The Legend of the Dragon King
Chapter 553

Chapter 553: The Terrifying Overlord Dragon!

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“Hey!” Tang Wulin gasped in surprise. He had already landed on the surface. At the exact moment his feet touched the ground, he had no choice but to roll over with Gu Yue immediately.
His strength was impressive, especially since he managed to negate seventy percent of their falling speed when they landed. He held onto Gu Yue as they continued rolling on the floor, the soft grass helping to cushion their fall. A moment passed as they lay there after coming to a complete stop.
Tang Wulin lay on the Bluesilver grass, his expression filled with helplessness while Gu Yue lay beside him with a sweet smile on her face.
“What’s going on with you today? You’re acting really strange,” Tang Wulin said somewhat helplessly.
Gu Yue spoke with a smile, “There are a few days in a month when a girl behaves as such. Cheers to you if you can understand everything in this world.”
“Which few days are those?” Tang Wulin turned around and looked toward Gu Yue. He could not help but be stunned upon seeing the smile on her face.
“Those few days indeed.” Gu Yue’s cheeks blushed.
“I don’t understand,” Tang Wulin replied foolishly.
“There is no need for you to understand,” Gu Yue retorted unpleasantly.
Tang Wulin looked at her in confusion. “Can we still continue? If not, then we might as well withdraw. You’re not working with me here, and it feels terrible.”
Gu Yue rolled her eyes at him. “Alright, I won’t mess with you anymore.”
Meanwhile, they suddenly noticed that the originally sunny sky had abruptly gone dark. They turned around and looked upward subconsciously.
Both of them were immediately horrified by what they saw.
It was a humongous head, lowering down as it looked at the pair of tiny humans on the ground with eyes as large as water tanks.
‘What sort of creature was this?’
Tang Wulin pulled at Gu Yue as they rolled over and leaped up without the slightest hesitation.
There was not a lot of cover since so many of the trees had just been rammed down by the Diamond Boar herd. They could clearly see the entire form of this towering creature.
It was a titanic, sixty-meter tall monster with a body as vast as a hill. There were thick greyish-black scales covering its entire body, each one an irregular shape. Its monstrous head was almost a quarter of its body length, and its colossal pair of eyes were slightly puzzled as it looked at these humans that appeared so small. It was dragging a thick and strong tail behind its back, and its slightly gaping mouth was big enough to swallow even the biggest of the Diamond Boars they had encountered earlier.
Tang Wulin scolded himself secretly. Why had he not used his common sense? Naturally, a creature in this forest capable of making that Diamond Boar herd run for their lives was certainly not going to be easy to deal with.
Its ghastly white teeth, sharp as knives inside its cavernous mouth, were covered in fresh blood. It was apparent that the creature had just hunted something.
Without a word, the monster widened its mouth and gave out a raging roar that shook the heavens and earth. Its booming voice transformed into a terrifying soundwave that traveled directly toward Tang Wulin and Gu Yue.
‘It’s so powerful…’
There was no way for him to determine the rank of this enemy soul beast because as far as Tang Wulin could recall, there was no soul beast such as this.
“The Overlord Dragon. It is the lord of the Elemental Dragons.” Gu Yue’s voice echoed in Tang Wulin’s ears. With a flash of silver light, the two of them vanished into thin air. When they reappeared, they were standing next to an uprooted tree.
Tang Wulin asked softly, “Are you sure that this creature is an elemental dragon?”
“I’m sure. I didn’t expect such a beast to exist in the spirit ascension platform. The Overlord Dragon should have perished in ancient times. That is why there’s no introduction to it in our textbooks now. I read about it in the spirit ascension platform’s library. A fully grown Overlord Dragon is on par with the existence of a giant dragon. I think this one has a ten-thousand-year cultivation base, but even an ordinary one hundred thousand-year soul beast is not necessarily stronger. We’re in big trouble now. It has an extremely sharp sense of smell.”
“Let’s fight for a final chance. If my bloodline does not affect it then you should flee the battlefield at once!” As Tang Wulin spoke, he pushed against the tree by his side and leaped swiftly into the air. Already, he could clearly sense that the Overlord Dragon was approaching. It was such a massive creature and yet, it did not make a sound when it walked. This was also the reason why they had not sensed its presence earlier.
The valiant sound of a dragon’s roar burst out from Tang Wulin’s mouth. He leaped into the air and released his blood essence instantly. It was his Golden Dragon Body!
