Herd of Boars

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He and Gu Yue had spiritual powers from the Spirit Sea realm. Their senses were so sharp, they could notice any movement within a fifty-meter radius.
Gu Yue lifted her hand and green light enveloped their bodies, making them more agile.
Tang Wulin was relieved that she seemed to be back to normal.
“If we’re to stay until tomorrow morning, we’ll have around fifteen hours to spend in the spirit ascension platform. Let’s be on our way and have a look at the deeper parts.”
At their current level, ordinary soul beasts were not a threat to them. Tang Wulin had no plans to ascend his soul rings this time. His main objective was to find some powerful soul beasts to vent his frustration on and let loose.
His spiritual power connected him with the surrounding plants, and his senses were immediately heightened. Although the rate at which his soul power increased was far from ideal even after spending six months training in the special cultivation venue, Tang Wulin’s bond with plants had grown stronger. The Bluesilver Grass was like an extension of his senses as it conveyed the happenings of faraway places to him.
In the distance, a faint light glimmered in the air. Tang Wulin approached it quickly. He took a step forward and leaped.
The light shrunk and moved away instantly.
“It looked like a bird.” Tang Wulin dropped down from the sky and told Gu Yue.
He had no intentions of hunting down the weak soul beasts. They hastened their pace and proceeded on their journey.
Suddenly, a low rumble came from ahead. It sounded like thunder, but it seemed to be far away.
Tang Wulin knelt on one knee and placed his ear onto the Bluesilver Grass on the ground. He silently focused, feeling the vibrations.
Fear. What he felt was the raw fear transmitted from the distant Bluesilver Grass.
“Seems like a herd of beasts. We should climb up a tree,” Tang Wulin immediately said to Gu Yue beside him.
He walked quickly toward Gu Yue, placed his right arm under her both of hers and leaped up. Using Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the tips of his toes tapped against the tree, and with another movement, he landed on a thick and strong branch with Gu Yue in his arms.
Gu Yue leaned on the tree trunk. Tang Wulin held onto a higher branch to steady himself.
“Judging by the sound, they seem to be heading toward us. There’s quite a number of them!” Tang Wulin had a slight frown. A low rumble like this could only have come from a group of beasts. The soul beasts must have been huge, or they wouldn’t have been able to create such a fierce noise.
As expected, the rumble drew closer, getting louder as it did. Tang Wulin’s expression changed slightly. What group of beasts was this? How could they create such a furor?
“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” The thunderous stomping seemed to cause the entire forest to shake violently. It left them with a feeling of foreboding.
Fright registered on Tang Wulin’s face. His brows were tightly knitted together. A dash of purple flashed across his eyes and he looked in the direction of the sound through the canopy.
His expression changed quickly.
“This is bad. I’m afraid we’re in trouble. It’s a herd of Diamond Boars.”
Diamond Boars were communal soul beasts, and frenzied Diamond Boars were more terrifying than lions or tigers. They were large creatures and their heads were as tough as iron. Their three pairs of canine fangs were like spades with extra sharp points. When they ran wild, they had an incredible ramming speed. Even powerful soul beasts would not wish to be on the receiving end of these boars. They had about fifteen thousand kilograms of force.
The teeth of the Diamond Boars were of very good quality material. They were hard, compact, and suitable to be used as carving tools. That was why in the old days, this species of soul beast went extinct very early on. However, in the spirit ascension platform, they were perfectly recreated.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!”
The booms were not just generated by the boars’ stomping hooves. They were also the result of falling trees.
A mature Diamond Boar could reach up to two tons in weight with a body length of over five meters and height of two meters. In a stampede, the force of the direct impact was unimaginable. Ordinary trees could not stop their advance.
Tang Wulin turned to look at the tree on which he and Gu Yue stood, and he cried out inwardly in alarm. This tree looked no older than a hundred years, and he was afraid that…
His thoughts had only proceeded up to that point when the Diamond Boars were closing in on them. Far away, great trees fell one by one. The smell of the herd greeted their noses.
Tang Wulin saw that the leading Diamond Boar was huge. Its hairs were greenish-black and stood up like iron needles. It was two times larger than a mature Diamond Boar, and where it passed, great trees fell.
Surely, this must have been the worst of luck? They had just gotten into the intermediate spirit ascension platform and they already encountered this hazard.
“Gu Yue, be careful.” All he could hope for now was that the wild boars would not come their way.
However, luck was apparently not on their side. As he looked on, the massive Boar at the lead was sprinting madly toward them.
The tree could not bear the impact of the Diamond Boar and crashed down loudly. With a flash of silver light, Gu Yue had already teleported in midair with Tang Wulin. However, they were still some distance away from the next tree and she was unable to teleport directly to it. If she brought someone along, the distance of Gu Yue’s Teleportation would be affected.
Two blades of Bluesilver Grass lashed out in the nick of time. Tang Wulin arched his back and carried Gu Yue on his back. He pulled forcefully on the Bluesilver Grass and used it to catapult them toward another tree.
At that moment, the tree that Tang Wulin had Bound his Bluesilver Grass to was rammed by the other boars. Like the others, it started to fall.
As the situation turned increasingly perilous, Tang Wulin’s mind became clearer. Using his arms to swing the Bluesilver Grass, he swung himself. Then, he released his Bluesilver Grass and grappled onto another tree in mid-air.
The trees continued to fall as the herd of boars advanced. Tang Wulin followed his Bluesilver Grass’s guidance as he carried Gu Yue and kept changing his direction in the forest.
The Bluesilver Grass’s effect, Bind, was made full use of by Tang Wulin in his current situation. He did his best to control it so that he and Gu Yue would not fall.
Gu Yue clung to his back with her arms tightly around his neck. Her long legs crossed around his waist and their two bodies were stuck close together.
She could clearly hear Tang Wulin’s steady and strong heartbeat. Plainly, he did not lose his cool in the face of their current adversity.
He faced the dangers ahead of him with a calm heart. That sense of security made Gu Yue subconsciously turn her head and rest her cheek on his shoulder as she closed her eyes.
The wind howled as it blew past. She had her arms around his warm body, which made her feel secure. The coldness in her eyes and her gloomy disposition seemed to have vanished without a trace as a faint smile carved itself upon her face.
They still had a lot of time before the session came to an end. Regardless of what came next, she would enjoy herself.
“Hey, can you go easy on those arms? You’re choking me.” Tang Wulin’s complaint reached her ears. Apparently, Gu Yue did not notice how tightly she was holding on.
She quickly loosened her grip. “How can I possibly choke you with these thin arms of mine?”
Tang Wulin pulled on the Bluesilver Grass and changed directions once again. The duo leaped in the air. He felt like a monkey as he swung from tree to tree, but he was starting to enjoy the sensation. He could not help but laugh. “I’m just fresh meat. You should be protecting me.”
Gu Yue clicked her tongue and punched him in the shoulder.
The Diamond Boar herd finally passed them by leaving behind a messy trail.
Tang Wulin pulled on the Bluesilver Grass for the final time and sent both of them into the air. He pushed against a tree trunk with the tips of his toes and leaped. Both of them then fell straight toward the ground.
“Spatial,” Tang Wulin said to Gu Yue.
At this moment, if Gu Yue used Spatial Retreat with him, they could immediately break their fall.
However, Gu Yue showed no signs of using her skill, and only tightened her grip on his body.