A thick wave of blood essence burst out immediately. His Golden Dragon Bloodline’s fluctuation surged skyward when he intentionally reversed his blood essence.
His palms pushed up to the sky as the enormous Golden Dragon’s head emerged. It was Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens.
The Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens launched by Tang Wulin was not aimed at the Overlord Dragon. Instead, it was aimed at the sky.
He could sense that he was utterly incapable of fighting the creature judging by the beast’s size and Gu Yue’s description. He was completely outranked, so his only chance was to intimidate it. He could only hope this would buy him enough time to escape. Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens was capable of releasing his blood essence on the greatest scale, so he knew that the success of his plan depended on this single move.
As expected, the Overlord Dragon was already upon them when Tang Wulin had leaped up.
It seemed like the beast had never seen humans before and was approaching out of curiosity, not in a rush to attack. The waves of soul power emitted by Tang Wulin and Gu Yue were far too weak to threaten it, so it felt no need to strike back.
The Overlord Dragon raised its head and roared furiously at the sound of Tang Wulin’s valiant dragon’s roar. The powerful shockwave even changed the color of the sky.
Tang Wulin could feel the blood essence in his body surge, but it was followed closely by a strong urge to free himself from the Golden Dragon King’s Seal.
To his astonishment, the Golden Dragon’s head which Tang Wulin brought out from the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens roared of its own accord. Compared to Tang Wulin’s roar, this dragon’s roar was far more powerful, with a superior manner. There was even a feeling of overwhelming the heavens and earth. The voice of his roar was certainly not as intense as the Overlord Dragon’s, but the roar’s clear and melodious voice was not obscured at all.
Tang Wulin could feel a burst of energy release from his body, propelling him upward and temporarily suspending him in midair.
Then, to his astonishment, the hulking Overlord Dragon, over sixty meters in height, lay down and bowed its gargantuan head in his direction.
A speckle of golden light glowed in the middle of the Overlord Dragon’s head.
Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. All of a sudden, there was a voice coming from inside him that seemed to be telling him something. He could not understand it, but his body was floating uncontrollably in the direction of the Overlord Dragon’s gigantic head.
The golden light in the middle of the Overlord Dragon’s head glowed brighter and brighter. Tang Wulin could already see that it was apparently a diamond-shaped scale.
The scales on the Overlord Dragon’s body were all irregular. Most were oval-shaped or semi-circular. Only that single scale glowed, shimmering with a dazzling golden light. It was a magnificent color and shaped like a diamond. The shape was exactly like Tang Wulin’s scales, with its edges and corners, and was filled with texture.
‘This was…’
The Overlord Dragon raised its immense head and looked at him with a pair of scarlet eyes.
Tang Wulin was feeling a little nervous. He could already feel that he was capable of floating now, not because of his own abilities but from the Overlord Dragon’s soul power.
The creature was truly formidable. It was, at the very least, the strongest of all the soul beasts that Tang Wulin had ever faced thus far.
‘How effective is the influence of my bloodline on it?’ Tang Wulin’s heart was beating wildly. Although he had relied on the power of his bloodline to suppress many soul beasts before, this was his first time facing an Overlord Dragon with such a rank.
The bloodline’s influence was effective on all dragon-type soul beasts and martial souls, but it was limited by the rank of his cultivation base. For example, his Golden Dragon bloodline was capable of affecting the Scarlet Dragon Douluo and the Blazing Dragon Douluo, yet those two respected Douluos were only marginally affected. He could possibly affect them even more if he were to elevate his cultivation base to their rank.
The dragon stared at Tang Wulin. The human and beast were locked in a stalemate. Tang Wulin was already pondering in his heart now: if he were to be torn apart by the Overlord Dragon, how would the agony that he suffered affect his spiritual power? Even though his spiritual power was already elevated to the Spirit Sea rank now, this incident would definitely not reduce the pain that he was suffering from, and perhaps it would even strengthen him.
‘One is the knife and I am the fish.’ This was how Tang Wulin felt at the time. He could only push his bloodline power with all his might to maintain the Golden Dragon Shocks the Heavens. A drop of cold sweat trickled down his head.
The Overlord Dragon widened its mouth slowly. Due to their close proximity, Tang Wulin could clearly see that each of its huge teeth was a few meters long and would require two people to wrap themselves around it. The ghastly white teeth were covered in blood and scraps of meat. Tang Wulin thought that the dragon could even consume a hill in one gulp as he witnessed its mouth widen more and more.